Chapter 316 Already loved him till end

“James Grayson, I asked you to sign an agreement to marry Scarlett Evan just because I don’t want you to pester me anymore. David and I are finally together. If you have a little pity for me, please let me go.” Bella said and requested.

James Grayson’s eyes showed pain.

She can see his heartache. She saw this and her heart was even more painful, as if there was a hole.

She knew that her character was very problematic, silent, indifferent, not lively, not active, with a strong sense of preparedness and stubbornness.

It must be due to her some good deeds that she was liked by James Grayson.

She had no regrets in her life. Even if she will die now, she would die with the warmth he gave her. She was satisfied.

From beginning to end, God has never been kind to her.

Perhaps the greatest kindness she received was to let go of James Grayson —- James Grayson is really a good man, brave, responsible, responsible and full of justice. He deserves better.

“I ask you one last question, have you ever loved me?” James Grayson asked in a deep voice. He was not calm. He tightened his chin, stared at the flames in her eyes, and clenched his fist tightly.

“No,” Bella said clearly.

James Grayson stared at her.

The atmosphere was cold like December’s cold.

There was both ice and fire.

“Bella, I am asking you again. Think clearly and answer me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t forgive you no matter if you really saved me and made a deal with David Wilson. Think clearly before saying anything!” James Grayson was restless his breathing was not stable.

Bella raised her chin and made a decision. Looked into his cold eyes and said, “I don’t care if you will forgive me or not.”

James Grayson dropped the vase on the ground.

The vase broke into pieces.

Bella’s eyes didn’t quiver.

Kellan Pattinson heard a voice and opened the door worriedly.

James Grayson pushed Kellan Pattinson away with great strength and strode out.

She knew that from today on, she has lost her favorite person and the one who loved her the most forever…..

The tears finally rolled down.

“What’s the matter?” Kellan Pattinson asked with concern.

Bella looked at James Grayson’s disappearing direction. “I love him. I love him. I love him very much.”

She pulled the corners of her mouth, picked up the notebook on the ground with a wry smile, turned around and walked into her room.

Kellan Pattinson stayed in the living room, stunned.

Women will feel sad even if they know they have made the right choice. That kind of sadness was like the flood, she almost drowned, and can only wail out.

She wanted to smash things, to vent.

She tightly held her fist.

She knew that she was in a bad state, but she couldn’t control herself at all.

There was an urge to smash things.

She tried to hold her head, squatted on the ground, but she can’t help her inner craze and it directly rushed to the brain.

She didn’t want to be a psychopath. She wanted someone to help her. She didn’t want anyone to save her life, she just wanted someone to give her a clear mind.

“Ah.” She screamed and looked up.

Unfortunately, God never let her go.

Kellan Pattinson heard Bella’s roar. Then, there was the sound smashing things in the room.

He knocked on the door worriedly, “Bella, are you ok?”

After a while, Bella opened the door and stood at the door looking at Kellan Pattinson coldly.

Kellan Pattinson looked at the room in a mess and looked at Bella in surprise.

“I will pay for everything. I have something to do now. Lend me your cell phone.” Bella said calmly.

Kellan Pattinson found Bella a little strange now. He can’t say it. He handed Bella his mobile phone. Bella dialed a number.

James Grayson answered, “Who is there?”

“Listen, I sent you that notebook. You lost some memories. I want to summarize it up for you.

In the beginning, when Governor Trammell was assassinated, George Wilson suspected that it was you who did it. Because your father asked Governor Trammell for the land. George Wilson threatened you to marry Anna Wilson.

You and Bella went to Athens village and found Gabriel Athens. Before Gabriel Athens was assassinated, he had given you and Bella the video of Governor Trammell’s murder.

You and Bella promised Gabriel Athens to help him find out the people behind Athens village’s massacre.

But I think Bella just wants to help you clear the suspicion and it’s your business to find out the people behind the massacre of Athens village.

The address of the treasure map is written in the notebook. Come here and take the notes. From now on, leave Bella’s world. Maybe she still lives a little longer.”

James Grayson heard Bella’s voice in his mobile phone and asked, “Who are you?”

Bella said, “I’m the one who protects Bella. In the future, no one will be able to hurt her.”

Bella finished and hung up the phone.

Kellan Pattinson looked at Bella in surprise, “What’s wrong with you? How… ”

“Do you feel like you have seen someone else?” Bella took Kellan Pattinson’s words.

“You said you were the one who protects Bella.” Kellan Pattinson put forward his own views.

“Yes, I meant self-protection. Is there anything wrong in it?” Bella asked.

Kellan Pattinson was speechless.

He has seen a movie before called fatal ID, which was about split personality.

People can’t remember what happened when their personalities split. But the split personality remembers everything clearly.

“I want to wash my face,” Bella said, returned the mobile phone to Kellan Pattinson and closed the door.

She went into the bathroom, washed her face, looked in the mirror, and tapped her fingers on the pool. “Bella, have a good rest. You will not feel pain, despair, sad anymore.

Leave the things to me. I will do everything you want to do.

According to your wish, three months later, I will leave with you. Rest assured.

No one in the world can protect you. You cannot depend on anyone. I will protect you and never leave you alone.”

“Dong Dong.” There was an anxious knock on the door outside.

Bella smiled, opened the door and went out.

James Grayson rushed in, grasped Bella’s shoulder, and said excitedly, “What do you mean by what you just said?”

Bella handed him the notebook in her hand. “Do what you should do. Besides, please return my bag to me.”

“You threw the bag. You want to go back now?”

“I don’t want to be found by you and David Wilson. Now that I have been found by you, of course, I also want my things back.” Bella said with great confidence.

“You don’t want me and David Wilson to find you? Didn’t you say that you loved David Wilson? Why don’t you want to let David Wilson find you? Bella, what do you mean, please tell me clearly.” James Grayson looked at Bella suspiciously and found Bella very strange now.

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