Chapter 318 If you believe, it is true

“Junior?” James Grayson’s mind flashed Bella.

“Well, the general meaning of her research is that a lot of mental problems come from pain. Mental patients use various emotions and symptoms to vent the pain, such as irritability, smashing things, self-mutilation, hurting others, dementia, forgetfulness, and even personality split.

If mental patients can forget the pain of the past, although they will lack part of memory, they will slowly return to health and live a normal life.

She is committed to hypnosis, in which mentally ill patients forget the source of pain in the past, and she has cured many such mental patients. I think you should find her and ask her to try. She is very famous in the industry.” Simon Renner recommended.

“The split of personality is the personality itself separated due to unbearable pain. Hypnosis may not work. What to do in such a condition?” James Grayson asked gloomily.

“My junior, she once cured a patient with a split personality. Through hypnosis, she found the patient’s hidden, escapist and painful self. She can talk to the hidden self and guide. You can try to find her.”

“What’s her name?” James Grayson finally asked.

“Bella, I’ll give you her cell phone number later.” Simon Renner said enthusiastically.

James Grayson’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley, and he felt the feeling of despair.

“If the psychiatrist himself is a split personality, what he should do? Is it more difficult to cure the split personality of psychiatrists?” James Grayson was worried.

“Well, I haven’t encountered such cases yet. However, my junior, that I mentioned tried to hypnotize herself, but she failed.

Because she’s a psychiatrist, she says, she has psychological cues, so it’s hard to succeed.

If the person with a split personality is a psychologist, it will be more difficult indeed. I’ll give you my junior’s mobile number later. You can go to her for the consultation. She’s better than me in this respect.” Simon Renner said modestly.

“OK, I see. Thank you. Tell me how much it costs. I’ll send it to your account.” James Grayson said in a deep voice, looking at the front.

“If I can’t help you, I won’t need the consulting fee. I have a seminar in Abrinam city next Sunday. You can come here. I’ll send you the address.” Simon Renner said with a smile.

“Well, send it.” James Grayson hung up the phone.

He went to the window and looked in the direction of Kellan Pattinson’s house. His eyes were dark as ink.

She went to David Wilson’s side, made a deal with him to let him come out.

It was too painful, so, she chose to escape.

She gave up on herself, but he would never give up on her again.

Next morning

James Grayson went to the door of Kellan Pattinson’s house and knocked.

When Kellan Pattinson opened the door, he saw James Grayson and smiled a little, reminding him, “She hasn’t woken up yet. I’m going to work. I put her breakfast on the table. Maybe it will be cold when she gets up.”

“I’ll take care of it.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Kellan Pattinson patted James Grayson on the shoulder and went out of the house.

James Grayson sat on the sofa and searched on the internet.

There were many things he wanted to know. However, because what he wanted to know was very different, few people know about it. Even if someone answered, it was just very brief.

Bella didn’t get up until 12 noon.

After getting up, she brushed her teeth, washed her face, put on bright clothes and came out of the room.

She saw James Grayson, a little stupefied, and raised a smile, “You are looking for me?”

“I brought your bag. In addition, I think you know that I have lost some memories. You are a psychology expert. I want you to help me find the memories. How much do you charge?” James Grayson looked at her deeply.

“Your memory absence may be due to the damage of neurons. Frankly, it’s a hardware problem, not a mental problem. What you need to see is the brain expert, some neurologist.” Bella saw her bag on the sofa, picked it up and took her mobile phone.

The phone was turned off.

“I’ve consulted it. There’s no problem with the brain. What I need is psychotherapy. Please help me.” James Grayson’s voice was deep.

Bella looked at him and was silent for three seconds. “I have the work to treat Peter Maxwell’s son.”

“I know, it is Monday to Friday. I can come on Saturday and Sunday. I can wait.” James Grayson snatched her words.

“You!” Bella paused, “Is it pestering?”

“It’s protecting.” James Grayson corrected.

Bella’s eyes were stunned for a moment, and she put on mist like the gauze, “I’ll think about it.”

“OK.” James Grayson stood up. “I’ll invite you to dinner first.”

“I have money to eat. I’m sorry. I don’t need you to invite. I have something to do. I can’t accompany you.” Bella said coldly.

James Grayson swallowed the bitter water. “I hope you know that even if the whole world abandons you, I will not. Whenever you feel tired, just keep it in mind that I am waiting for you and I will always wait for you, one month, one year, a lifetime.”

Bella’s eyes were in a daze. She looked at James Grayson turning around and going out of the house.

She lowered her eyes, put her hands over her heart and said to herself, “You feel very painful, right? Lifetime? Unfortunately, you can’t even live for a year. I won’t drag him down. Don’t worry. ”

Bella took back her hand, and her eyes were moist.

She turned on her cell phone.

The phone crackled with reminders.

She didn’t read any messages and called David Wilson.

“Where are you? Don’t want to live, do you?” David Wilson roared angrily.

“I’m in Halem City now. I came here on foot. Do you believe it?” Bella said calmly.

“From now on, you are not allowed to turn off your phone or to not answer my phone. When I want to see you, you must come to see me. Do you hear me?” David Wilson wasn’t calm and commanded.

Bella smiled and didn’t take his anger and command seriously. “David, I miss you. Can you come to Halem City to meet me today?”

David Wilson was stunned. “What do you say? You miss me?”

“Well, I think a lot these days. The time when you show up at the gate of my university, send me flowers, help me find a job, take care of my mother in the sanatorium, married me, betrayed me, let me die, saved me, and guarded me for three years, I want to start from love again, OK?” Bella said.

“Is it true or not?” David Wilson couldn’t believe it.

“If you believe, it’s true. If you don’t believe it, it’s false. Even if it’s true or false, if you feel good it is enough. For me, I know it is right.” Bella slightly raised the corners of her mouth, but her eyes were as cold as frost.

“I’ll come right now. Send me your address.” David Wilson said, hung up the phone, and immediately drove to the railway station.

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