Chapter 320 A silent war

“So,” Bella picked up the biology book and shook it in front of him, “If you want to be like that, you have to study hard first. When you will pass the university entrance test, and get admission to the university, you will get access to higher education and you will be able to learn more knowledge. What do you think?”

“Do you want to use this method to encourage me to study?” Tom Maxwell’s eyes darkened.

“If I say it simply, yes it’s to help you find the right way to fulfill your wishes, and, legally, if you won’t choose this method you will be wasted and your ability will never come to light. Why to choose the wrong option when you can have a better option in the right way?” Bella said with a calm smile on her face.

“Do you think after studying hard I will have all this that you just said?” Tom Maxwell was perplexed.

“Are you not confident about yourself? In my eyes, as long as we work hard, everything is possible. In addition, I happen to know a forensic doctor. I can arrange for her to give you a separate lesson.” Bella put down the biology book.

“Really? When? I can’t wait for it.” Tom Maxwell said cheerfully.

“It depends on your performance. I will apply for you to go back to school. You will have a monthly test. I want you to be in the first ten students of this monthly test’s result. In addition to it, if the teacher recognizes your ability, then I will take you there.” Bella offered.

“You will let me go out?” Tom Maxwell was surprised.

“Why not? In my opinion, your behavior is just because of your exploration of knowledge, but your exploration method is not right. You don’t have a good teacher to guide you, so you walked on the edge of the law. Fortunately, I came here on time. Otherwise, a great man of the future may have been put in prison early, and unfortunately, we have lost this talent.” Bella looked at Tom Maxwell and said confidently.

“Do you really think so?” Tom Maxwell was motivated, but he examined Bella’s face.

“Don’t you think you’re a genius?” Bella asked.

“I also think so. I can’t communicate with those stupid people. I want to do something that they dare not to do. Last time, I raped a girl. They thought she is the school’s most beautiful girl. She had a high vision. After that, they asked my father for a million. They all are cheap people.” Tom Maxwell despised.

“How many people will recognize you because you have done all this, it’s just a mob. What’s the point of doing all this? Study hard and prove to the world that you are the master. That’s great, isn’t it?” Bella showed him a new way.

“Yes, you’re right. I’ll study hard now.” Tom Maxwell said excitedly.

“I believe in you, so I’ll tell your mother in a moment to let you go to school from tomorrow. I’ll pick you up from school, and I’ll tutor you in the evening. Ten days before the monthly exam, I’ll take you to see the real anatomy, and I am sure that your classmates wouldn’t have seen it. Your points will be higher than them, and they will fall behind.”

“Well, well, thank you. You are the best teacher. When I will succeed in the future I will never forget your advice.” Tom Maxwell said enthusiastically. All the cells in his body were shouting and excited.

“You study first. I’ll go out and talk to your mother.” Bella got up and walked towards the door.

“Miss Bella, has Tom eaten?” Tom Maxwell’s mother asked worried.

Bella opened the door and said to Tom Maxwell, “Eat first, then you can learn well. Good health is the most important factor.”

“Okay.” Tom Maxwell’s obediently responded.

Peter Maxwell’s wife looked at Bella in surprise, it was too divine.

A naughty and willful rebellious child, that nobody was able to control, understood everything in a meeting, and became so obedient!

“You send it to the young master.” Peter Maxwell’s wife told the nanny.

“Mrs. Maxwell, is it convenient to talk alone?” Bella asked.

“Yes, come to my room.” Peter Maxwell’s wife was very impressed.

Bella followed Peter Maxwell’s wife to her room, opened the door and said the main point, “I want you to let Tom Maxwell go to school tomorrow. I will pick him up every day and tutor him in the evening.”

“No way.” Peter Maxwell’s wife panicked. “Tom Maxwell’s character is a little grumpy. I am afraid he will hurt his classmates in school.”

“Even his mother doesn’t believe that he will improve, so what motivation does he have to get other people’s approval?” Bella asked in reply, with a sharp and cold voice.

Tom Maxwell’s mother was immediately ashamed. “Is it really OK for him to go to school?”

“Yes, there should be no problem. Send him to school tomorrow.” Bella confirmed.

“That’s all right. He has been locked up at home. He even refused to eat, and it was out of my control.” Peter Maxwell’s wife exclaimed.

Bella nodded and left Peter Maxwell’s wife’s room and went to Tom Maxwell’s room.

Tom Maxwell was reading a book and also learning English words from the dictionary.

Bella sat opposite him and asked, “Can you imagine what you will encounter when you go to school tomorrow?”

“The students will be very afraid of me, the teacher and the headmaster won’t dare to provoke me, they will talk behind my back, and maybe someone will provoke me.” Tom Maxwell said casually.

“And what do you think of them?” Bella asked.

“A group of idiots. I wanted to prove something to these idiots before. Now I don’t want to. I want to prove to the world that I am the master.” Tom Maxwell said firmly.

“In fact, the world you want to dominate is very lonely. I give you a suggestion that if you want to be a savior. Then, all people worship you, look up to you, praise you, admire you, and respect you. Where you will go, the whole world comes to flatter you. Believe me, that’s the best way.” Bella said with a smile while tapping her fingers on the table.

“Yes, you are right. You are the only one who can communicate with me. I feel like you are the light of my life.” Tom Maxwell agreed.

“Before we reach our goal, what we need to do now is to study well. Study hard and if you find any difficulty in understanding anything, you can ask me.”


When Tom Maxwell was studying, Bella was also reading. After all, she has forgotten a lot of high school content. She needed to consolidate and review so that she can teach well.

Time passed quietly in silence.

Bella’s cell phone rang. It was David Wilson’s call. She went out of the room to answer.

“I will reach Halem City in half an hour. Will you come to pick me up?” David Wilson asked.

“I’m at my student’s house now. I just came here now. I’ll come and treat you to dinner as soon as I meet you.” Bella said with a smile and in a good voice.

David Wilson was stunned.

Her state was opposite from his imagination. He thought that she would be angry, pessimistic, hateful to him and will not talk to him in a good state.

“Then we will meet after a while.” He said.

Bella hung up the phone and said goodbye to Peter Maxwell’s wife. She went to the pharmacy to buy the mercurochrome, put a few drops on the sanitary pad, and went to the railway station to meet David Wilson.

He was dressed in a light blue suit, and his hair was arranged well. His presentable appearance made him look much younger than his original age, and he looked even more charming.

Bella smiled but her eyes were cold.

Her war with David Wilson has just begun….

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