Chapter 325 I am always by your side

Even if she can’t seem him, she can still see his anxiously beating heart, across the belly and clearly felt the speculation, temptation, danger, and harm.

David Wilson’s voice was cold, and she could feel it even across the phone.

If a person makes a mistake he should pay for it and he always has to pay it. If one is set free, it means his time has not arrived, yet.

Whatever Richard Johnson will face now, he will have only his own self to blame for that.

“I’m sleepy. Good night, David.” Bella said softly.

“You haven’t said anything nice.” David Wilson reminded her.

“What do you want to hear? Shall I thank you for giving me an extraordinary life? Or shall I thank you for loving me to the point of destruction? Haha.” Bella chuckled.

Her tone was full of her displeasure, sarcasm, and blame.

She didn’t give David Wilson a chance to talk. She hung up the phone, turned it off and left it on the bedside table.

She was dizzy, she closed her eyes, and the lights were not turned off.

She didn’t know for how long she slept. She suddenly woke up and looked at the bedside.

James Grayson was standing in front of her. Because of drinking a lot of wine, his face was very red. Even in the air, the taste of alcohol was fermenting.

“How you came here?” Bella asked in a low voice.

“What do you say?” James Grayson asked in reply. Sadness wasn’t hidden in the dark eyes. The water wave was flowing, the breathing was rapid and he looked at her melancholy.

As if he has been poisoned, and she was his only antidote.

Bella saw a trace of discomfort running in her heart, she said immediately, “Please get out of here, I want to rest.”

James Grayson walked towards Bella.

She was frightened and got up from the bed faster.

He rushed over and pushed Bella to the bed.

Bella pushed his shoulder defensively. Because they were so close together, all she smelled was his breath.

How much wine did he drink? She felt drunk and a little dizzy.

“James Grayson, let me go, David Wilson is outside. If you will not let me go, I will shout.” Bella warned him.

James Grayson’s chin was erect, and he stared at her. “You will shout?”

Bella was stunned.

She just threatened him. Of course, she would not shout. David Wilson would only make the scene more chaotic.

She has seen through James Grayson’s mind, so she was angry. She turned around and bit James Grayson’s arm.

He frowned, pursed his mouth, said nothing, and just looked at her without blinking, as if he wanted to see her to let her face imprint in his heart.

He wanted to take her away directly.

Bella has tasted the taste of his blood, but he still hasn’t let her go.

Soldiers with the will of iron and steel are really tough men, even if they are bitten and bloody.

She thought, there was a reason that Bella liked him so much…

Can’t push him, can’t bite him, she was helpless, “what do you want?”

James Grayson lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Bella was frightened, she widened her eyes and pushed him away.

But she can’t break free at all!

His kiss was just as domineering as David Wilson’s kiss. The difference was that she can treat David Wilson’s kiss peacefully. But his kiss created disturbance in her heart. Even, while facing his kiss, she can’t stand it, and her breath was also disordered.

James Grayson’s red tongue entered her mouth, circled several times, and then sucked the tip of her tongue, with a slight sting, so that she could not ignore his existence.

What’s more, the smell of wine in his mouth easily ignited her.

His palm lifted up her nightdress. The temperature in his palm was as hot as a cigarette butts. Everywhere he went, it caused her a shiver.

She wanted to say that she was in periods to stop his further invasion. But her lips were blocked by him, and there was no sound at all.

James Grayson’s palms rolled in along her smooth skin.

Bella clenched the sheet and looked at him in shock.

He closed his eyes and didn’t look at her. He kissed her seriously. It was not fast or slow, as if he wanted her to adapt.

Bella was embarrassed shamed and defended as much as she can.

He wasn’t reasonable, because he was a drunkard.

He didn’t look at it at all, so he didn’t see the sanitary put she put on, and she couldn’t tell him because he was still blocking her lips.

“James… I, James… Uh uh.”

She didn’t know if she was worried or struggling. On their forehead and nose, there were thick beads of sweat.

There was an ineffable feeling that washes through her sanity and put her on the brink of collapse.

James Grayson was too familiar with her. He remembers every detail of her performance.

He sped up and kissed her deeper.

Bella felt breathless and bit his tongue.

He fiercely pressed in…

She felt that the fireworks were blooming in her mind, with colorful light, forgetting to think, forgetting her environment, and opening her mouth to breathe.

Gradually, it calmed down.

“Bella, you had a good reaction.” James Grayson said hoarsely in her ear, “now it’s my turn.”

He raised her feet.

Bella was worried. She held his hand and said anxiously, “I am on my periods. You can’t.”

James Grayson was stunned, he looked at the palm of his hand, but did not see the red blood.

He looked at her suspiciously.

After all, she just pretended and due to guilt she lowered her eyes, “really.”

“Why you didn’t tell me?” James Grayson asked in a deep voice.

“You just blocked my mouth. How can I speak?” Bella explained.

“Um.” James Grayson answered, but he didn’t embarrass her. He sat beside her bed.

Bella can’t see what he was thinking. She was a little more defensive.

James Grayson looked at her exclusion in his eyes, and kept it secret in his eyes, “Where you can be, I can be too. If there is anything dangerous, just call me immediately.”

“You seem to be the most dangerous, aren’t you?” Bella Said displeasingly.

How could he run to her room in the middle of the night and without even asking, he….

If she didn’t know that Bella liked him, she would teach him a lesson.

“Was it comfortable just now?” James Grayson asked, changing the subject.

Bella blushed and didn’t want to answer his question.

“If you don’t speak, I’ll take it as your consent.” James Grayson continued.

“Uncomfortable,” Bella replied.

“Then I will change it next time.” James Grayson said in a deep voice, looking at her all the time, and replied solemnly.

“What?” Bella did not understand the meaning of his words.

What change? For what!

“This finger is a little thinner.” James Grayson’s seriously explained.

Bella, “…”

“I remember we broke up…. no, we are divorce! You have also signed a marriage agreement with Scarlett Evan. James Grayson, please identify yourself. You have a wife and you are a soldier? Do you think you should say that?” Bella said with shame.

“I am very clear about my identity. I will not marry Scarlett Evan. I will go back tomorrow and void the marriage agreement with Scarlett Evan. I will still be single in the future.” James Grayson said in a deep voice. He has planned everything.

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