Chapter 460 The rest of the time is mine, OK?

I became flustered. I looked at Diana. “You’re really vicious. My mother is innocent. You can ask your husband!”

I had been defending Margaret.

Nina said, “you are so cruel. She is pitiful. Why don’t you let her go?”

“She is pitiful because she is a mistress!”

Diana smiled grimly.

Nina stopped talking.

I immediately said, “her husband lied to my mother. My mother was an apprentice of Traditional Design Gang. She was cheated by her husband and became pregnant at the age of 20. Her husband was going to take my mother back to York to get married. My mother believed it! It turned out that her husband was married!”

When I said it, someone said, “I remember someone on the Internet said that this woman hit her very badly.”

It seemed everyone remembered.

They pointed to Diana and talked.

“You are too vicious!”

“Yes, she was cheated! Why do women embarrass women!”

“You can’t control your husband, but you hurt an innocent woman.”

Diana didn’t expect everyone to help us. She turned white with anger. “What? Should she be a mistress?”

“She was cheated!”

Nina said.

“Yes! She’s innocent!”

The people next to me also talked.

Only Margaret was apologizing.

I tried to pull her up again, but no matter how many times I tried, as long as Diana hummed, Margaret dared not move.

Now Diana ignored what others say and controlled Margaret!

We couldn’t stop her from kneeling.

Although Dylan could hold her, Margaret had urine on her body, and I couldn’t force him to hold her.

When I was at a loss, a dozen bodyguards suddenly appeared.

They separated me from Diana and Cindy.

What was going on?

I thought they were Diana’s bodyguards, but soon I saw a familiar face. He was the bodyguard I saw in the manor before.

“What’s the matter?” Diana asked.

A bodyguard said to Diana, “President Jessop asked me to tell you. If you continue to embarrass her, tomorrow Lewis Group’s share price will give you a surprise.”

Diana and Cindy’s faces turned pale.

Cindy said, “Sean? I’ll contact him.”

Cindy took out her cell phone. But she made a phone call and was embarrassed.

I thought Sean blacklisted her.

Diana hadn’t figured it out yet, “call Sean. What’s going on? Why did he do it for this woman?”

“Mom, let’s go.” I pulled Margaret and said, “look, your son-in-law’s bodyguards are here. Your son-in-law is much more powerful than them. No one can hurt you.”

Margaret listened to me.

Diana watched Margaret stand up and she wanted to talk. The bodyguard punched her directly.

“Ah!” Diana stepped back a few steps. “What’s going on? How dare you hit me!”

“President Jessop said that if you want to sue us, you can contact his attorney at any time.”

The bodyguard said.

Diana really gave up.

Margaret seemed to understand the situation, and with the help of Dylan and I, she finally stood up.

Nina helped us carry things. At the door of the ladies’ room, Nina helped Margaret in instead of Dylan.

I asked Margaret to sit on the toilet.

Margaret was wet all over. She looked at me and her eyes were full of tears, “I’m sorry. I disgraced you.”

“No.” I looked at Margaret and I was heartbroken.

I didn’t blame her.

I understood that fear. I had claustrophobia. In the dark and narrow space, I would be unconsciously afraid. Whatever others said was of no use.

I helped Margaret clean her body, while Nina helped me to buy a bra.

I changed Margaret’s clothes.

When everything was done, I thanked Nina, “thank you so much for helping me.”

“You’re welcome.” Nina waved. “I didn’t expect you to be so good now.”

“No.” I shook my head.

Was I good?

I couldn’t handle today’s situation.

Finally, Sean helped me.

When I helped Margaret out, the bodyguard said, “madam, Mr. Jessop is waiting for you in the underground garage.”

“I see.” I nodded and looked at Nina and Dylan. “Where are you going? I’ll drive you.”

“We drove here.” Nina waved.

I didn’t insist. I just exchanged phone numbers with them and left.

I took Margaret to the underground garage.

Margaret lowered her head and looked like a child who made a mistake.

She knew from my conversation with the bodyguard that she would meet her son-in-law later. She stopped walking as soon as she got out of the elevator. She grabbed me with one hand and said, “I don’t want to go.”

“It’s OK.” I shook my head.

“No, I have disgraced you.” Margaret faltered, “I stink. I’m not going.”

“Mom, it doesn’t matter.” I grabbed her. “He’s very nice.”

Margaret stood still and didn’t want to go.

I hesitated and didn’t force her.

Actually, I was not only helping Margaret, but also helping Sean.

I didn’t think Sean wanted to see her now because his legs hadn’t recovered.

I patted Margaret on the arm and said, “wait for me here. I’ll talk to him and send you back.”

Margaret nodded. “OK.”

I asked my bodyguard to take care of her and I went to the side of Sean’s car.

The door opened. Sean sat in the car and wore casual clothes. He saw me and smiled. “Is it settled?”

“Yes.” I rushed over and put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek, “thank you.”

“It’s OK.” He touched my hair. “I’m sorry I’m late. Did they embarrass you?”

I smiled. “It’s OK. It’s all settled.”

Fortunately, I had him.

At this time, my cell phone rang. I took a look at the screen and remembered that I had just informed Murray.

As soon as I answered the phone, Murray asked nervously, “here I am. Where are you? What’s the matter?”

I glanced at Sean and said, “it’s all settled. Mom is on the second floor underground. You can see her when you get down from the elevator on the right of the first floor.”

Murray was relieved.

Sean put his arm around my waist. His handsome face came close to me. “Since your master is here, I’ll take the rest of your time, OK?”

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