Chapter 221 Shouldn’t Live In The Past

After Benjamin’s family left, Jim suddenly became sensible, “You go back, thank you for your considerations these days. You were thinner.”

He suddenly became so thoughtful, which made Janice not used to it. Looking around in the ward, and then looking at the direction of the door, “Did Benjamin give you any medicine just now?”

Jim smiled, “Go back. You can come here whenever you want to see me.”

“Then you… do you want me to help you find special care nurse or who will take care of you?” Janice was still a little uncomfortable with Jim who suddenly became strange.

“No. I can take care of myself.”

Janice nodded, “Well, then I leave now.”

When Janice was carrying her handbag and was about to leave, Jim stopped her, “Janice…”

Janice looked back suddenly and looked at him, “Yes?”

Jim smiled at her. In fact, he had a lot of things in his heart that he wanted to tell her, but he understood that no matter what he said, she just listened to it, and she no longer cared about it.

“It’s okay, just go.”

His sudden relief made Janice really uncomfortable. She didn’t know what he thought in his heart, nor was she sure what he meant by letting her go. She looked at him, put down her bag and walked back in front of the bed.

“Jim, how were you? Did you have a headache?”

Looking at each other, Jim smiled slightly at her, and the bitterness in his heart was slowly digested by himself, “Janice, if time can really go back when there was no Dan, will we be together?”

“I don’t know, maybe the ending will be the same no matter what had happened.”

“Then if I insist on not letting you go, will you hate me?” No matter whether the ending was the same or not, he wanted to start again with her seriously, but she did not give them a chance to come back to each other.

But if there is no such person as Dan, maybe everything will be different.

“You deserve to have better ones and better happiness. I believe you can find it.”

On the rooftop of the hospital building, Dan arrived as scheduled. It was obvious that Jim had been waiting for a long time. This was the first time the two had faced each other.

Dan smiled decently, “Why did you come to me?”

Jim was wearing a sick suit, and the air field might lose to Dan wearing a black suit, but the sharpness in his eyes was not weak.

“You know it. The two of us don’t seem to have business relationships. You and I have a common goal, and that’s Janice.”

Dan put his hands in his suit pocket casually, and the smile on his lips was calm, “Janice is not my goal. She is my wife, my woman.”

Jim smiled meaningfully, “You’re a busy man, I will not waste time. Since I can come to you, I am sure I can make you divorce Janice.”

“What I want to know more is why do you think you have the grip? I think I haven’t done anything wrong.” Dan stood upright in front of the fence, thinking of Jim’s purpose for finding him, but didn’t think about it.

The two men stood side by side, and there was almost no difference in height. Jim said, “Indeed, I found someone to check all the things you have taken since taking over Shinny International. I didn’t find anything. I can only say that you were strong, and powerful.”

Dan just smiled, he was waiting for Jim to speak.

Jim also did not hide, “There is one thing that Janice didn’t know about, and you also intend to keep it hidden.”

Dan turned his head to look at Jim who was quite sure about this matter, “Don’t you think it’s too mean to do this? Now Janice loves me, we were a husband and wife. Were you going to set us apart?”

Jim nodded affirmatively, “Yes, I will, ” definitely try to get Janice back to me again, and I will try my best to work hard for a better future between me and her.”

Dan sneered at the corner of his lips. It’s ironic. You make yourself numb and let yourself live in the dream seven years ago, but you don’t know that your thinking of starting over again is just your wishful thinking. You don’t love her, but to increase her sadness.”

Jim did not think so. No matter how many people objected him, he would have to do it again. He never let himself regret, “As long as you let go of her, we will come back together and there will be no sad. I will make up for the regrets of those seven years.”

Dan saw that Jim was sincere, but not everything could let go, especially love. He patiently told Jim that he hoped Jim would have come out of the past memory.

“Perhaps in your current understanding, we can still at the age when we can get the love by just playing tricks, but the reality is not. Whether you were willing to accept it or not, as far as I am concerned, Janice is my beloved one who is not easy to find. I will not let go of her, no matter what you have.”

Jim hated everyone taking his amnesia as an excuse, “Yes, I am amnesia, but I am not stupid. I still know what I want, my heart tells me clearly, I can’t let go of Janice, I don’t want to regret it again.”

Dan sighed. Now Jim was too extreme. He was not unable to accept the fact that Janice no longer belonged to him, but he was not willing to accept it.

“You know what? After I received your call, I told Janice that I was coming to see you. She told me again and again not to irritate you, saying that nothing is more important than your health. She hoped you will recover soon. But you? You ruin her happiness.”

Jim was angry, he didn’t do that. He wanted Janice to be happy more than anyone else, “I am her happiness, as long as you leave her, I will give her the best happiness. She cares about me, it is because she still have me in her heart.”

It’s useless to say more, Dan only hoped he can keep calm, and he will figure it out in the end.

“I don’t want to argue with you now. It’s really a waste of time. If you come to me just to say this, then I can tell you that as long as Janice needs me, I will never leave her.”

Love was not a compromise, no matter who the opponent was, what had been experienced, or what is being experienced, it is not an excuse to let her go.

He wanted to protect those who he loved and loved him, until the day, she said she no longer needed him.

Jim mocked at Dan’s overconfidence, “Don’t you think you were deceiving yourself? Janice still had me in her heart.”

If Janice was completely forgot him, she will not be with him day and night in the hospital, which proved that they can still start again, as long as he worked hard a little.

Dan just smiled, because Janice told him that it was because Janice felt that Jim was a friend and somewhat like a relative.

“Jim, you were deceiving yourself. Think about it.”

When the words fell, Dan turned to leave. The question he had to meet today was in expectation, but he did not expect Jim to really return to seven years ago.

“Phoebe is Shelly.” When Dan turned and left, Jim said with certainty that he almost screamed out as he declared victory.

Dan seemed to have heard a ridiculous joke, which was more incredible than he heard that Jim had lost seven years of memory. He turned around and looked back at Jim, “Shall I call your attending doctor? You were talking nonsense.”

How can this be possible, Shelly and Phoebe were eight years different in age, and now Phoebe was by no means the dead Shelly?

Jim laughed imperatively, and he approached Dan step by step, “If you don’t believe, you won’t turn around, but you, even if you question, you turned around. Isn’t this just to prove that you also doubt her ever? ”

Dan suddenly felt that he might have been too confident from the beginning and too underestimated him. Jim had lost seven years of memory, but he did not lose his original self.

Dan was not too calm and asked him, “How can you prove it?”

Jim smiled, because he was sure that Dan was anxious, so that Janice was more likely to return to him.

“It’s very simple, just ask Phoebe if you can.”

Dan was half-trusted and doubtful, because Jim and Janice were still in a messy relationship before. He had investigated Jim, so he still knew about him more or less.

But now, Dan was not sure.

“I’ll ask, but even if she is, it’s just the past. We should all walk out of the past, and not to return to the past.”

After Dan left, Jim tightened his eyebrows. This Dan was not as easy to deal with as he thought. He was different from before, maybe Janice changed him.

Dan didn’t expect that Janice would come here because she was worried about him. She held her chin in both hands, bowed down her head, and stared at the front windshield talking to herself in annoyance.

Dan did not disturb her, but walked lightly, only to see her head turned to the right, whispering, “What if they really fight?”

With a long sigh, her head tilted to the left again, muttering, “Who can win between the two of them, and who will I protect first then? Hey, I’m really troubled.”

It can be seen that she is very worried now.

Suddenly, she straightened up, pointed at his car, and nodded vigorously, “Yes, if they do have a fight, I will call the police directly, so that they will never fight again in the future.”

After that, she nodded heavily and smiled stupidly, “Janice, you are really smart. Only because you were smart and beautiful, there were so many men who must be with you. Hey, beautiful women always have many troubles.”

Seeing she was bragging herself, Dan leaning on the pillar couldn’t help but smile, Janice found out that there was a guy, and suddenly turned around, seeing that he was leaning there with his hands holding before the chest, watching her and keep laughing.

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