Chapter 323 Don’t be sad, you still have me

David Wilson’s cold eyes stared at her, “don’t worry, he is your father, I won’t dare to touch him easily.”

Bella looked at David Wilson and smile. “What if I ask you to take revenge?”

David Wilson was puzzled and looked at Bella with some doubts in his eyes.

Bella called in front of David Wilson and put the call on the speakerphone.

“Hello, who is there?” Richard Johnson’s voice came.

“Dad, I’m Bella,” Bella said.

“Don’t call me dad. I didn’t have a daughter like you. I thought you were hooking up with James Grayson. But now how bad is your reputation in the circle, do you know?” Richard Johnson said sharply.

“Even if my reputation is bad, still I am your daughter. You can’t change the fact that I have your blood in my veins.”

“Shut up, you are the blood of Kate Andrew. She is a cheap woman, so you are. I will cut off my relationship with you and publish it on the Internet. Don’t dare to threaten me using the identity of my daughter. I’m not afraid of your threats.” Richard Johnson said fiercely.

Bella’s eyes were cold as a cold wind cliff, but the corners of her mouth were slightly raised. “It’s OK if you want to break the father-daughter relationship. I have only one condition. Cooperate with me and heal my mother.”

“In your dreams. From today on, whether you and your mother are dead or alive, it has nothing to do with me. If you keep pestering me, don’t blame me for my ruthless behavior.” Richard Johnson refused directly.

“Oh.” Bella chuckled, “I want to know how you will become ruthless?”

“Bella, don’t force me. It’s easier to crush you than an ant.” Richard Johnson said excitedly, the flesh on his face was shaking.

Bella raised her eyebrows, looked at David Wilson, raised her mouth slightly, and said with sarcasm, “is it easier to crush me than an ant? I’m afraid you will be disappointed. You only know that James Grayson and I are separated. Don’t you know that David Wilson and I are together?”

“How can you be so cheap? David Wilson is your brother-in-law.” Richard Johnson’s teeth were itchy.

“I don’t even have a sister. How can I have a brother-in-law? In addition to it, I want to remind you. David Wilson is my ex-husband. You should know whether Emma is cheap or I am cheap.” Bella said and hung up the phone.

David Wilson looked at Bella pitifully and said softly, “Bella, don’t be sad, you still have me.”

Bella put her mobile phone on the table and said calmly, “I’m sad because I had some expectations, but the result is not what I want. I feel aggrieved and self-pity.

In fact, I have already judged Richard Johnson’s words. I have nothing to feel sad about. On the contrary, his cruelty is my sword, now I don’t need to be merciful.”

“I will make him kneel in front of you and ask for your forgiveness.” David Wilson promised.

Bella smiled. Her eyes seem to be covered with tulle. It was hard to understand what she was thinking.

David Wilson’s mobile phone rang.

Bella bowed her head to eat.

When he saw the caller ID, he frowned impatiently and hung up.

The other side didn’t give up and called again.

“Can I help you with that?” Bella asked with a smile, glancing at his mobile phone, “Is it Emma Johnson’s?”

David Wilson thought about it and handed her mobile phone to Bella.

Bella looked at the caller ID of Emma. She remembered that David Wilson has saved her name with a nick. She has forgotten the nickname.

But now, it was Emma Johnson.

She answered the phone and put it on the speaker again.

“David Wilson, what do you mean? Dad said that Bella is with you. Are you crazy? She has been used by many men. She is sick all over. Now she is not wanted by James. How can you pick up a pair of broken shoes? Are you treating me fairly?” Emma Johnson complained.

“Are you finished? Or want to cry more.” Bella asked.

Emma Johnson was shocked and said, “Bella, you are really with David. Why do you answer David’s phone? David, I want to talk to you.”

“Speak, he can hear you. I put it on the speakerphone. He is sitting in front of me.” Bella said plainly.

Emma Johnson was not calm, the whole person was about to explode, “what do you mean? Bella, David is my fiance. Do you want to be a mistress?”

“David Wilson is just your fiance and you are so angry to see me with him. When David Wilson was my husband, what did you do?” Bella said lightly, with satire in her eyes.

“Now you are taking revenge from me?” Emma Johnson cried.

“Oh.” Bella smiled. “Revenge? You are nothing in my eyes. I’m sorry, I don’t have so much time to waste on a stranger.”

“What the hell are you? At one time you were with James Grayson, at one time you were with Paul Watson, and now you are with David Wilson. You’re a woman. Do you have some shame?” Emma Johnson shouted hysterically.

“As for the number of men used, whoever uses more will die first. Do you dare to swear with me?” Bai said ironically.

“Of course I dare. I am a one-man woman. I never had anyone except David. You can dare?” Emma Johnson said.

“Then I dare not. I always had a man. But soon, there will be the second. So you have won. If you have nothing more to say, I will hang up now.”

“Bella, if you dare to touch David Wilson, I will kill you.” Emma Johnson threatened, her eyes turned red as she heard Bella’s words.

Bella hung up the phone and returned it to David Wilson.

David Wilson looked at her deeply and didn’t take it.

“She seems to love you very much. If you look back, maybe there will be another gorgeous scenery.” Bella put his cell phone in front of him.

“Emma Johnson has attended many XX private parties abroad. I have neglected her for three years. She goes abroad every year. Do you think I can like her?” David Wilson sneered and drank all the red wine at once.

“In this sense, you and she are very similar and well-matched. Don’t you often go to those kinds of parties? After you get married, you can join together, no obstacles, no pressure, no responsibility, and no burden.” Bella said lightly and pours red wine for David Wilson.

“However, there will be no love. I’m tired of a life without feelings. I don’t want to wait for my death when I love no one, and no one loves me. It will be a waste of life.

I spent my whole life with freedom. If I will be with Emma Johnson, there will be no obstacle, no pressure, no responsibility, and no burden. At the same time, there will be no warmth, no love, and no peace.” David Wilson said sadly, looking at Bella with burning eyes.

“What you are looking for is a woman who loves you wholeheartedly. You can find such a woman, but I will never be that woman for you.” Bella also drank all the wine at once.

Deep in her heart, it should not be…. she wasn’t supposed to have a heart.

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