Chapter 458 Mistress’s children are still mistresses

After Margaret finished, Murray and I found out that she thought so.

In fact, I dared not take Margaret with me. She was a patient. I couldn’t let her stay at home alone. She must be accompanied.

But I was going to work. Sean’s legs were hurt now. Lester was a kid.

No one could accompany Margaret.


I looked at Murray.

He understood before I spoke. He sighed and said, “go! Let’s go together! I’ll pack now!”

When he finished, Margaret smiled.

She really looked good with a smile.

Murray looked at Margaret and smiled. He put his hands around his elbow, “I just want you to be happy. I’m not afraid to go anywhere.”

I watched Murray wave and return to the room. I thought Murray really loved Margaret.

If they loved each other, maybe things would not be like this.

Soon Murray packed up. He asked the servant to send him his suitcase.

I bought two more tickets. I took Margaret and Murray back to York.

I let them live in Sherry’s house.

In order not to scare Margaret, I put away Sherry’s picture.

Then I prepared two rooms for them.

That weekend, I took Lester to see Margaret.

This time, Margaret was acting very well. She was happy to see Lester and hugged him.

This scene was the family reunion that I had been expecting for a long time.

Margaret had been infatuated with shopping since she went shopping with me last time.

Lester wanted to go shopping for toys at the weekend, so Murray and I took Margaret with us.

On Monday, when I was still at work, I got a call from Murray. He said that Margaret wanted to go shopping and asked if I could get off work early.

Although I knew that I should tell Margaret that I may not have time to accompany her at ordinary times, I couldn’t refuse this time.

I arranged my work ahead of time. In the afternoon, I arrived at Sherry’s house and took Margaret out.

This was the first time I had taken her out alone.

Margaret was in the passenger seat. She looked around. I was afraid that she would open the door, so I told her immediately, “don’t touch the handle. It’s dangerous to open the door.”

Margaret wanted to open the door. As soon as I finished, she took her hands back and put them on her knees. She was like a child in class.

I glanced at her and was relieved.

Because it was not the first time I had brought her out, this time I was not as nervous as I was last time.

I took Margaret straight to York’s most upscale department store.

After parking in the underground garage, I took her upstairs by the elevator.

We started shopping on the first floor.

This time, Margaret was so happy that she looked around.

I was generous to her. I bought whatever she liked.

The mall was very big. After we bought some clothes, it was time to have dinner at night.

I took Margaret to the elevator and was ready to go home.

On the way, she took my hand and said, “I feel like I have had a dream. When I wake up, the world changes. Fortunately, I have you, or I don’t know what I will become.”

Margaret’s words made me feel warm and more relieved.

She was normal now. I thought she wuold be like a normal person in the near future.

When I was thinking, Margaret grabbed my hand and suddenly squeezed me very hard.

“What’s the matter?” I looked up at her.

Margaret looked ahead in horror.

I saw two people coming out of the elevator in front of us.

One of them was Cindy I knew. Although I didn’t speak formally to the other person, I knew she was Cindy’s mother, Diana.


Margaret grabbed me and suddenly became abnormal.

Her mouth kept opening and closing and she couldn’t even speak.

She was frightened and trembling all over.

“Let’s go. Mom, let’s go!”

I knew she couldn’t get sick here because I couldn’t control Margaret alone.

But Margaret just stood and didn’t move. Her mouth was open and she kept making strange noises.

Cindy and Diana were stunned at first, but then Diana said, “Why are you bitch still alive?”

She made a direct mockery.

She looked at Margaret and gloated.

“Shut up!” I took a look at Diana and dragged Margaret and said, “Mom, let’s go.”

Margaret seemed to understand at last. She began to follow me.

But Diana seemed to realize something. Suddenly she came to us and blocked our way. “Don’t go. Let’s have a look at the mistress who seduces others’ husbands and what the mistress’s children look like!”

Diana’s voice was loud, and this was the first floor. Soon a lot of people were looking at us.

Margaret looked at her in horror and wept.

One of her hands suddenly jerked out of my hand and she covered her stomach with both hands.

Her movements were like a reflex.

I immediately protected her and said in her ear, “Mom, don’t be afraid. Everything is over. I’m here. I’m here. I will protect you. No one can hurt you.”

“What do you say?” Diana sneered at me. “What can a mistress’s child do? Oh, by the way, be a mistress.”

She looked at Cindy and asked, “do you think so, Cindy?”

Cindy didn’t speak, but her eyes were clearly mocked and despised.

She said, “I wonder why she has been competing with me for my husband again and again. It turns out to be genetic.”

After listening to Cindy, I was so angry that I wanted to hit people!

But I knew I couldn’t argue with them now. I had to take Margaret right away. She just recovered a little. I couldn’t aggravate her condition.

I stared at the two people in front of me, “shut up!”

Then I leaned over and said to Margaret, “Mom, mom, come with me.”

Margaret was shaking. She seemed terrified. She squatted on the ground and covered her stomach with her hands and begged, “don’t hit my child, don’t, don’t hit my child.”

Diana looked at her and was smug. “You remember how I hit you. Why are you squatting? Do you still want me to hit you?”

There was a grim smile on the corner of her mouth, and her eyes were full of cruelty.

From Margaret’s reaction and Diana’s words, I knew that the previous news must be true!

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