Chapter 450 This oath is valid for life

When I didn’t respond, I was directly led into the bathtub by him!

The warm water soaked my clothes instantly!

When my face was about to enter the water, a strong hand immediately held my body and pulled me out of the water!

When I turned around and wanted to complain, I heard him say in my ear, “let’s take a bath together, or I’ll take a bath myself when you go out.”

“Then wash yourself and I’ll go out.”

I said without hesitation.

In fact, I was all wet. I couldn’t go out like this.

“Well, then you can go.”

Sean didn’t keep me.

He said so, but he held me tight and didn’t let go.

I couldn’t push his hand away. I stared at him and pretended I was angry. “Let go, or how can I get out?”


He let me go straight.

He held me up just now. Now he let go, so I fell back.

I quickly supported the edge of the bathtub with my hands. It took me a lot of effort to turn around and look at him and ask, “you’ve got my clothes wet. You need to find me a suit so I can go out.”

“Oh.” Sean nodded. “There’s a closet in the locker room. It’s all clothes for you. You can go yourself and pick whatever you want.”

His words made me nervous.

A cabinet of clothes for me?

What did he mean?

I sat up straight and put my hands around his waist. I looked down at him and raised my hand and began to unbutton me. I said, “forget it. I’m not going out. I’ll take a bath with you. Look, if you leave me, you can’t take a bath. I can’t leave.”

He smiled. “I bathed myself for the first two weeks.”

“But you fell today.”

When I finished, I suddenly realized something.

How could this happen? I happened to hear him fall when I didn’t leave and stood at the door.


The sound insulation of the door was very good. If Sean was in the bathroom, I should not be able to hear it, even if it was louder.

And if it happened two seconds later, I might not hear it.

That was to say…

For a while, there were countless guesses in my mind, but all of them seemed to point to one place.

“You…” Sean suddenly raised his long index finger and held my lips.

He stopped me from going on.

But he told me everything in his secretive eyes.

It turned out that he also wanted me to stay.

Before I said it, he put his arms around my waist again and looked at me seriously. His eyes were firm. “Are you sure you want to stay? If you are sure, you will never have a chance to leave again.”

“Who said I am leaving! I…”

“Don’t think that now technology is developed and I can stand up as long as I have surgery. I have to tell you clearly now that the nerve of my leg is damaged. I need to have an operation in three months, but even if the expert uses a good treatment, the operation may fail. If the operation fails, I may never be able to stand up again, and I may not be able to make you happy.”

As soon as I spoke, Sean interrupted me.

He spoke slowly and seriously.

Especially in the end he accentuated the nasal sound. I knew what he meant.

I held his hand and looked at him firmly, “I, June, Becky, no matter who I am, I only love Sean in my life. As long as you need me, I will always stand by you. Even if you can never stand up, I will always be with you and never leave.” Finally, I added, “this oath is valid for life.”

When I finished, he reached out and offered to unbutton me and said, “if you don’t take off your clothes, the water will be cold. If you have a cold, I can’t take care of you.”

I was sorry to hear him.

As I expected, we bathed for a long time.

After taking a bath, I came out first and went to the dressing room. I found out that Sean didn’t say it was the biggest closet, even though he just said there was a closet full of my clothes in the locker room.

When I opened it, I found that there were all the clothes I could wear in this season.

There were underwear suits, socks of various thickness and styles, pajamas of various styles, shirts, knitted skirts and so on.

I looked at the clothes and my eyes were a little wet.

It turned out that he had already prepared for me. If I left, I could not see all this.

“He’s a real fool.”

I couldn’t help complaining.

I chose a comfortable dress and took Sean a housecoat and went to the bathroom.

As soon as I got to the bathroom, I saw him in a blue bath towel and in a wheelchair.

He was calm. He seemed to be proving to me that he could do everything perfectly. It corroborated my guess just now.

I picked up a towel and wiped his hair and pushed him out.

When I pushed the wheelchair out, I watched him move from the wheelchair to the bed skillfully. He took my clothes and put them on and said, “actually, I can take good care of myself these days.”

“What are you doing in the house with Rachel for hours every day?”

I asked, pretending to be angry.

I actually stalked Rachel once before to make sure she was in Sean’s room, so I felt very upset.

He leaned over and put me in his arms and said, “if I say I let her face the mirror and make up as if she had just made love, will you believe it?”

“What?” I was stunned. “Why are you so bored!”

“No.” He looked down at me and said seriously, “I’m helping her improve her business ability, which is good for her future.”

“What do you mean?”

I couldn’t understand him.

What did it have to do with business capabilities?

Sean looked down and kissed me on the forehead, “I’m sorry. I apologize for what I did before. In fact, I do not think I should drag you down, but I did not consider your feelings.”

“Of course. If I could control my feelings, I would not love you from the beginning!”

I said decisively.

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