Chapter 454 If only Philip were here

Lester seemed relieved and soon fell asleep.

I just told a story for more than ten minutes, and he fell asleep.

After confirming that he was asleep, I put the book on the head of the bed and turned out of the room.

As soon as I came out, I saw Sean at the door.

“Why are you here?” I saw Sean and froze.

He steered the wheelchair forward. He saw Lester and his eyes were deep. “Now I realize that I’m not really a good father.”

I knew he must have heard what Lester said just now.

I comforted him, “he’s a boy. Even if I take care of him, he certainly wants his father to play with him.”

Because Lester relied heavily on Philip.

Philip was in my house for only a few months, but Lester relied on him.

Then I forced Philip out of the house. Lester didn’t say no at first, but then every time he was playing a game and had difficulty, he would sit there in a daze.

I asked him what he was thinking, and he didn’t say it.

But once I came out of the kitchen, Lester was playing LEGO. He took the drawing and said to himself, “if only Philip were here…”

At that moment, I even realized that I probably shouldn’t have driven Philip away.

Sean took my hand and smiled bitterly, “but my son thinks I might leave him at any time. I’m a failure.”

“Children are sensitive.”

“No, he has no sense of security.”

Sean corrected me and took my hand and applied a little bit of force. “We’ll never be apart again.”

Our lives returned to normal after that day.

I, Sean and Lester had a normal life. Sean wanted to compensate Lester. I suggested that he buy Lester a lot of Legos.

He picked up Lester at the weekend and played with him.

Sean’s legs couldn’t move. He couldn’t play with Lester on the ground like Philip. He bought a very large table with Lego blocks on it.

Then he bought Lester a special chair.

So they could play together.

Sean hadn’t played with this kind of thing before, but he was smart and learned it quickly.

In just one morning, he could help Lester solve all the problems he met.

I watched them have fun and took out my cell phone to take photos.

After a while, someone called me.

It was Murray.

I answered the phone at once.

“Becky, where are you now?” As soon as I answered the phone, Murray asked me.

I looked up at Lester and Sean in front of me and replied, “I’m in York.”

“When can you come to the Carson City?”

Murray had always been very busy.

He wouldn’t call me at will.

Margaret was in the Carson City.

He and Margaret had lived there for months. I took the phone and nodded, “I can go there any time. What happened to my mother?”

“Nothing.” Murray denied, “Margaret has recovered and has been in a stable mood recently. I told her about you and she said she wanted to see you.”

“Really?” That was good news for me! I said immediately, “I’ll book the ticket now! I’ll be there tomorrow!”

Margaret could recognize me?

This was the best news for me who had no maternal love and yearned for maternal love since childhood.

I hung up and went to the table and told Sean and Lester about it.

I wanted to ask Sean if he was going there, but I knew him. Even if he agreed, he was reluctant, so I didn’t ask him.

I just said to Lester, “Lester, Mom is going to see Grandpa Moore tomorrow. You have to listen to Dad, you know?”

“OK!” Lester nodded, “Mom, don’t worry. I’ll take care of myself, and then I can take care of Dad!”

Sean could not help frowning when he heard little Lester saying that.

As a father, he hoped to take care of his son himself.

I raised my hand and touched Lester’s hair. “Dad can take care of himself, but Dad sometimes has to work. Don’t make trouble.”

“I won’t!”

Lester pouted and said unwillingly.

I was sure he wouldn’t.

The next morning, I flew to the Carson City.

After getting off the plane, I took a taxi to the hospital where Margaret was.

I hadn’t seen Margaret for months. I couldn’t imagine what she was like now.

When I entered the ward, I saw Margaret sitting on the bed and Murray sitting next to her.

When I went in, they both looked at me. Margaret saw me and smiled and said, “Laura?”

I was stunned to see Margaret.

We hadn’t seen each other for months. Margaret was no longer as thin as she used to be. She had gained a lot of weight and looked normal.

Maybe because she had been locked in the room and not exposed to the sun, her skin was very white.

Her skin was ruddy now. Although she was in her fifties, she looked young and didn’t have many wrinkles.

Now she was more like the one Murray painted.

I looked at Margaret and nodded, “yes, it’s me.”

I went to her bed and was in a complex mood and didn’t know what to say.

I approached her. Margaret reached for my hand and her eyes turned red. “Murray told me about you. You have suffered a lot. I’m useless. I didn’t take care of you.”

When I heard Margaret say that, I thought of my longing for my mother when I was in the orphanage.

I leaned over and hugged Margaret and called her, “Mom.”

I could finally hold my mother and call her that.

Margaret was thin but soft.

Although it was winter, I held her and felt very warm.

Was this Mom’s temperature?

My eyes filled with tears.

Margaret reached out and patted me on the back, “Laura, you’re really my Laura. I miss you so much.”

“She’s been looking for you since she knew you were alive. Without her, we might not be able to find you now.”

Murray said behind us.

“Thank you.” Margaret sat up straight.

I shook my head. “You’re my mother. Of course I have to find you.”

I looked at Margaret carefully. Her behavior was exactly the same as that of normal people. She even looked more stable than some normal people.

I couldn’t help looking at Murray and asking, “did the doctor say when she could be discharged?”

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