Chapter 317 Found a way out of an impasse

Bella looked at James Grayson and raises her chin. Her eyes were cold and clear.

She had a kind of indifference that people have while talking about other people’s matters.

“David Wilson is the reason for Bella’s pain. How can she love him? Likewise, you are also the source of Bella’s pain, so she doesn’t want to see you again. You can leave.” Bella said in a cold voice.

James Grayson narrowed his eyes and looked at Bella now. “Did you make a deal with David Wilson?”

“Aren’t you very clever? Go and check it by yourself, but I suggest you leave it. It’s not good for you. It will be just painful.” Bella pulled the corners of her mouth and smiled.

James Grayson stood speechless, and the atmosphere suddenly cooled down.

Kellan Pattinson cleared his throat and said to James Grayson, “Well, I’ll take you down.”

“Don’t forget to give me my bag back.” Bella reminded.

James Grayson looked at her and went out.

Kellan Pattinson followed him, “Excuse me, can I have a word with you?”

James Grayson looked back at Kellan Pattinson silently as if waiting for him to speak.

“There is a little detail I want to share with you.

As soon as you left, Bella told me that she loves you very much.

Then her mental state becomes very bad.

She went back to her room. I heard the sound like she smashed things, I heard her crying, and then helplessly hissing and roaring.

I got worried about her. I knocked on the door, she opened the door, and she seemed as if she has become another person. I wonder if she has a split personality disorder.” Kellan Pattinson said what he thought.

James Grayson thought of the drugs Bella had been taking before.

She had a mental problem all the time. He remembered one time, she thought he was with Scarlett Evan, she also smashed things.

What Bella said to him today was really weird.

She called herself Bella, as if she was no longer Bella.

What’s more, her words confirmed his speculation that Bella had made a deal with David Wilson.

The deal to go to David Wilson’s side?

James Grayson’s eyes showed pity for Bella.

“Tell me, do you want to buy that piece of land because you think there is treasure under that piece of land?” James Grayson asked directly.

Kellan Pattinson was stunned.

He just heard the conversation between Bella and James Grayson about the treasure. He thought there was a connection between the two things. Now that the land has been expropriated by the military, he has nothing to hide.

“Yes, my ex-girlfriend’s father is an ancient geologist. He told me that there is a treasure under that land and asked me to buy it.” Kellan Pattinson explained.

“And where is your girlfriend’s father now?” James Grayson asked.

“Last week, my ex-girlfriend was killed. For some reason, my uncle chose to leave. I don’t know where he is now.” Kellan Pattinson said gloomily, suddenly thinking of something, “by the way, can I have a look at the diary Bella gave to you?”

James Grayson handed the diary to Kellan Pattinson.

Kellan Pattinson turned over a few pages. “It’s really my uncle’s notes. I think he gave it to her because he wanted to thank Bella for solving the case.”

“Do you remember when Bella solved the case?” James Grayson asked, as if the truth was about to come out.

“Just a few days ago. The day she came to Halem City. My ex-girlfriend was killed, and the next day she solved the case.

The next day, I went to pick her up. She was in a bad mood. She wanted to go to see the land. She kept looking out of the window and crying.

I asked her to share, but she didn’t. She threw her mobile phone, bought a new mobile phone and a mobile phone number.” Kellan Pattinson said.

James Grayson got it.

He was taken away by special discipline inspection in the early morning of the day when Bella was in the hotel.

It should be David Wilson. He threatened Bella. Bella solved the case and got the real treasure address. She came back on the day of solving the case, met him, took divorce and the next day. He was released.

At the beginning of Bella’s conversation with him, she was trying to find out if he could come out.

When she was sure that he couldn’t come out, she was very desperate, so she decided to do what David Wilson said.

If he guessed right, Bella’s deal must be to marry David and let him marry Scarlett Evan.

James Grayson went back to find Bella to make it clear.

He would not marry Scarlett Evan, even if he has signed an agreement, he would not get a marriage certificate.

Kellan Pattinson stopped James Grayson and suggested, “She is not Bella now. I suggest you go to find out what happen first. The more you force her, the more she resists. I know that there is a very good psychology expert coming from the United States to hold a seminar. Would you like to take help from him?”

James Grayson stopped and looked at Kellan Pattinson. “Give me the mobile number of the expert first.”

“I haven’t, but I can ask my friend. I’ll send it to you when I will get. In addition, Bella lives here now. If there’s something wrong, I will call you.” Kellan Pattinson said enthusiastically.

“Thank you.” James Grayson said sincerely.

Kellan Pattinson smiled. “I didn’t treasure it before, and it will lead to the death of my girlfriend. I think you two love each other and hope you two stay together.”

“Thank you.”

James Grayson stayed in a nearby hotel. At ten o’clock in the evening, he got Simon Renner’s contact information from Kellan Pattinson, and he called.

“Hello, I’d like to ask about schizophrenia. I wonder if it’s convenient for you now.” James Grayson asked directly.

“If it’s consultation, you need to make an appointment first. I’m sorry.” Simon Renner politely refused.

“I just need your consultation. The fee will be doubled according to your usual medical treatment. Give me your account number, and I’ll pay you for one hour first.”

Simon Renner paused. “Then you can consult first, and then send the fee after consulting.”

“My friend has schizophrenia. I want to know more about the condition, the cause, and the treatment.” James Grayson asked.

“There are many cases that cause schizophrenia. Most people are autistic, irritable, melancholy and anxious. At the same time, they are self-abased and timid in life.

They are envious of others, eager to become that kind of person. Under the specific circumstances or events, their personality changes greatly, just like becoming another person.

The difference between this kind of mental illness and pretending is that they don’t remember what happened after the personality splits.” Simon Renner explained.

“And when they come back to normal?” James Grayson asked in a deep voice.

“I can’t say anything about that. I have known a junior expert here, because her mother is a psychopath. She is very talented in the field of psychology, and she is the most intelligent scholar I have ever met. Her work made a sensation in the field of Psychology…”

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