Chapter 451 This was his greatest disgrace

If the feelings could be controlled, I may have chosen to fall in love with others.

For example, Daniell.

Sean sat up straight and continued, “wait a minute. I’ll let her come and tell you in person.”

“No.” I declined decisively. “Is Rachel a student in the Acting Department of a film academy? You asked her to tell me how you and she tricked me and I took it seriously. Isn’t it an insult to my intelligence?”

Her business needed acting.

She must be an actress.

Although I was concerned about the show business, I thought Rachel must be a new person, at least one who hadn’t been exposed on the Internet.

If Sean found a famous actress, he was insulting not only my IQ, but also his own.

He could only nod, “OK, but I didn’t expect you to find out.”

“Because I’ve already found out, I’ve been here so long, or I’ll have left.”

How could I give Sean the chance to insult me again and again?

He chuckled and touched my hair. “I’m sorry. I won’t do that in the future. This is the last time.”

I half knelt on the bed and put my arms around his neck. I looked at him seriously. “Promise me we’ll be honest later. You’ll never lie to me. I want to know everything. Don’t be afraid that I can’t bear it. After so many things, I can bear anything.”

“…” He nodded and seemed to be thinking. After a while, he looked up at me and said, “OK, but don’t ask about the past.”

Sure enough, Sean knew what I was going to ask.

He was too smart, and he knew me too well.

I was a little reluctant, “no, you have to tell me about your accident…”

“This is what happened before. I’ll take care of it. I’ve asked Eric to communicate. This time, it’s over.”

He said with a serious expression and didn’t seem to want to go on.

I was not happy, “you’ve done a lot for me. Why don’t you let me know? What if I really don’t know anything and leave you and live a happy life with another man and you can only keep company with money?”

When I said that, he couldn’t help but smile happily. He put a hand on the back of my head and pulled me to his face and said seriously, “if I can’t stand up, I wish you well. If my operation is successful, I will snatch you back even if I do anything.”

“… What if you fail?”

“It’s impossible.” His tone was firm. He pressed me hard in front of him and kissed me with his thin lips.

We used the same bath products, and the same fragrance and smell were intertwined.

We kissed heartily. He was extraordinarily gentle. He slowly painted my lips first, then he invaded my mouth and tasted it.

In the end, I was a little weak. His thin lips stuck to my ears, and he asked me, “are you wet?”

I blushed immediately.

I had been sitting in an important part of him. Usually his part would respond.

But now, there was no reaction.

Sure enough, he couldn’t.

He held me and said apologetically, “I’m sorry. When I kiss you, I feel it, but it has no way to respond to me, and I am very anxious. Give me a little time. I want to hold you every day. It will get better soon.”

“I’m not worried.” I blushed and gave him a nudge.

He was not shy and continued to hold me tightly in his arms. “No, if a man can’t even satisfy his own woman, it’s his biggest shame.”

“It will be OK.” I held his face and crooked my head and said, “in fact, if I can see your face every day, I will be satisfied.”

Sean’s face looked good. He was in his thirties and his face didn’t look young, but he looked more masculine.

He attracted me more than when he was young.

That night, Sean asked me to move in.

In the evening, Sean asked the servant to take my luggage upstairs, but I refused.

I remembered their comments on Rachel before. If they took my luggage for me, they would definitely scold me later.

I went downstairs to pick up my luggage myself.

But it seemed that all the servants got the news. As soon as I passed, they all looked at me.

I turned a blind eye to them. I went into the room and packed and went to the elevator.

Before I got there, Rachel ran up and said, “Sis Becky, I’m sorry.”

At this time, the expression on her face was totally different from before. She smiled sweetly and looked innocent.

I didn’t know if she was good at acting or if I had changed my opinion on her.

“It’s OK.” I wryly smiled, “but your play is very good. Although I have found you are acting for a long time, I still take it seriously later.”

“Really?” Rachel was excited. “How do you know we’re acting?”

I took my hand from the suitcase and pointed to her bangs and said, “you have a neat bangs.”

When I finished, Rachel immediately realized, “yes! I just dyed my hair black, but I forgot my bangs!” She looked at me in amazement. “Sis Becky, you’re too smart. You can see such small details. Are you Sherlock Holmes?”

“Ha ha.” I smiled. “When a woman is investigating whether her husband has cheated, she is Sherlock Holmes.”

Rachel couldn’t help laughing. “It’s so interesting.”

I didn’t answer.

She stopped laughing and bowed and introduced herself, “let me introduce myself again. My name is Rebecca. I’m a sophomore in the Acting Department of the film academy. This is my winter vacation internship. Today, your words are the best internship results for me!”


It turned out that even her name was fake.

But I was not surprised. After all, parents were thoughtful when they named their children now.

“I hope you have a good future.” I wanted to leave.

She lied to me with Sean. Although the truth was clear now, I still had no good impression on her.

But Rebecca didn’t want to end the conversation. She stood in my way and blinked and said, “Sis Becky, what’s the relationship between you and Mr. Jessop?”

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