Chapter 448 You don’t need me

I tightly clenched my hands into fists, and my teeth bit my lips. I told myself again and again in my heart that I could leave with the last few words.

But I couldn’t.

Then the door behind me was pushed open again.

I heard someone come in without knocking.

I didn’t see who it was, but when I saw Sean’s face behind the desk turning warm from cold, I understood.

Then I saw Rachel come out behind me and take a look at me and walk up to Sean.

He reached for her hand.

Rachel looked at me and said jealously, “what are you talking about?”

“Nothing. She’s leaving tomorrow.”

Sean said lightly.

I saw them holding hands and felt so heartache that it was hard to breathe.

I stood where I was and seemed to have finally found a reason to speak. I bowed and clenched my fist and said to Sean, “Mr. Jessop, I wish you a speedy recovery. I’ll leave early tomorrow morning.”

With that, I turned and left.

I didn’t want to see them.

If they were acting, they won and I gave in.

I went back to my room and finished my work and left a message to Linda, “I’ll be back tomorrow. Let’s meet at the company.”

I turned off the computer and started packing. I had lived here for a long time, but I had very little luggage. I wore servants’ clothes here and I had more medicine than my clothes.

I sat there and watched a pile of medicine and my heart ached. I tried for a month but I lost in the end.

I changed clothes and went out to the kitchen to collect water. There was only Sean living in the manor, and Rachel was the only one who could get close to Sean. Other servants had nothing to do at night.

As soon as I went out, I saw a group of servants in the kitchen.

They saw me and waved to me friendly, “Becky, here you are!”


Although I usually worked in the house and didn’t see them very often, everyone was quite friendly to me.

When I went to get the water, they kept talking.

“I think Rachel is vain.”

“I think so. How could Mr. Jessop like her? He is just teasing her. He’ll get tired of her in a few days.”

“Yes! I don’t think she’s special. How could she be liked by Mr. Jessop?”

“Who knows! She may look naive but she’s flirtatious.”

I had been through a lot so I was not surprised by their comments on Rachel.

I took the water and left.

I stayed in the room for a while. I thought it was my last day in manor. I had been here for so long, but I hadn’t wandered around. I was free today.

I put on my coat and went to the back garden. It was the end of winter. Although there was no snow in the garden, it was bare and ugly.

Even so, because of my profession, I could see that spring here should be very beautiful through the pruning and arrangement of these shrubs.

I walked alone in the garden and came across that the plants had sprouted.

I walked around the garden and when I was about to go out, I looked up and saw Sean’s bedroom on the second floor.

The light was on. He was sitting in front of the window.

We were so far away that I couldn’t see what he was looking at.

But now I didn’t think he was looking at me.

I went back to the back door. A bodyguard stopped me. “Becky, Mr. Jessop let you go upstairs.”

“I see.”

I nodded.

I hadn’t left yet, so I was still a servant here. I had to obey his orders.

I had taken off the servant’s clothes. If I put it on now, it would take a long time. I was afraid Sean would wait for me, so I went upstairs without changing my clothes.

I went to Sean’s bedroom door and knocked.

“Come in.”

His voice came from the room.

I pushed the door open and looked around and didn’t see Rachel. I said, “Mr. Jessop, what can I do for you?”

I was cold and I didn’t want him to see what was on my mind.

He turned his wheelchair and looked at me. “You’re leaving tomorrow.”


I had already said that.

He looked at me and was suspicious. He was silent for a moment and asked me, “don’t you have anything to say to me?”

I had a lot to say.

But now I didn’t think it was necessary.

There was one thing I had to say!

I looked at Sean and thought about it and said calmly, “Mr. Jessop, I’ve long found that Rachel is the actress you invited to work with you. I’m here to see how long you and Rachel have to pretend, but now I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Sean seemed a little surprised. He squinted and looked at me. “Why?”

“Because it doesn’t matter to me anymore.” I clenched my fist slightly. “I’m here as a servant because I love you, and I know you’ve done a lot for me. I’m afraid you’ll give up. I’m afraid other people can’t take care of you.

But now I find these concerns superfluous.”

I lowered my head and looked at my toes and my heart hurt.

He didn’t speak. I went on, “you’re Sean. You are proud and excellent and can adjust yourself. Why do you need my help? Since you don’t need me now, I’ll leave and never come again.”

My heart ached when I said these words.

I’d like to say, Sean, you and I had worked so hard for so long. It was not easy to get here. It was not easy…

But it turned out to be nothing.

I looked up at Sean. He looked at me and his black eyes had no feelings but seemed to contain too many things.

But I didn’t want to guess anymore.

I bowed slightly and said, “Mr. Jessop, have a rest early. I have to go.”

With that, I turned to open the door and left.

At night I lay in bed and didn’t fall asleep until after midnight.

It was eight o’clock when I woke up again.

I asked a driver to pick me up at eight in the morning. I hurriedly changed my clothes and went out with my luggage. As soon as I got to the door, I didn’t see the car at all.

I could only call the driver.

I asked the driver but he said, “I got there early. As soon as I got to the door, I was driven away. They said you won’t leave today. What’s going on?”

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