Chapter 222 How Can I Be Fascinated By You…

Janice knew that he must have heard what she had just said, and was laughing at her.

“What are you laughing at? Why did you come back intact like this? So you only talked and didn’t fight, right?”

Janice leaned against the at like him. So Janice was dissatisfied that he came out well. It was like a child who wanted to see an adult not obedient once, but the result made her a little bit disappointed.

Dan walked towards her with a smile, deliberately said, “Maybe you were not attractive enough. It seems that this smart and beautiful married woman has worked harder.”

“Don’t think I value the two of you.”

“I do.” When Janice turned around to open the door, Dan took the opportunity to hug her slender waist and lowered his body. His chin on her shoulders, and his voice was gentle around her neck.

“Go away, it’s not good for others to see us like this.” Janice blushed. This was a public place, and there were people coming and going at any time.

Dan just adhered to her, “It’s OK. I don’t break the law by hugging my own wife.”

Janice turned her back and shot him a glance fiercely, “It is not illegal, but showing affection in public is a matter of morality.”

“Well, in order to prove that I am a person with good moral quality, I should go home and hug you.”

(There were no two people born right in the world. Each person’s appearance had a different meaning. Some will accompany you for the rest of your life, while some was destined to leave midway…)

On the way, Janice looked at the car window with a heavy heart. Dan was driving seriously without disturbing her personal thinking.

Janice said, “Turn left at the intersection, you go to work at the company, I will take a tax, and go back home.”

Dan turned his head and looked at her. The smile at the corner of his mouth was obscureYou were preparing to send me to the company, so you have time to see Jim, right?”

Janice leaned her head on the back of the car and looked at him. The man was sometimes very careful. She didn’t even think about this matter.

She followed his words, “Yes, so hurry up and go to the company. Please give me free personal space.”

Dan pretended to be angry, and knew that she was deliberately angry with him, “Don’t think too much. Today I will tie you to me for a whole day and make you anxious.”

Janice thought him as a rogue and stopped talking.

He stopped in the straight lane at the crossroads. It was not really stingy that she was not allowed to see Jim, but there was something he had to discuss it with her first. If she heard about Shelly from others, the result may be very different.

After arriving home, Rose saw that the two of them came back together and it was a little weird. The two of them really can’t go home together. It seems that the young couple was reconciled.

“You come back early today. I haven’t started preparing the dinner yet. Will you eat at home?” Rose asked patiently.

Janice glanced at Dan and said to Rose, “Anyway, I eat at home, I don’t know him.”

Rose narrowed her eyes with a smile, “Then, Janice, please help me ask the young master.”

Janice is speechless. Rose’s purpose was so obvious, even if she wanted to match them, it was too obvious.

Dan was standing beside her, and she was two steps away from Rose. Did Rose have to ask Janice for her?

Janice said, “No. I don’t care if he wants to eat at home or not.” After that, she turned her head away and went to the second floor.

Dan was helpless. Rose didn’t know if she was helping them or causing those troubles, and when they came back together, she thought they were sweet. But it seemed not.

“Master, do you have dinner at home?”

Dan nodded, “Yes.”

Dan stood at the door of the room and looked at Janice who sat on the bay window, holding Hello Kitty in her arms, which Cindy gave it to her some time ago. In this way, she didn’t look like a woman who was almost 30 years old.

Dan returned to the study and took something back. He sat on the edge of the big bed beside the bay window, and his two long legs overlapped.

He hadn’t done this for a long time, and he didn’t know how effective it will be.

He was singing a love song named “Cinderella”.

Janice was shocked. What happened? Did he even have this hobby? She always thought that this guitar in the study was just a decoration. She didn’t expect he can play it.

But did he have to sing such an song?

He may be more or less embarrassed. The afterglow of the setting sun shone through the window on his handsome and beautiful face. How did she feel like he was blushing a little bit?

His pair of mysterious and affectionate eyes looked at her. Can she say that she was fascinated by him at this moment?

He was so handsome when holding the guitar. She had turned into his fan, and she couldn’t look away. She didn’t know how many beautiful young girls had been fascinated by him.

At the end of the song, he smiled at her, she smiled like a blossom flower.

“Is your husband very handsome?”

Should he be so narcissistic, even if he was handsome, he felt too good for himself.

In order to cover up her real thoughts, Janice deliberately criticized, “Who is your Cinderella, I am a princess, OK? Please call me Her Royal Highness.”

Dan put down the guitar and called her humbly, “Yes, Her Royal Highness.”

Well, was it instinct for men to please women? Anyone who knew that he was such a mighty president, but at home he was like this

“But, your song is too old.” It’s not right. She thought it was pleasing to the ears. .

Dan was not convinced, “What do you know, this is a classic old song. When I was in college, the boys sang this song to confess their love for their favorite girls.”

“Then tell me the truth. For whom did you buy this guitar, and to whom did you sing this song? How many girls have you confessed to?”

This house is full of envy

Dan walked to her, his long arm stopped her, staring at affectionately, “If I say, this is my first time to do this. Will you believe it?”

Janice really didn’t believe it. Even if there was no one else, didn’t he love Shelly so much? “Who believes you. Let go of me. I’m going to help Rose cook.”

Dan refused, “You don’t need to cook. You just sit down and let me look at you”

It’s really unbearable.

Janice pushed him away and pointed to the position opposite her, “You sit over there and answer the questions I asked just now.”

Dan thought carefully, “That question?”

“How many girls have you chased?” Janice repeated.

Dan, who was sitting opposite her, surrounded her with his long legs and smiled with confidence, “Your husband is handsome, and the girls who were actively chasing me were countless. I don’t need to chase after them.”

“Screw you.”

The two talked and laughed for a while, and then Janice asked him, “Is your girlfriend Shelly at that time?”

The name caused a subtle and silent change in the atmosphere between the two of them instantly.

Dan sat next to Janice, took her hands and put them in his palms. If you wanted to have a good relationship with each other, the first thing you needed to do was not to keep the sensitive secrets in your loved one’s heart. Honest was the best medicine for keeping for a long-time relationship, “In fact, at that time, I was with her.”

“What did you mean by being together?” Janice asked deliberately, pretending to look like she could not understand at all.

Dan was not impatient, but instead explaining it well, “I am an adult and a big boy with energy, staying with my girlfriend every day. If I don’t do anything, that’s not normal, so… that’s whay ou think of.”

Janice pretended to be naive, “No, I didn’t think about anything. How do I know then at what stage did you and her develop?”

Dan’s eyebrows fascinated, “Don’t pretend. You really don’t know or not, or I will do it on site for you.”

Janice topped in time, “No. No. I’m wrong. I know, but I’m curious. At that time, your family didn’t agree with you, and where did you do that thing? In the hotel? Or…”

Dan interrupted her various questions and could not tell her about that things. Once she started, she had thousands of questions to ask him, and even wanted to go back to the past, standing beside you, and monitored you all what you had done.

He knocked on her head, “Stop being curious and don’t laugh.”

Janice tried hard to hold back her laugh, and did not admit it, “I didn’t laugh, I didn’t.”

“No? There are crow’s feet in your eyes when you laugh.” Dan said.

Janice’s small face was cold, and she was unreasonably said, “Were you thinking I am too old and even have wrinkles?”

Woman, what a magical high-level animal, just smiled so happy just now, and she can take back her smile in an instant, making you caught off guard, “Oh, no. I have been lucky if you won’t think me too old.”

“That’s right, but you just worked hard to sing to me, definitely not just to show off in front of me. You played the guitar well, and you can sing well, so hurry up and tell me. I will eat later, and I don’t want to have a poor indigestion.”

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