Chapter 456 He can’t protect you anymore

He was waiting for me in the main hall?

I looked at the servant. Generally speaking, they only let in the people they knew.

I spent several years in Sceaux and had been learning from Murray. I didn’t know many people at all.

Margaret was a patient. I was afraid if I refused to see this person, she would think too much.

I hesitated and said, “OK, I’ll go there now.”

I followed the servant to the main hall.

I saw a familiar man sitting on the chair.

I just met him today.

“Why are you here?”

It was Ming!

Ming was drinking tea. When he heard me, he immediately put down his teacup and stood up and said to me, “Becky, I have something to say to you.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Jessop. When you protected yourself with my scandal, we had nothing to do with each other.”

I responded coldly to him.

It had such an impact on me that Sean almost lost his life!

I couldn’t even think of the consequences if I didn’t go down the mountain that day or if I didn’t take Sean down the mountain.

“Becky, I did it wrong.” Ming looked at me and begged, “people will make mistakes, but this time, I really realized that I was wrong, I really realized that I can’t lose you!”

“Really?” I looked at Ming and didn’t want to sit down and talk to him. I just asked, “when Marcia lost a leg, did you really realize that you did something wrong?”

When I mentioned Marcia, Ming’s pupils shrank.

He was stiff and clenched his hands. He was silent for a moment and said, “why do you mention her?”

“Why? Marcia had been with you for more than a decade. She lost a leg for you. What did you give her?” I looked at Ming. “You said you can’t lose me? Can’t you lose me? You know Sean and I made up, so you want to compete with him again, right?”

I didn’t hide it from Ming.

This man was too insidious. Even if I hid it, he would know what he wanted to know.

“I am such a person in your eyes?” Ming was standing there.

The light in the main hall was dim. I didn’t know if it was because I hadn’t seen him for a long time. I thought his face was a lot older.

He had changed a lot.

I frowned. “No? Ming, you did those things to me. What else do you expect me to think of you?”

Once I thought Ming was good, but what did he do?

I despaired again and again. At last, when I wanted to spend my whole life with him, he and Erin had an affair.

Ming took a step forward.

I took a decisive step back.

Ming couldn’t help but smile, “Becky, I really know I did it wrong. I thought a lot recently, and what I did not only helped me, but also helped you.”


“Yes, do you think only Jessop Family is hurt? Well Family and Lewis Family are no less impacted than Jessop Family. The owner of Well family is old-fashioned. After that, he had a sudden illness at home. When he was sent to Sacred Heart Hospital, his heart stopped beating. It took us several hours to save him, but he is still a vegetable.

And Lewis Family? Your biological father’s marriage to Diana is in jeopardy, and Cindy has been hit hard by it. You think I used you. In fact, I helped you!”

Ming said.

I stood there and looked at him and didn’t know what to say.

At the time, I focused on Jessop Family and had no idea what happened to the other two families.

It turned out that these things happened to Well Family and Lewis Family.

“I’m helping you get back at them.” Ming added.

When he said this, I finally reflected.

I shook my head. “No, you’re not helping me get back at them! You are moving yourself. You are asking yourself to forgive what you have done!”

Ming had always been like this. He was giving, and then he was moved.

Ming was standing there. Today, he was wearing glasses. His eyes were not aggressive. He looked at me. “They hurt you I love, so I want to revenge them. What’s wrong?”

His tone was firm.

He didn’t seem to feel at all that he had done anything wrong.

Maybe these two families really deserved it.

I listened to him and couldn’t help sneering, “you are excellent, but I am ordinary. Can you tell me why you love me?”

Sean loved me because I saved him, but Ming had no reason at all.

I didn’t believe he had a good reason!

Ming’s clenched fist loosened a little. He smiled softly. “There’s no reason to love someone. If there’s a reason, it’s not love, it’s proximity with purpose.”

Ming said slowly and looked at me gently.

“You love me, but I don’t have to love you.”

I replied.

He listened to me and smiled. “I used to think I could lose you, so I let you go. But these days I find I can’t lose you.”

Ming accentuated his tone.

I burst out laughing. I went up to Ming and looked up at him, “I’m the same as you. I can’t lose Sean.”

“If you are with him, you will only drag him down. Do you think Cindy is just a rich woman? Now Sean’s legs are broken and she gives up, but if Sean can stand up one day, she won’t give up.”

After listening to Ming, I put my hands on my chest and tilted my head and looked at him. “You know Cindy well. You kidnapped me together, didn’t you?”

I wanted to ask him a long time ago.

Ming looked at me and his clear eyes wavered. He nodded and didn’t want to hide it from me. “Yes.”

“Mr. Jessop, you and she framed me. Why do you think I’ll be with you? Do I look like a fool?”

I was not a fussy person.

But it had a big impact on me. How could I choose Ming?

He was not surprised. He stepped forward and looked down at me. “But if something happens to you, he can’t protect you now, but I can.”

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