Chapter 455 That was what mom was like

“The doctor said that Margaret could be discharged according to her current recovery,” Murray said.

“That’s great.” I immediately got up. “Then I can go through the formalities.”

Murray looked at me and didn’t speak and seemed worried.

Then Margaret looked at him, “I’ve recovered. Murray, I’ve put you in trouble these days.”

Margaret was very polite.

We didn’t know each other for a long time, but her behavior showed that her living environment as a child had a good influence on her.

Compared with Inez, I was glad that my mother was Margaret!

She was polite and well-educated at first sight!

Although she didn’t accompany me in my childhood, I was still grateful that my mother could be her.

Murray seemed to hesitate when Margaret said that. He waved and said to me, “go through the discharge formalities.”


I nodded and went out.

Margaret was a special patient, so she was more difficult to discharge than other patients. I went to many places and it took me about an hour to finish the formalities.

I went through the formalities and went to the ward. As soon as I got to the corner of the corridor, I ran into a man.

The invoice and receipt in my hand fell to the ground!

“I’m sorry.”

I apologized and looked down and picked them up.

The man I hit is also kind. He squatted down and helped me pick them up.

He picked them up and sorted them out and gave them to me.

“Thank you.” I looked up when I thanked him.

Seeing him in front of me, I was stunned. I didn’t say anything more. I took them and left quickly!

He didn’t chase me.

My heart was still pounding when I got to the door of the ward.

How could this happen?

How could I meet Ming here?

Now I didn’t believe in any coincidence in anything related to Ming.

When I opened the door of the ward, Murray had already helped Margaret pack up.

Murray saw me go in and was unhappy. “Why are you so slow?”

Before I could say the reason, Margaret spoke for me, “it’s troublesome for a patient like me to leave the hospital.”


I nodded and looked at Margaret and felt warm.

She just spoke for me, but I was warm.

That was what mom was like.

Murray listened to Margaret and didn’t argue with me, “let’s go. My reserved car is at the door. We have to get home before dark.”

He was referring to Sceaux.

I agreed, so we set out at once.

I was hostile to Ming now. I always felt like he was going to do something.

We took Murray’s reserved car and soon arrived at Sceaux.

As soon as Margaret got here, she looked nostalgic, “you still like to live in a house like this.”

“Don’t you like it? Then I’ll have another one rebuilt.”

Murray listened to Margaret and was nervous.

I had never seen Murray like this. He was stubborn and didn’t listen to anyone.

He occasionally swore, but now he listened to Margaret.

I looked at them and said nothing and just smiled.

Margaret shook her head. “No, it’s good.”


Murray seemed relieved.

A servant opened the door. Coincidentally, this servant was the one Margaret chased.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Margaret. She was so scared that she took a big step back. Her face was frightened. She lowered her head and dared not move.

Murray didn’t notice, but Margaret saw it.

She went up to the servant and asked, “did I…”

“I’m sorry!”

Before Margaret finished speaking, the servant fell on his knees in fright.

Sh was really scared.

Margaret wasn’t angry, but Murray was unhappy. “Why are you kneeling?”

“It’s my fault. I hit her before because of the dolls.”

Margaret explained.

Her voice was pleasant and gentle.

The servant looked up slightly when he heard that she was polite.

I told the servant immediately, “don’t worry. My mother has recovered. She won’t hit you again.”

The servant listened to me and looked up doubtfully at Margaret.

After a while, she believed me.

The three of us entered the room.

I set up a room for Margaret and made her bed. Margaret looked at me and politely said, “thank you, Laura.”

“That’s what I should do.” I put all her clothes in the closet. I looked at some of her clothes and said, “shall I go shopping with you tomorrow?”

“Can we?” Margaret looked at me and her eyes were expectant.

I took her hand and said, “of course. You’ve been sick for so long. You must not know what kind of clothes are popular now. I’ll take you to buy them tomorrow.”


Margaret said.

She wanted to be close to me but she didn’t know how to do it.

I was not worried. I thought she would accept that I was her daughter in the future.

I helped Margaret pack up. As soon as I got to the yard, I heard Murray teaching some servants a lesson. “She is the hostess here. If anyone of you dare to neglect her or treat her as a former patient, get out of here as soon as possible!”


Several servants responded together.

I listened for a while. He finished before I went out and asked, “is Mom really cured?”

Margaret was not normal because she was mentally stimulated.

But after all, she had been ill for decades. How could she recover in such a short time?

Murray looked at me and was silent for a moment and sighed, “as long as we don’t talk about the past, she’s OK. If we mention it, she’ll be emotional. Once there was a mistress in a TV play. She was stimulated and smashed the TV.”


Sure enough.

When I mentioned leaving hospital, Murray looked worried. I guessed it.

I remembered trying not to mention Margaret’s sadness later.

The day went well.

After dinner, Murray accompanied Margaret to see his works over the years, and I also accompanied them.

At this time, a servant ran in and saw me and said, “Miss Jones, someone has come to see you.”


Who would come to me at Sceaux?

The servant nodded, “yes, he is waiting in the main hall.”

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