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Chapter 226 He Was Very Busy

The smile in the corner of the mouth, but he felt the bitterness in the heart for seeing this child. He didn’t know what the feeling was.

Before leaving from the hospital, Tinny hugged him tightly, reminded him to visit her again, she would always miss her dad.

At the entrance of the hospital, Dan said to Phoebe who came out, “Organize her case to me and I will change to a better hospital.”

Phoebe refused, “You were not here to change her to a better hospital. The doctor now knew Tinny’s condition very well. These three years she had been with this doctor. A better hospital, a better doctor may not necessarily be the one who knew the child’s illness best.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me earlier!” Dan felt that he could not bear it any more, and he vented his inner depression with a low growl.

Phoebe was very satisfied with Dan’s response, “The results were the same.”

Dan didn’t want to say a word to her and turned away.

Janice felt that Dan had something to do in the past few days. He always said that it was work, so she didn’t ask much.

On this day, a colleague came over and gave a small report to Janice, “Your husband is smoking in the rooftop again.s your marriage in crisis?”

When Janice arrived at the rooftop, he had already extinguished his cigarettes. She stood beside him and deliberately sucked her nose hard, “How did I smell the smoke?”

Dan looked down at how she asked in a knowing manner, and the corners of his mouth could not help but lifted up, “You were coming to tell me that smoking is harmful to health.”

Janice shook her head, “No, I’m here to know, what on earth were you doing these days?”

Dan looked at her, with one hand on her shoulder, and the other pointed at the billboard on the opposite building, “The advertising billboard is in vacant. How about putting an ad over there?”

Janice looked up at him, he really replied her perfunctorily, Such a trivial matter would need him to be annoyed personally.

Janice thought of a way. Since he did not take the initiative to admit it, then she forced him to admit it, “What did you dream of last night?”

Dan didn’t know what she wanted to ask, but because he had many things in his heart recently, he was naturally vigilant. After thinking about it, he answered her, “I don’t remember.”

“You talked about your dreams last night, did you know?” Janice didn’t look at him.

Dan was startled, and he smiled reluctantly, “I was dreaming, how could I myself know what I said?”

Janice turned to look at him, “How do I feel you were lying?”

Dan smiled, “Why? Don’t Experts say that dreams are diametrically opposed to the ideas in reality. If I say anything, it must be opposite to reality.”

Janice kept staring at him with a smile, but it seemed that he really had something to hide from her.

“How can I heard that if you have thought something in day, you will dream it at night. There were a few reliable experts now. So I believe the old saying.”

At this moment, Dan was very grateful that his cell phone rang, but when he saw the caller ID, he really wanted to throw the cell phone directly from the 50-story building.

When he lost his mind, Janice glanced at his phone screen secretly, “Who is Tinny?”

Dan heard Tinny’s name come out of Janice’s mouth, and the mobile phone in his hand was put back into his pants pocket.

“A, a customer.”

If she really believed him, she must be stupid. It is an obvious lie.

Janice was not in a hurry to expose him, “Don’t you answer your customer’s phone? The boss of Shinny International Group is so arrogant.”

Dan wanted to explain but didn’t know what to say. He concealed it and then he lied to her. He didn’t want to do that, but every time he saw Tinny, he felt very guilty in his heart.

“Janice…” Dan called her, he felt that he had fallen into the swamp now, and wanted to reach out to her and let her pull him out, but he was afraid that even she would be brought into the swamp, and she had to struggle with him in pain.

“What’s wrong?” Janice knew he had something to say to her, and the phone in Janice’s pocket happened to be ringing, “Wait, I’ll answer the phone first.”

It was Alice who called her, “You finally miss me.”

Dan stood next to this empty advertising spot, listening to the conversation between Alice and Janice.

Janice said, “Tonight? Then I will ask him, he is busy recently.”

After she finished, she tilted her head and enlarged her face in front of his eyes, “Do you have time tonight?”

Dan’s hand in the trouser pocket held the mobile phone that was still ringing, and asked her, “Is something wrong?”

Janice said, “Alice asked me to have dinner together tonight, because you, a busy person, rarely stay with us, so do you want to join us?”

Dan thought for a while, “Next time, I will find a chance to invite them.”

Janice was a little unhappy in her heart. It was not a question of who pay the bill.

Janice said to Alice over the phone, “He is busy, I will go by myself.”

Alice teased, “How busy he is. Does he really have no time to eat with us or don’t want to stay with us?”

Janice explained to Dan Trump, “Oh no, there are so many things at work recently. He said that he will definitely invite you to have a meal if you have time.”

Alice didn’t give face directly, “Well. It would be fine if he won’t come, but you have to come.”

“Sure. I’m not afraid that you won’t cheer up if I don’t come.”

Turning off the phone, Janice glanced at Dan and said coldly, “You were busy, I have to go first.”

That’s what Janice look like, whether happy or not, she would show on the face. She always disagreed with Dan who did not like her being with her friends together.

Dan was not that powerful. If Benjamin, Chuck and Jim want to join hands together, it won’t be tough to beat him down.

Janice herself was really sad when she appeared like a single woman at this kind of family gathering.

They were all a family of three. Janice sits in the middle of them. Chuck, Molly and Cindy were sitting on her left, and her right was Benjamin, Alice and Pippi.

Janice cleared her throat and said, “I want to say, can you pay me to hire a husband and a child?”

As soon as the words fell, the door of the private room opened. It was not the waiter who came in, nor did the husband and child, but Jim who had been discharged from the hospital.

Alice rubbed Janice’s arm, “It’s okay, your husband didn’t accompany you. Here comes your ex-boyfriend.”

She was speechless.

God knew how uncomfortable she was now. Dan’s Shelly had not completely defeated, and there came a Tinny.

She wanted to relax, but now, Jim came out.

Jim sat opposite Janice. When the eyes met, the two smiled slightly. Janice said first, “Were you discharged?”

This conversation was also low, how could he appear here if he didn’t leave the hospital.

Jim grinned and said, “Yes.”

No matter how awkward occasions, as long as there were children present, there were only two extremes, they either became more embarrassing or easy to resolve the embarrassment.

A word from Cindy made the atmosphere of the whole room instantly embarrassing.

“Auntie, didn’t you want a husband just now? Uncle Jim is here now. Then he will be your husband tonight.”


What can Janice say?

Pippi added, “Aunt Janice, I think you are a good match with Uncle Jim. Just as my mom says, as long as two people can stay with each other, then you should stay with him.”

Funny, very funny.

She wanted to block the mouths of the two kids.

Janice explained to the two kids with the utmost patience, “However, I am married, and the two of you were young. Don’t worry about me.”

After eating, Cindy had to go to the beach to play with the Kongming Lantern, because her parents had promised to her a few days ago, and Pippi did not like such boring activities, and wanted to go racing.

And in the end, Cindy won with tears.

By the sea, Kongming Lantern.

They were all a family of three, and it can’t do it by one person. Naturally, Jim helped Janice.

Just as the light had just been lit, and there was a light between them, and no one could see each other.

Jim asked her, “Didn’t he even have time for a meal with you?”

Janice smiled bitterly, “He had been a bit busy recently.”

Jim is not polite, “What as he busy with? Busy with falling in love with Shelly again?”

“He didn’t, he and Shelly…”

Janice’s self-confident words have not been finished yet. The lamp between the two had been lifted by Jim. When she was about to let go, she heard a familiar voice in her ear.

“Tinny, Tinny…”


Janice turned involuntarily. Kongming Lantern in her hand was let go and flied freely. The sight at the seaside at night was not very clear, but the figure was so familiar in her eyes.

A little girl with pony tails ran towards him. He hugged the little girl so happily. How could there not be a woman in such a warm and happy scene, and that woman was not someone else,but Phoebe or Shelly.

The little girl screamed sweetly, “Dad, Dad, Tinny also want to play Kongming Lantern.”

Dan agreed without hesitation, “Okay.”

At this moment, Dan in Janice’s eyes was so happy, his eyes seemed to be only the child, the child who called him father.

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