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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 224 Don’t Be Dreaming

The corner of Dan’s mouth was slightly upturned, perhaps happy or sad. Whatever seemed impossible in the past seven years, turned out to be true?

And she, in the past seven years, who very close to him, made him feel far away.

“I’m not dead, were you disappointed?” Phoebe walked to his side and stood. He would not approach her again, then she would just walk over.

Dan did not answer her question. He was disappointed that she was not dead. But why did she deceive him? “Why don’t you tell me? What do you want to do?”

Phoebe chuckled coldly, “Actually, I was really dead at that time. For a woman, it is better die and alive when I hurt that much. I want to let those who ruined me die for me, including you.”

Dan solemnly frowned, if the Shelly in his heart became like this, he really would rather she had died seven years ago.

“Did you really commit suicide that day? I remembered in the suicide note I discovered later, you wrote it very clearly.” Dan chose a rational mindset to solve the matter.

Phoebe said, “How could I commit suicide? If it was not your family who forced me, how could I commit suicide? Do you know that I had already…”

She stopped halfway. She did not want to use that means to get him back when she had to do so.

“Dan, do you know when I started hating you? In less than a year, you only have Janice in your eyes, even if she didn’t even know that your existence, you already lived for her. You were simply forgetting Shelly the moment you saw her.”

Dan lowered his eyes and looked at Shelly, who was completely strange before him, “At that time, you can clearly tell me that you were not dead.”

Phoebe smiled bitterly, “Does it work? If I didn’t die, would you hate Janice? Do you still think of me? Do you think I want to live to be another person? I just want to stay in your memories.”

Dan understood that she appeared in front of him three years ago and told him that she was Shelly’s sister Phoebe, and from that time on, he hated Janice more because she would always remind him that it was Janice who killed Shelly.

“Where did you go in those four years?” If she really was Shelly, something must have happened in the four years when she disappeared.

Of course, Phoebe will not tell the truth. She smiles sadly and bitterly, “Recover my health, did plastic surgery, and planned a perfect plan to get you back.”

Dan did not say anything, but instead changed the subject, “All these years, is uncle fine abroad?”

Phoebe answered naturally, “Of course, your family is so generous. How can we not fine?”

Dan turned to look at Shelly in front of him, “I must tell you that no matter who you were now, my wife is Janice, she is the woman I love, and I hope you can let go of the grudges of the past and start a new life.”

Shelly smiled sarcastically. How many good men in the world? He always forgot the old one when he had a new love one. Now that he had Janice, he intended to ignore her and hoped that she will disappear from now on.

It is said that the woman’s favorite man in life was the first man, and the man’s favorite one was often the last woman to stay with him.

Since Dan was so stubborn, she can only play tricks. Phoebe’s voice became soft and weak, “Dan, you were so ruthless. Don’t you want me anymore? How I hope that you could recognize me when I will stand in front of you for the first time, but you didn’t. At that moment I was arrogant with you, that is, I felt wronged, so I didn’t tell you the truth. What I was sad about was that you clearly suspected that I was Shelly, but in the face of some evidence, you would rather choose to turn a blind eye. How good Janice is, so that you can easily forget me.”

“Let’s stop saying that, “He took the bank card he had prepared from his jacket pocket and handed it to her, “Leave here.”

Phoebe looked at Dan in disbelief, “What do you think of me? Do you want to send me away with money?”

Dan sighed, he didn’t want to say something clearly, but he didn’t like to waste time, “Since I can suspect that you might be Shelly, I can check your father’s life abroad, and now it seems to me that whether you were Shelly or Phoebe, you need the money very much, and your father also needs it. It can also be said more directly. You reappear in my life for nothing but money.”

Phoebe retorted loudly, “I didn’t. I’m not for money at all.”

At this time, the louder her voice was, the more she expressed her guilty conscience.

Dan found that no matter the woman in front of him was Shelly or Phoebe, he did not have the patience of the past. It seemed that he had used all his patience on Janice alone.

He asked her coldly, “What do you want? Me? Sorry, it is too late. For the past seven years, what have you done? Love is very fragile, it really can’t stand the test of seven years.”

Just when Dan was about to leave, Phoebe had no choice but to use the last resort to retain him.

“At that time I was pregnant and our daughter is now seven years old. This was also the motivation for me to live on the operating table at that time. Don’t you want to see your daughter?”

Dan couldn’t believe it. He frowned, staring at Phoebe, Her seven-year-old daughter? How could this be possible?

“Shelly, were you crazy? Do you know what you were talking about?” He wanted to deny it, but he knew very well that he was guilty, and if he really had a daughter, he would be at a loss.

Phoebe smiled contemptuously, “You can check whether I lied to you. You can get the truth in a day. I don’t need to tell such a lie.”

Dan was still puzzled. Since they still have a daughter between them, why didn’t she say it long ago? She had to wait until now to tell the truth when he and Janice got married. She had many chances to say it. Why didn’t she say?

“Shelly, you’d better not lie to me. You should know me very well, and in the end you will get nothing.”

She was not intimidated, she was completely confident, “It doesn’t matter if I don’t get anything. I’m very certain that as long as I will get you in the end, it would be enough for me.”

Dan is sober and sensible, even if there was really a daughter, the ending will not be what she imagined, “Then I can tell you, don’t be delusional, it is impossible.”

When a person no longer loved you, he will be very cruel and heartless.

It doesn’t matter, since Phoebe can get to this point, she won’t easily stop without achieving her goal.

What she wanted was not a bank card that sent to her like a beggar. What she wanted was not a man without her in his heart. What she wanted was the whole Shinny International.

Her purpose was simple, either got it or ruined it.

“Let’s go, I will take you to see your daughter, she looks more like you.”

Phoebe’s words made Dan’s heart feel very stuffy. He had a disgust of being led by her, but he had no choice. If there was a daughter or his child, he can’t ignore it.

“Why were there no child in the data I investigated?” He was also puzzled.

Phoebe smiled frankly, “That’s because all the information you investigated was provided by me. You can only get what I want you to know. Otherwise, you can’t check it.”

“Shelly, why were you doing this?” If it was just to get him back, she didn’t have to spend so much time setting plans.

He never expected that the girl who smiled no matter what happened would one day become what she was now.

In the past, even when Shelly was too wronged, she would not hurt people around her. She always said that it was her fault.

So far, Phoebe felt that there was no need to hide anything, “I want to have someone who hurt me gotten the punishment they deserve. I want to let you that money is not mighty. What I want is to destroy you.”

Dan looked calmly at Phoebe, “The past seven years had told me that hatred is the most painful thing in the world. That is not punishing the bad guys, but punishing yourself.”

“Dan, don’t think you can still convince me. In the past seven years, you didn’t suffer because of hating Janice. You obviously suffered because you loved her, but didn’t dare to be with her.” That was true.

“You think you can take over whole Shinny Group alone?”

Phoebe sighed with sighs, “Dan Trump, are you trying to get something out of me? I am not the silly Shelly before. Of course, I can tell you blatantly, there is someone behind me, but you know, as long as I release the news of your illegitimate daughter’s affairs, and tomorrow your shares of Shinny International may fall by more than one-digit percentage points.”

“Shelly, you made me feels strange.” She must have caught the fatal point of Shinny International so she could be so arrogant.

“Then let’s go, maybe if you married me, everything wills be different?” If she chooses a man, he is definitely the best choice.

“As for the daughter, I will make an appointment with you the other day. That’s all today.” After that, Dan didn’t look at her more and left with a cold heart.

Phoebe did not expect that he would care about Janice so much. Is he planning to go home and tell Janice?

She shouted, “Dan, how can you be so cruel, don’t you want to see your daughter?”

Dan did not turn back and say more to her. He didn’t say he didn’t want to see her, but he would see her the other day. As for who is more cruel, shouldn’t she be more cruel? The daughter was seven years old, and she threatened him with her daughter.

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