Chapter 223 No matter who she is, I love you

Dan stared at her deeply, and if he said that now, she would also suffer from poor indigestion, “Wait until we have dinner.”

How can this be? This will not be able to eat at all, okay.

“No, it must be said now.” Janice would not let him go.

Dan thought about it for a long time before talking to her, “Jim he…”

But he didn’t know that the name Jim plus his deep thoughts just now were enough for Janice to be nervous.

“What’s the matter with Jim? You won’t really stimulate him? I told you when you went to see him. You can nod your head when he said, and you can come back to talk to me…”

“Janice.” Dan also interrupted her. He didn’t even say anything. She was all blaming and dissatisfied with him. Did he make her disbelief so much?

Janice realized that she was overexcited just now, bit her lips tightly, and looked at him.

Dan did have a little temper, and he didn’t believe that she still cared about another man.

“You’ made uncomfortable. Is he really more important than me? If I do something wrong with him, you still have to kill me.”

Janice knew that she was wrong, she lowered her head, her pale hands pinched each other, and whispered, “I don’t mean that, I was scared last time by his sudden fainting. The doctor warned me not to stimulate him, or the consequence would be bad, so I was so nervous just now.”

As she talked, Janice asked, “Is he really okay?”

Dan glanced at her angrily, “He’s fine, but I am not.”

Janice didn’t believe it at all, only when he was angry, “Oh, okay, how can a patient bully you. Don’t be angry.”

“Janice, do you really understand Jim now?”

Janice sighed, thinking of Jim’s changes during this time. But she actually understood that people who were ill were prone to occasional extremes. Moreover, he had somehow lost seven years of memory, and he must also be at a loss.

Seven years can change a lot of things. He can’t even tell who were friends and who were enemies stood in front of him.

“He did change a bit, but he is still Jim.” Janice can only say so.

Dan agreed with her, he was still Jim. Just because he was Jim, he refused to let go of Janice.

“He told me one thing, something I have suspected in these seven years, but the purpose of his telling me was to separate me from you.”

Janice looked at Dan, she believed what he said, and now Jim did whatever he could to separate them.

For example, that survey of Dan’s all the data for the past seven years, was there something in the data she didn’t know about? But what can separate them?

“Phoebe is probably Shelly.”

Janice’s heart was stunned, as if in a quiet space, she was suddenly awakened by a violent blow in her ear.

Shelly, a woman who had been out of this space for seven years.

Janice jumped easily from the bay window. Her beige slippers were placed on the gray long-haired carpet. She put it on and looked up at Dan, who was still sitting on the bay window.

“I don’t mind anyone, but you are mine. Have you heard?”

She was angry, he knew, He always upset her.

He held his palm on the window, and jumped over and stood steadily in front of her, staring at her, “No matter whom she is, I love you.”

Was this really worth believing at this time? Don’t think it’s nice to say something, she won’t mind. She was depressed now.

She wanted to find a simple and happy life. Was it really that difficult?

“Don’t say this.”

When Janice turned around, Dan took the opportunity to grab her waist and put her in his arms, “Are you angry?”

“Shouldn’t I be angry?” Janice did not hide her heart, nor refused his warm hug.

Dan hugged her tightly, his voice low, “You were best qualified to be angry, I’m afraid you won’t be angry.”

“Do you mean, you deliberately made me angry? Did you make me mad, and you plan to marry a new one? No, marry your ex.”

Her envious words to Dan were most pleasant in his ears. He pulled her body, the two eyes intersect, “In this life, you were enough for me.”

Here again. He was fond of speaking loving words.

“You were not allowed to leave me. I think I can get everything by my own efforts. As long as I want to get what I want, I will definitely get it, and you were the one I am most afraid of losing. Whether Phoebe is Shelly or not, you were mine.”

Janice can see the panic in his eyes. Had he really cared about her so much? She was not flattered, but full of happiness.

She looked up and smiled at him arrogantly, “Since you can’t do live without me, then I will reluctantly take you away.”

He kissed at the tip of her nose, not satisfied, and kissed her lips again. Just about to leave, Janice’s soft arms was around his neck, and he was not allowed to end like this.

Of course he was very happy to carry on, holding her tightly around her waist, and wishing to integrate her into his body, so that as long as he did not die, she belonged to him.

When he was emotional, she suddenly stopped all movements. He didn’t know that this was her tricks, “What’s wrong?”

Janice just felt some changes in his body. She smiled, her expression was serious, and she said, “That’s it, I go downstairs to eat.”

“Hey, Janice you…” Dan realized that he had been cheated by her.

Janice stood proudly at the door, “Yes, this is revenge on you, hurry and solve messy things, otherwise you will not be allowed to enter this house.”

Wow, so arrogant. This was still his home.

He just thought about it, but he didn’t say it. Janice, who had already walked out of the house, suddenly poked into her head, “What’s wrong with your home, yours is all mine. I you make me unhappy, everything you own is mine, and you, get out.”

After taking a shower, the strong desire in his body was extinguished. When eating, he was angered by the unfair revenge he had just received. Janice still couldn’t hold her smile. Rose looked at the young couple so happy, she just left and left them alone.

Dan put the peeled shrimp into Janice’s bowl. Janice pretended to be angry and refused to eat it and returned it.

She usually liked to eat shrimp, but it was obviously intentional not to eat today.

“Your act just now was deadly to me. I’m not angry yet. Were you still mad at me?”

Janice stared at him arrogantly, “So what? Come to avenge me if you can.”

The expression on Dan’s face was unpredictable for a time, and put the shrimp in his mouth, and he went to her without saying anything.

Janice was confused, she thought he would do something to her, but he didn’t expect him to do this with mouth.

“Oh, no, I was wrong, OK? I will eat it myself.”

When he felt satisfied did he let go off Janice, Janice said that she didn’t taste the original taste of the shrimp just now.

“You are disgusting.” Janice wiped her mouth with a tissue.

Dan looked like he didn’t do anything at all. He returned to his place and continued to eat, “Wasn’t you letting me feed you?”

Janice shook his two hands hard, “Hands, I mean hands.”

Dan thought she was very cute when she was angry. She peeled the shrimp and sang a song, “How can I fall in love with you? I’m asking myself…”

Janice stuffed a piece of beef into his mouth, “Eat.”

Dan also sent the peeled shrimps to her mouth, “Delicious?”

Janice chewed with satisfaction, “It’s better than the one just now.”

Dan smiled, “You are lying. It’s obviously the shrimp just now was more delicious.”

They only hoped that their happy days just started. Whether it was Phoebe or Shelly, it was not important at all.

Perhaps Jim thought that the exposure of Shelly’s identity could make Dan hurt Janice, then Janice would naturally come back to him, but he was really wrong. It was not that Janice had forgotten in the past seven years. It was Dan who smoothed her wound.

In the conference room of Shinny International Office Building, Phoebe and Dan were the only two people in the large space, or she was Shelly.

He chose here to meet her alone was because this room had a good recording system and high-definition camera.

This was not disrespect for Shelly, but he wanted to calm down his life as soon as possible and gave Janice peace.

Phoebe sat in one of the chairs and looked at the back standing beside the window. In the past, all she saw from this back was mourning and endless sadness, but since he went to Janice, that kind of speechless lonely disappeared.

Phoebe adjusted her emotions and did not want to waste too much time, “What did you find me for?”

Dan did not look back and went straight to the topic, “I want to know who you were?”

Phoebe’s heart jumped suddenly, and she knew that this matter would be exposed sooner or later, because that was the real purpose behind her. She was going to bring him into this pit to convince him that Shelly was still alive. She was Shelly.

Was he too stupid to find this, or whether it was seven years ago or seven years later, Shelly was not so important in his heart. She secretly reminded him many times, and he was more willing to believe that, Shelly was really dead, so he can be with Janice.

“Since you ask this question, you must know what you have, and then I have nothing to explain. I always thought that when you know the truth, you will hold me hard and say to me, ‘Thank you. You are alive. Thank you for coming back to me.”

Then, these were really delusions.

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