Chapter 319 New life is full of sunshine

Bella went to the shopping center of Halem City, bought some clothes, cosmetics and a bag.

Expensive clothes, delicate makeup, branded bag.

She just came to a hotel and attracted countless people’s attention.

She sent the room number of the hotel to David Wilson and called Peter Maxwell.

“Mr. Peter Maxwell, I’m Bella. I’m sorry. I’ve delayed it for so many days. I have time this afternoon. Is it convenient to come to your home this afternoon?” Bella asked politely.

“Yes, hurry up, my child…” Peter Maxwell paused and said, “His mother can’t control him anymore. Now he tried to commit suicide at home.”

“Well, send me your address, and I’ll be there now,” Bella said with a smile, carrying the bag to go out and put medicine and anti-wolf stick in the bag.

Within half an hour, she appeared at Peter Maxwell’s house.

Peter Maxwell was not at home. Their housekeeper opened the door.

“Hello, I’m a tutor hired by Governor Maxwell,” Bella said with a smile.

Peter Maxwell’s wife heard that the tutor had come, so she hurriedly looked at the door.

She knew that Peter Maxwell asked a psychologist to pretend to be a tutor.

“It’s Miss Bella, right. Please come in. My child is on a hunger strike now. He hasn’t eaten for two days and doesn’t even open the door. I’m really worried about him.” Peter Maxwell’s wife was worried.

Bella put on the slippers given by the nanny and entered the room.

She went to the door and knocked.

“Go away, I don’t want to see anyone. I don’t want to eat anything. If you imprison me again, I will die.” Tom Maxwell cried.

“Miss Bella, look at him. What can I do?” Peter Maxwell’s wife said with tears.

“Please go to the kitchen first and bring some food for him,” Bella said to Peter Maxwell’s wife.

Peter Maxwell’s wife looked at Bella with expectation.

Bella nodded to let her leave.

Peter Maxwell’s wife had no choice but to walk into the kitchen with the nanny.

Bella knocked on the door and said softly, “your mother has gone. I’m a new tutor. Maybe I’ll spend the rest of the day with you. Do you want to be alone in the room or have a strange woman with you to accompany you?”

After Bella finished speaking, Tom Maxwell opened the door and looked at Bella. His eyes flashed amazement, and he seemed like a fierce animal, swallowing its saliva.

Bella smiled. “You are very sensible.”

“You…. You are my? My… my tutor.” Tom Maxwell stammered.

Bella saw that his hands were shaking. His eyes were fixed on her, and his mouth was slightly upward.

This was not nervousness, it was the excitement of seeing the prey. Along with that, something in this male has already had a physiological reaction.

He was a growing evil spirit.

“I also want to tell you that I’m not just a tutor. I’m also a police officer. The police sent me to observe you. But I think you’re very obedient and smart. They should have misunderstood you. You’re good, and I know you will behave well. I have to report it every day.” Bella said softly.

Tom Maxwell’s excited eyes flashed some panic. “Are you a police officer?”

Bella nodded, “However, you just need to behave well then I will apply for the permission to take you out to play what you want to play.”

Tom Maxwell’s eyes darkened. “Oh, I will behave well.”

Bella turned, looked at the messy desk and turned over the messy books.

The books on the desk were not only the normal books but also a lot of pornographic magazines and science fiction literature.

She was observing the situation.

Tom Maxwell stared at her back. His eyebrows were twisted tightly, he clenched his fist and restrained his impulse.

Bella turned around, leaned against the desk and looked at him.

Tom Maxwell was startled and opened his fist. “What subject does the teacher want to teach first?”

Bella looked askance at him.

This child has a high IQ and a strong defense. He seemed a rational psychopath.

Every crime he committed was escalated, and he was very good at judging the situation.

His first reaction, when he saw her, was excitement. He had not committed a crime for a long time. The desire for crime made every cell of him excited.

As soon as she said that she was sent by the police and she will report every day to the police station, he understood that he could not start against her, and the excitement disappeared without a trace.

When she turned her back to him, he was impulsive, but still under the control of reason.

However, as she faced him directly, his impulse vanished.

There is psychological research if we put a wallet on the table and there is no one near the table. Ten percent of the people will definitely take the wallet. Ten percent will never take the wallet, and eighty percent will not take the wallet.

So, in most crimes, victims give criminals opportunities to commit crimes.

Women who are afraid of being forced are better not to be exposed.

Women who are afraid of being robbed are better not to show their wealth.

Women who are afraid of being killed, better not to do things that make people angry.

Therefore, after knowing that Tom Maxwell was an extremely dangerous criminal, she can’t think of showing her back to him.

“What’s your favorite subject?” Bella asked.

“Biology.” Tom Maxwell did not want to answer.

Bella took a biology book and saw that the biology book was full of notes he had made. “Do you want to be a doctor?”

Tom bowed his head and said, “Yes.”

“In fact, this field is very good. Ordinary people can’t study the structure of the human body, even if one kills people. They will pay for that by their lives. Before they could study it thoroughly, they are sent to prison, and they have to leave the world.

Forensic is different. When I was in college, I was able to study anatomy. In it, one is not only able to dissect animals, but also humans. It’s very interesting.” Bella explained.

“You also think anatomy is interesting?” Tom Maxwell said excitedly.

“Of course, imagine studying the structure of the human body and exploring the mysteries of nature. Maybe the future is in my hands.” Bella sat on the chair, smiled and her fingers tap the table rhythmically.

“What I want to analyze most is the human brain. Why do people have memories, why do they think, why do they have so many emotions, and what is the structure of the brain? Can these things link to the universe?” Tom Maxwell said more excitedly.

“If one can understand the human brain, he may be able to create countless super-humans. This world will become a completely different world.” Bella answered Tom Maxwell.

“Yes, yes, why do people feel impulsive, why do they want to mate, why do they go from loving to not loving, why some people are smart and some people are stupid, if we know these, we will take a big step forward.”

“You will become the Savior of the world. In all the history books, there will be your existence. Your success will surpass all others of its kind before and since.” Bella praised.

“Yes, yes, yes, I want to be like that.” Tom Maxwell’s eyes were shining.

Bella smiled.

It seemed that she won’t need three months, it will be like a matter of a week….

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