Chapter 220 Hate Can Reveal The Truth

Janice even thought that she would disappear into Jim’s life from now on, so that he could not find her. After a long time, he would naturally forget her.

She had consulted a doctor. The doctor did not recommend taking such a risk. Therefore, there were many things that really have no choice.

It was not that Janice thought that Jim was a burden now. She just hoped that he could get better soon, wake up early, and return to real Jim, who once laughed at the small and trivial matters.

Jim glanced at the sullen Janice. She was an optimist from an early age. He hadn’t seen her sincerely smiling in recent days.

He took hazelnuts from his mother, “Mom, I talk to Janice for a while, you go back first.”

Jim’s mother was unwilling to leave. Just now she heard the two of them quarreling. She was afraid that her son would suffer loss, “I just came here. You two are together every day. Why do you have to say it now?

Janice didn’t know what Jim was going to say to her, “You can talk with your mom first, I’ll wash some fruit.”

Jim watched Janice leave the ward with the fruit, and then looked at his mother, “Mom, do you really think that Janice doesn’t like me anymore?”

The mother sighed and distressed her son, “Jim, we all have to accept the reality. She is really married, but the person who married her is not you.”

Jim smiled sadly, he didn’t want to accept the reality, he just couldn’t accept that she was no longer his.

“How much I hurt her that she chose others.”

Love will become hate, and will hate evolve into deep love?

When Janice washed the fruits and came back, Jim’s mother was no longer in the ward. Janice couldn’t help asking, “Where’s auntie?”

“She left.” Jim looked at her and answered.

Janice put down the fruit and helped him re-peel an apple. She lowered her head and said nothing. She peeled it seriously. When she cut and handed the apple to him, Jim took the opportunity to give her hazelnuts.

He smiled slightly, “Is it delicious?”

Janice slowly chewed and swallowed, and nodded, “It’s fragrant.”

Jim said, “Can I see Dan alone?”

This was unexpected by Janice. She looked at him and did not understand Jim’s thoughts. In her heart, she felt that it was completely unnecessary.

Jim smiled again, “It’s nothing. I just want to talk to him, don’t you believe me?”

“No, I… well then, I will tell him.”

Jim helped Janice peel a hazelnut again. Janice shook her head, “I don’t eat it. You can eat it.”

In the afternoon, Alice and Benjamin came with Pippi. Alice saw Janice’s exhausted heart at a glance, took her hand and said to them, “Janice and I took for a walk. Pippi you stay here as a spy. If Dad tells your uncle that I’m not good, you have to tell me all when you get home.”

Pippi is happy to accept this task, “Yes, Madam, I promise to complete the task.”

Benjamin glared at his son. As soon as Alice and Janice left, Pippi naughtily took out a picture book from his schoolbag, “Two of you, talk casually. I am deft now. Remember to buy me the latest model and buy some delicious for me.”

Benjamin was already accustomed to this son, but Jim did not expect that the little guy would learn so much.

“It’s really your own son.” Jim had to say, “Will you think Janice and I have children too? But she doesn’t know yet?”

Ben smiled, “Brother, your memory is seven years ago.?”

Well, just now he was confused again, forgetting that he had lost the memory.

“Do you think whether no matter what I do now, she won’t come back to me again?” He really felt helpless now, thinking that as long as she was trapped by his side, they will always come back again, but it seemed no.

Benjamin was so impressed that a normal person suddenly became what he was now. He took a look at his son who seemed to be reading seriously. He said, “Pippi, didn’t you say that you were going to go the the bathroom just now? Would you like to solve your personal problem now?”

Pippi looked up at the ulterior motive father, took his picture book and went to the built-in bathroom. He just wanted to send him away with an excuse. He was still a little boy, but he knew it.

When Pippi sat on the toilet, Benjamin asked Jim, “To be honest, do you really have amnesia? Wouldn’t it be because you want to stay with Janice?”

Jim snorted. Was he a brother? “What do you think of me? I think I am a normal person now, but at least let me know who I was in the past seven years.”

Benjamin told him sincerely, “I think God has blessed you for you to lose memory, because, for the past seven years, you are not human.”

Jim didn’t understand for a while, “Why do you say this? Am I dead? I am a ghost?”

“You are a bastard.”

Jim was speechless. He didn’t say it. It seemed that he could feel it, but he couldn’t understand why he was so jerk.

Janice was dragged into the stairway by Alice sneakily, “What’s the matter with you, dear? Don’t you see how tired I am? If you have something, hurry up and say, and don’t tell me that you finally got your second child as you wish. I don’t want to hear that good news, because I’ll be jealous.”

Alice looked at the confused Janice sitting casually on the stairs, leaning against the cold wall, and muttered to herself.

Alice sat beside her, letting Janice’s body rest on her side. She was warmer than the wall.

“I just want to know whether the love bite on your neck was from Jim?” For now, this matter was very important.

Janice was puzzled. She leaned her head against Alice’s shoulders and was weak, “What love bite? I can’t…” Then she felt like it was not the case.

Realizing what was wrong, she sat up straight, pointing at her neck again and asked Alice, “I have a love bite on my neck?”

Alice nodded, “Yes.”

“Obvious?” How did she feel like something bad.

Alice nodded again, “Yes, as soon as I entered the door, I saw you when you turned your head.”

“So Jim must have seen it.” Dan must do it intentionally. This was to give her trouble.

Alice shrugged, “I don’t know then, but I think so. Hey no, you mean, it’s not from Jim.”

Janice thought of the situation of Jim today, which was quite clear, “No wonder Jim has become inexplicable from the beginning. He saw this, but it’s good to let him know that I am really not his.”

“You are so good. Jim can’t wait to watch you every second. You still have a chance to be with your husband.”

Janice shot Alice a glance, “What. It’s normal my husband kisses me.”

This is undeniable, and it is indeed legal. Alice nodded, “Yes, but… do you fall in love with two people?”

“What do you mean?” Janice opened her eyes and looked at Alice.

“I just want to know, do you want to make up for the regrets and go back to seven years ago? Or fall in love with Dan?”

“The latter.” Without hesitation, nor consideration.

“Are you sure?” Alice said.

“Am I the kind of unsteady person?”

Alice cleared her throat and said deliberately, “I always thought you were.”

Janice hugged Alice as if she were relying on her, “Screw you. Go home and have your second child.”

“Forget it.” Alice patted Janice’s back comfortably, “What I am worried about now is you.”

Janice smiled bitterly, “I also worry about myself.”

“Jim said he wanted to see Dan. What would happen when they met?”

Alice seemed to hear the news of a world war, “Aren’t you afraid of spilling blood on yourself?”

Janice couldn’t help crying, “Is that serious?”

“Very serious. You have to think it seriously.”

“Well, I don’t know what will happen. I accept all.”

Alice and Janice did not see Pippi when they returned to the ward. Alice asked Benjamin, “What about Pippi?”

“In the bathroom…” He pointed to the direction of the bathroom.

When Alice opened the bathroom door, she was really disappointed with Benjamin, and Pippi was sitting next to the toilet holding the book.

“Pippi, what are you doing here?”

Pippi was innocent, “Dad and Uncle Jim have a whisper to say, and let me stay here.”

“Benjamin you…”

Benjamin said that Pippi wronged him. This son was too smart, and dared to destroy his good image in his wife’s heart.

She will punish you when you went home.

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