Chapter 324 The man in the dim light

“But the one I love is you. Whenever I look at you, I feel at ease. Even if you don’t love me, I want to accompany you to the end of the world. At least, when I die, the person I love most is beside me, and there will be no regrets.” David Wilson confessed.

“Start with Richard Johnson and do what you should have done,” Bella said in a deep voice, bowing her head and continued eating silently.

The waiter came to check out, and Bella took out her wallet from her bag.

“Madam, Sir, someone has paid for your table.” The waiter said with a smile.

Bella looked at David Wilson.

“Not me.” David Wilson explained.

Bella’s eyes sank down, and she looked towards the door.

It was not David Wilson. It must be James Grayson.

She came here with David Wilson for dinner. Why did he pay for them?

She could not clearly see James Grayson, just as Bella had never seen him clearly before.

“Who paid the bill?” David Wilson asked.

Bella shook her head. “I don’t know. Come on, let’s go.”

She got up and walked out the door.

A gust of wind came, it was a little cold, and she wrapped her arms across her chest.

David Wilson took off his coat and put it around her. There was a smell of Cologne on his clothes. However, what she liked was the fresh taste, the same as the old Bella.

David Wilson went to the roadside to take a taxi.

Bella suddenly looked back and saw James Grayson.

He stood at the window of the box, looking at her with profound eyes, she looked at him and the four eyes collided.

She looked away and slightly shook her fist.

David Wilson hired the taxi, opened the back door. Bella walked towards David Wilson and sat in the taxi.

David Wilson sat next to her.

Bella handed him his clothes and said to the driver, “go to Halem City international hotel.”

“Bella, tonight, I want to live with you, OK?” David Wilson said directly.

“I am on my periods. It’s not convenient today.” Bella refused.

David Wilson smirked an evil smile, “I won’t force you. I’ve been waiting for three years. I can wait for another week.”

Bella lowered her head. “I’m used to sleeping alone.”

David Wilson naturally tightened his eyebrows, turned his face, his eyes were a little sullen, and he did not speak.

The atmosphere became silent.

Too quiet, that they can hear each other’s breathe.

David Wilson’s chest was not smooth, he turned around and looked at Bella.

Bella leaned on the seat and her eyes were closed.

“If I force you to let me stay in the same room with you.” David Wilson said in a deep voice, looking at her cautiously.

Bella leaned to him and just said a word, “Okay.”

He never expected that she would say this. He couldn’t understand her at all. “Do you agree?”

“Um.” Bella said gently, leaning on David Wilson’s shoulder.

David Wilson’s heart beat faster. He put his arms around her shoulders and looked down at her.

Her eyes were closed. Her long eyelashes were like a feather, soft and delicate that melted his heart.

He bowed down and kissed her on the forehead.

She didn’t respond. She seemed to be asleep.

His kisses moved down, he kissed her eyes, nose, and lips.

Still, she didn’t move.

“Bella.” David Wilson’s voice was a little hoarse, “shall we get married earlier?”

Bella did not speak.

David Wilson felt Bella’s indifference, and there was a panic in his eyes. “Bella, Bella, wake up, Bella.”

Bella pushed away his face but didn’t open her eyes. “You are too noisy. I just fell asleep.”

David Wilson listened to her, relieved, and smiled. “You are really sleepy. It’s just 9.”

“Well…” Bella answered, without refutation, and went on sleeping.

When the car stopped at the international hotel, Bella opened her eyes.

David Wilson handed the money to the driver.

Bella opened the door.

“Keep the change.” David Wilson carried his clothes, followed up with Bella and put them on her, “it’s cold, don’t catch cold.”

“Um,” Bella answered and walked into the hotel.

David Wilson didn’t ask for another room. He followed Bella to the 21st floor.

“Do you sleep outside or inside?” Bella asked.

“Outside.” David Wilson replied and there was something different in his eyes.

He has been with many women, when Bella asked it, he was excited, as if the love was just about to begin.

Bella opened the door, and he finally came to know what Bella said didn’t refer to one bed.

“You ordered the presidential suite?” David Wilson can’t hide his disappointment.

“The service of the presidential suite is better, and there is more space. I’m still sleepy. I will take a bath first. Good night.” Bella entered the room inside and locked the door.

David Wilson still wanted to say something, but she had locked the door. He saw that she was really tired and didn’t disturb her anymore. He went into the bathroom.

Bella saw that he didn’t knock, went to the bathroom in the inner room, looked at herself in the mirror, didn’t speak, and just looked for a long time until her cell phone rang.

She eased her mind, saw David Wilson’s Caller ID and answered, “What you have now?”

“I want to hear your voice.” David Wilson said softly.

“Then record my voice now. I’ll go to bed later. You don’t have to call again. I’m having a headache with your continuous disturbing.” Bella said indifferently.

“Then say something nice. I’ll record it.” David Wilson really turned on the recording key.

Bella paused for a while and asked, “Why do they call you commander?”

“It’s granted by the president, so they called me commander. The place you went to last time is one of my bases. My main job is to secretly investigate all the officials and master their secrets and movements.” David Wilson explained.

“You belong to the president?” Bella was suspicious.

“Strictly speaking, yes.”

“What if it wasn’t the president who came to power this time?” Bella asked.

“There can be no such accident. James Grayson has lost his candidacy. As long as I send out the evidence about Anna Wilson, George Wilson will also be disqualified.”

“George Wilson is your uncle.” Bella doesn’t understand.

“Bella, I am only telling you about this matter. I’m willing to put my weakness in your hands, and you have a chance to treat it sincerely. I’m not Jessica Lewis’s own son. Jessica Lewis’s own son died. I was adopted by Jessica Lewis.” David Wilson said with a smile.

Bella frowned. “So, how do you know Richard Johnson is the person who killed your father?”

“I saw it in the cupboard with my own eyes. Richard Johnson is the person who killed my father. There was no mistake or misunderstanding.” David Wilson said firmly, his eyes darkened and burst out a murderous light.

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