Chapter 322 No matter what, he will stay beside her

“I’ll take the injection with you. If you agree to be with me, I’ll do anything for you. You also know that.” David Wilson confessed.

Bella looked at David Wilson. “Are you really willing to do anything?”

“Anything.” David Wilson said without thinking.

“I see. I have to go to the bathroom.” She got up, went to the bathroom, washed her hands, looked at her enchanting self in the mirror, and lost in her eyes.

According to what she has learned in her field, love, this emotion was described as a chemical element, named dopamine.

When people feel that they are in love, they will produce this chemical substance, which will make the people feel sweet and radiant. They just immersed in the fairy tale world, and their IQ becomes zero. What they see are each other’s advantages. What they miss is each other. If they don’t see each other, they suffer silently.

However, this chemical will also disappear with metabolism. At most, it can stay in a human’s body for three months.

Three months later, it’s not dopamine that keeps the relationship between men and women, but personal accomplishment, sense of responsibility and attitude towards life.

Then, the sense of reasoning becomes the dominant factor. The standard of consideration is to stand together when there is no temptation, see each other’s advantages and disadvantages from a rational point of view.

Because you are looking for a partner, you will have higher requirements for each other, which will expand each other’s shortcomings. When you have a quarrel in your life, you struggle until you give up.

And then go on another dopamine journey.

Bella and James loved each other more and more because of what?

Due to continuous dopamine production?

Why does David Wilson love Bella?

“Bella.” James Grayson’s voice sounded.

Bella saw James Grayson in the mirror, and her eyes flickered slightly.

“Why are you here?” James Grayson asked and walked towards her.

Bella’s brow twisted. She turned around and faced James Grayson. “I think what I said before is clear enough. You are the source of Bella’s pain. Later, don’t come in front of her. Even if you see her, just pretend you haven’t seen.”

She walked out sullenly.

James Grayson stopped her and stood in front of her. He held her wrist, turned around and pushed her to the wall. “I am the source of Bella’s pain and what about you?”

Bella was stunned, she didn’t understand and looked at James Grayson, “what do you mean?”

“Bella’s feelings for me, I think you should know better than me. After all, you have been with her and experienced everything she has experienced. You know her better than anyone else. I am asking you, tell me honestly does Bella want to be with me in the end, forever?” James Grayson asked with burning eyes.

Bella clenched her fist. “You two can’t be together.”

“Why not?” James Grayson asked, his eyes reflected pain.

Bella raised her chin. “I don’t think there’s anything to hide. You can also see that Bella’s past is too painful, helpless, and sad. Every day of her life was suffering for her. She stay worried, endured too much, and kept everything in her heart that gave her pain. So her situation got worse and worse. She can’t bear it anymore.

In the future, she may become… like her mother. She won’t be able to do anything, and she will be kept in a sanatorium until she died.

So, at that moment when she was about to collapse, she hypnotized herself. I am her hypnotic derivative. I didn’t understand love, didn’t love, didn’t know pain, didn’t need to take medicine, and there is no insomnia anymore. She will never come back, and I don’t love you.”

James Grayson’s heart was thumping, and his hands loosened their grip.

He would rather prefer that she was pretending to not love him to protect him than to become someone else.

He didn’t know…. what should he do?

Bella bent down from James Grayson’s arm and walked two steps. She stopped, looked back, and looked at James Grayson who was in a daze. “Bella hopes you can have a happy life with Scarlett Evan. She is sincere with you. From then on, your career will be promoted. You will become high and invincible. If you love her, do what she wants you to do.”

“Without Bella, James can’t live a happy life. She doesn’t know it?” James Grayson asked in a deep voice.

Bella said, “You always have a strong sense of responsibility. Scarlett Evan gave birth to your child. You should marry her. The so-called dopamine is not long-term. Love will disappear with the passage of time. There are not many people who talk about love and get married. Even if they get married because of love, they will not be able to grow old together. This is life.”

“Why do you think life is too sad? In history, there are many people who lived together happily ever after. Bella, don’t be too disappointed about life.” James Grayson said worriedly.

Bella shrugged and didn’t even look at James. “If you are Bella, and if you have experienced what she has experienced, you wouldn’t have a little kindness for the world. Live your own life well. I don’t want to hurt you, but if you try to pester me again. Don’t blame me for being rude.”

She said and left.

James Grayson looked at Bella’s back and going her away with deep eyes.

She was proud and cold, like a lonely female warrior.

He knew what Bella had gone through.

She was born in a miserable situation. She saw her mother being drugged by her father. Her mother was divorced, and when she was a child, she lived with her mother.

Her mother cut her wrist and killed herself. She crawled out of the bathtub, walked to the door, looked outside, found no place to go, and returned to the bathtub, waiting for death, but she was saved by the neighbors.

Her mother was sent to a mental asylum, and she went to an orphanage home.

When she grew up, she supported herself. Her mother also came out of the mental asylum. She fell in love. However, she was kidnapped by her fiance and his ex-girlfriend on the eve of her marriage, and she was raped by a stranger.

She had a hard time giving birth to her child, but her child was kidnapped when he wasn’t even a week old.

In her three years of marriage, she saw the betrayal of her husband. She spent her day and night alone.

Finally, he appeared, but she lost her job. And in the end, he also forgot her and only remembered Scarlett Evan.

For her, it was the biggest pain.

She chose to commit suicide. After being rescued, she went to study psychology and after that, they thought they could be together, but something happened again.

She was full of disappointment and pessimism in the world, but now he can’t give up on her.

Even if he has to gamble his whole life, he will let her see that there is not only despair, at least, in her life she has him. He will always accompany her.

No matter what she will become he will stay with her!

Bella returned to her place. The waiter has served four dishes.

She said nothing. Her face was expressionless and she bowed to eat.

David Wilson took lion’s head pork meatballs and served it to her. “You should eat more. You are too thin.”

“Um,” Bella replied and took a big bite of the pork meatballs. It seemed that she unintentionally asked, “David Wilson, how do you know that Richard Johnson killed your father?”

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