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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 447 I gave up

Rachel immediately touched my forehead. “Your forehead is very hot! I’ll call an ambulance for you.”

“No, I…”

I wanted to say no and thought I wouldl recover if I took some medicine.

But it was dark in front of me and I fell forward.

I felt like I was being held by Rachel and she was calling 911.

I was weak, but I was not in a complete coma.

I could feel several bodyguards putting me on the bed, and someone brought me a thick quilt to cover me.

The light in the room was on.

I opened my eyes slightly, and there was Rachel by my side. I saw two light red marks on her neck.

Oh, it was a kiss.

Maybe I was too sick. At this moment, I felt heartache but no other feelings.

I just seemed to see the most common things.

Then the ambulance came and I was taken to the hospital. I heard the doctor say that I had pneumonia and my lung was infected. If I didn’t get to the hospital in time, my life may be in danger.

I closed my eyes and for the first time didn’t think it was worth it.

I was willing to be Sean’s servant and take care of him and didn’t care if he embarrassed me.

It didn’t matter and I could stand it for a while.

But now I thought of his kiss with Rachel and the shallow marks on her neck. I suddenly felt that maybe he didn’t need me anymore.

Rachel would take good care of him anyway.

I was in the hospital for four days. On the fifth day when I was discharged from the hospital, one of Sean’s bodyguards drove over and asked me, “Becky, are you going back to that manor?”

His question silenced me.

Shall I go back or leave?

I thought I was going to stay another 20 days. I would make a decision in March. I looked up to the bodyguard and said, “I’ll go back.”

The bodyguard heard my answer and seemed to be surprised. He nodded and said, “well, I’ll drive you back to the manor.”

The car went back to the manor.

As soon as I entered the living room, I saw Sean. He was in a wheelchair and Karen was on the sofa.

Karen saw me and immediately raised her hand and greeted me warmly, “Hi, Becky.”


I remembered my identity and respectfully greeted Karen.

Karen was stunned.

Sean said, “she’s a servant here.”

“Servant?” Karen looked at me incredulously and then at Sean. “Why?”

“I volunteered.” I answered first.

Karen seemed to want to keep asking. I bowed and said, “I’ll go back to my room and change first.”

I went back to my room and took out my servant’s clothes. Looking at the clothes, my heart was still slightly hurt.

Once again, I questioned whether I should do that.

Even so, I put on my clothes.

I took out my cell phone and saw that it was 15 days before March. If it didn’t change, I would leave.

I said to my cell phone, “Sean, I’ll give you another 15 days. If you still treat me like this, I’m sorry. Even if you’ve treated me well, I give up.”

I changed and went out and saw Rachel. She blinked and looked at me. “Are you well?”

“Yes.” I nodded and thought of the day and said, “thank you.”

Rachel seemed particularly surprised.

After all, I had a fight with her before.

She seemed a little embarrassed. “It’s OK. I just heard it.”

I looked at her and thought and asked, “how are you doing with Mr. Jessop?”

“Ah?” Rachel immediately became shy. She lowered her head and said, “we have a good relationship.”

“Oh, that’s good.” I looked at her and nodded, “that’s good.”

I thought these 15 days were just my own excuses.

I would definitely leave.

After I came out, I went to the backyard and saw a pile of curtains piled there. I knew that my work would continue, so I started again.

Anyway, I had 15 days left.

Time flied. Every day I washed the curtains in the daytime and worked at night.

Everything was the same as before. The only difference was that I didn’t run into Rachel almost every day, but I couldn’t see Sean either.

Every day, when my work was over, I looked at the time before turning off the computer.

It was a little closer to March.

Because no one cared about me, I worked longer and longer, so although I was a servant here, the work in the studio was not delayed at all.

Sean seemed to be afraid that Rachel was tired, so he hired several more servants.

Some were in charge of cleaning and some were in charge of cooking.

Sean’s mental state was better. Eric would often report on his work. Sean’s regular place was also transferred from his bedroom to his study.

Only Rachel could get into his study.

It was soon the last day of February.

On this day, I washed the curtain and hung it as usual. I went back to my room. Instead of working, I washed my face and put on light makeup and went upstairs to Sean’s study.

I stood at the door and knocked twice.

“Come in.”

I heard Sean’s flat but warm voice coming out of it.

My heart hurt for a while.

I knew he must have thought Rachel was at the door.

I used my teeth to bite my lips and tried not to show my feelings on my face before I pushed the door in.

Sure enough, when I went in, Sean looked up and saw that I was coming in. His eyes were obviously cold.

“What’s the matter?” he asked coldly

I said, “Mr. Jessop, I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“Really?” Sean looked at the document in his hand and said, deadpan, “figured it out?”

“Yes.” I nodded, “I was worried that you were depressed because of your legs, but now it seems that you have Rachel to accompany you, and your spirit is much better, so I will not delay my own work for you.”

Sean listened to me, and his expression didn’t change.

He took the pen and annotated the document in his hand. Then he put the papers on the table and looked up at me.

His eyes were cold. It seemed that I was a person who had nothing to do with him. He nodded and said, “well, you’d better understand.”


I thought for more than ten days and prepared for it. I thought about it before I went in, but I was standing here now and I was reluctant.

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