Chapter 321 No more harm

David Wilson walked closer to Bella and his eyes stared at her delicate face.

She has put on a delicate make-up. Her beautiful facial features seemed more dazzling. The smile on her face was very charming. This kind of charm was not only because of make-up, but because of her delicate skin.

David Wilson’s heart missed a beat, and it seemed filled with sweetness.

“I am surprised that you came to pick me up.” David Wilson looked at her and said.

“It’s not a big thing. Don’t be surprised, just get used to it. Let’s go. I’ll treat you to dinner. The building right here is the most famous. The local food here is very delicious. I’ve decided the place.” Bella turned around.

He put his arms around her waist, pulled her and walked.

Bella leered to him, looked into his evil eyes, and smiled, “Does Commander Wilson particularly pay attention to formalism?”

“You are my woman.” David Wilson said in a deep voice, looking at her.

Bella shrugged her shoulders and didn’t let him see what she was thinking, “If I am a 20-year-old girl I would really like this formalism. Unfortunately, I’m on my way to the thirties. It’s better to be casual in front of people.”

“I just like it. I don’t care about others.” David Wilson said domineeringly, hugging her more tightly, just like an iron tong, and not letting her break away.

She also knew that she couldn’t breakaway. All her strength was depended on him. How could she stand comfortably!

They went to the waiting area to get a taxi. There were a lot of people waiting for the cars.

David Wilson liked the weight of her body. She was leaning on him, and he felt that life has become complete. Otherwise, his soul was floating, and he can’t find a place to stay.

At this moment he understood what he always wanted.

The eyes softened unconsciously.

“How have you been these days?” David Wilson asked in a low voice.

“How I have been, don’t you know?” Bella smiled and asked, “In my mind, you are a man like god, omnipotent. You knew everything.”

“Can I take what you say as praise, not satire?” David Wilson looked at her plain face.

“It depends on how you listen. Literally, it’s praising you. But if you have done a lot of bad things it may sound ironic.” Bella raised her eyebrows and looked at David Wilson with some sharpness.

David Wilson pinched her chin, leaned over, kissed her lips, and the strong male breath invaded her mouth.

Bella twisted her eyebrows and swept David Wilson.

His eyes were closed. He kissed with devotion. He was impulsive, ferocious and domineering.

She knew that he could not escape, and he would become more excited if she will struggle. She stood still with her fists clenched, eyes closed. Just like a sculpture, she was dead silent.

She did not resist, and David Wilson was also shocked. He opened his eyes to see her.

Bella calmly took out the silk scarf from the bag, wiped her lips and said, “Is lipstick delicious? Next time I’m going to put on a toxic lipstick and we will get poisoned together.”

He pinched her chin, lifted it up, and touched her lips again. “Even if they are poisonous, I’ll eat you in the same way. It’s also romantic to be a ghost with your lover. ”

Bella smiled. “You really have a lot of lovers.”

David Wilson’s eyes flashed panic, and his heart seemed to be held by someone. He felt an inexplicable pain, “no, for three years, I only love one woman, you know.”

Bella nodded her head thoughtfully and saw the taxi coming. “Let’s go.”

Bella opened the door and sat in the passenger seat. “Please go to the number one building,” she said.

The taxi driver drove.

Bella looked out of the window silently.

David Wilson’s eyes stared at her side face, but he didn’t speak.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the number one building. The etiquette lady at the door took them to the reserved seats. Bella picked up the menu and ordered food.

The waiter quickly made a list and brought them buckwheat tea.

David Wilson took a sip of tea. “I couldn’t find you these days. I was going crazy. I thought you were hiding alone.”

“I don’t want to die. You are in charge of my life and death, how can I hide.” Bella said plainly.

“If you get an injection every month, I’ll keep you alive.” David Wilson promised.

“It seems that you don’t want children or do you have a woman outside to give birth to children for you?” Bella said with a light smile.

David Wilson was stunned. In a surprise he examined Bella, “would you like to have a child for me?”

“Why not? You don’t want children? However, I want children?” Bella looked down and sipped her tea.

David Wilson was excited. He held Bella’s hand, and said seriously, “the antidote is under development. If everything goes fine, it will come out in three months. At that time, let’s get married. Wherever you want to go, I will accompany you. I’m willing to leave everything that I have for you.”

“The antidote is still under development and you injected me with the virus? A great man has to be ruthless. It is really David Wilson’s style. Cruel enough.”

David Wilson stared at her face. He was unable to see whether she was praising or disdaining.

He held her hand a little tightly. “At that time, you made me desperate. I couldn’t watch you and James Grayson live in each other’s pockets. I had to do something.”

Bella looked at David Wilson suspiciously and narrowed her eyes. “David Wilson, I’m really curious about something. With your appearance and power, what kind of woman you can’t have? Why do you want to rob James Grayson’s woman or me?

The women like me, like my shape and looks, are so much in the street. The problem is that even my nature is not very good. You’ve been with me for so long. You also know. What do you like about me? Why you liked me till the level of destruction?!”

“Because there are so many women, I used to have, I know what kind of woman is worthy of my love. In the three years of our marriage, you didn’t abandon me, nor give up on me because of my wanton injury. Every time I get sick, drunk, or in a bad mood, you were always around me.” David Wilson confessed.

“So you want to keep me even if you inject me with a virus? Should I feel sad for Bella three years ago or should I feel right for myself now.” Bella smiled, smiling more brightly than the light of the crystal lamp.

“The past is over. Let’s imagine the future together. There won’t be any other women in David Wilson’s eyes. I will take care of you all my life, and it’s a happy ending, right? I promise I won’t let anyone else hurt you.” David Wilson promised.

“Really?” Bella looked at David Wilson coldly and approached him. “If I ask you to inject yourself with the same virus as mine?”

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