Chapter 449 I’m a loser and you shouldn’t stay

“What?” I was stunned. “I have to leave. Can you come back and pick me up?”

“No! I’ve driven a long way!” The driver immediately refused.

Then he just hung up.

“I let him go.”

When I was confused, I heard Sean’s voice.

I looked back and saw him in a wheelchair and looked unhappy.

I frowned slightly. “Why? President Jessop.”

Now that I decided to leave, I stopped calling him Mr. Jessop.

Sean’s eyes changed.

He lowered his eyes and after a long time he said, “now there are many bad people. You can’t take a stranger’s car.”

Was it because of this?

I listened to him and looked at him inquisitively. “Then how should I leave?”

“Eric will be here tomorrow. I’ll let him take you away.”

Sean turned in his wheelchair and left.

He only left me his figure.

“OK.” In fact, I had many words in my heart, but I couldn’t say a word.

I watched him leave and felt very aggrieved.

From yesterday to today, I had been thinking that we had worked hard for a long time, but why did we break up when you were injured?

But it was true. I had tried.

I was not a servant today, so I didn’t have to wear servants’ clothes any more.

I didn’t move my luggage. I was in my room almost all day. Because I finished the work in advance yesterday, I had nothing to do today.

I strolled in the garden yesterday.

After lunch, I couldn’t stay in my room. I went up to the second floor.

At this time, Sean had just finished lunch and was still in his room.

When I went up to the second floor, I didn’t see Rachel.

Was she in Sean’s room?

It was possible. After all, they…

I was depressed at the thought of it. I gently raised my hand and clenched my fist and raised my index finger to knock on the door.

But I was afraid they were flirting in the room. If I went in, I would disturb them.

Forget it.

I put my arm down and turned.


There was a loud noise in the room!

I was suddenly nervous!


I panicked and knocked at the door!

But no one answered or opened the door.

I tried to open the door. It was locked.

“What’s the matter?”

At this time, Rachel’s voice came from behind me.

I looked back and saw Rachel standing right behind me. She was obviously surprised and nervous when she saw me.

Although I didn’t hear it clearly and I was not sure, I thought Sean might have fallen out of his wheelchair!

I was afraid he fell down. I immediately said, “there was a noise in it just now. I don’t know what happened!”

“What?” Rachel immediately got nervous. She went to the door to open it.

I immediately said, “the door is locked. Do you have a key?”

Rachel shook her head.

“No?” I was a little surprised. “Who has the key here?”

“I’ll find it!”

Rachel finished and ran away.

I stood alone at the door and knocked nervously, “Sean, Sean! Are you in there? Is it convenient to open the door?”

There was no response.

The noise came out a few minutes ago, but I was very nervous. I was thinking about something bad.

What if Sean fell in the room and was unconscious?

Would he have an accident!

I was worried.

At this time, there were disordered footsteps at the entrance of the stairs!

Rachel ran over with a bodyguard.

The bodyguard had a lot of keys in his hand. It took him a long time to find a key and insert it into the keyhole and turn it.

As soon as the door opened, I rushed in.

The whole bedroom was empty!


I rushed into the bathroom.

Sure enough.

The scene in the bathroom was the same as I thought. Sean was lying on the ground alone and looking at the ceiling. His eyes were as dull as a dry well.

He was wearing a pants that was half taken off.

At this time, I heard footsteps behind me. I closed the door immediately and went out. I said to the two people outside, “it’s OK. You can go out. I’ll take care of it.”

“Is Mr. Jessop OK?” Rachel couldn’t help looking behind me and her eyes were worried.

Seeing her like this, I thought of Sean’s situation now.


Were they just pretending?

I suddenly felt better. I waved to Rachel, “I’ll stay here. If I need help, I’ll call you. You can leave.”


Rachel was obviously reluctant.

According to Sean’s previous attitude toward her, she should now push me away and go in and have a look.

After all, Sean liked her and she didn’t have to be afraid of me.

But she didn’t dare. It better proved my guess.

The bodyguard went out first.

Rachel didn’t dare go in and left.

After they left, I went back to the bathroom. I saw him sitting on the ground and his expression was light.

I immediately walked over and sat on him and put my arms around his neck. I asked him, “fortunately I noticed it, or I’ll leave angrily and you won’t find me.”

He looked at me and didn’t seem so dull. He smiled bitterly. “You may as well go. I’m a loser and you shouldn’t stay.”

“Who says you’re a loser?” I was not happy, “to me, you’re Sean. I just want you.”

I offered to kiss him.

He didn’t turn me down.

But I didn’t go on kissing him. I just held him slowly and he supported his arm on the floor and he took a lot of effort to sit on the bathroom stool.

I found that Sean seemed to have bathed himself several times, but I turned on the tap and said, “I’ll wash your body first, and then you can take a bath. Maybe taking a bath is good for your health.”

His expression was light and he nodded.

He did not accept or reject.

I thought he agreed.

Soon the bathtub was full of water, but it was also laborious for him to move from the stool to the bathtub.

To prevent him from falling, I spread a towel on the side of the bathtub.

I let him slowly enter the bathtub on his own.

He sat on the side of the bath first, then he went into the water.

When he was about to enter and I didn’t respond, his long arm suddenly caught my waist.

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