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Chapter 219 Nothing Is Impossible

“But I really have to go now, Jim…” Janice was anxious. Just now Jim’s emotion was unstable. She was afraid that something would happen again, and she couldn’t afford it.

“Oh…” Before Janice finished her word, she was kissed by Dan.

He stared at her, “You can go to see him, but now, you are mine, and you must satisfy me first.”

“Aren’t you pretty bearable, just keep it back.”

“The desire came fiercely. It either broke out or… I am afraid it would never recover.”


“No but.”

Janice called Jim’s attending physician, at least to ensure Jim’s condition.

Dan sent Janice to the hospital, and Jim, who had been standing at the window waiting for Janice to return, had everything in sight. At this moment, what was he thinking about now, only he knew it.

He turned and put a secret document that had been under the quilt back under the pillow, leaving a corner deliberately.

When Janice returned to the ward, she was carrying two bags in her hand because she was lying and went out to buy something.

“I’m back. The traffic was too blocked just now.” She dared not look into his eyes when she was lying.

Jim knew that it was a lie and did not expose her. He leaned on the bed and stared at her, “Janice, I want to eat an apple. Did you buy it?”

Janice happened to touch the newly bought apple, but she didn’t know Jim said it because he saw the apples, “Do you want to eat now?”

Jim nodded, “Yes.”

Janice washed the apples and peeled the apple. Jim suddenly asked, “Where did you go when I was just asleep?”

At that moment, Janice was really like a child who was found to have done something wrong. She was so scared that the knife cut her hand, and bled.

Jim quickly drew a paper towel to wipe her blood, and Janice herself took one, and ignored the paper towel in his hand for a while.

Jim deliberately asked her, “What are you nervous about?”

Janice shook her head, “I’m not nervous. I just went home. You watch me every day like a prisoner. I have my own home and I have to go back and see what happened.”

Jim understood that her home was Dan’s home, but he just pretended not to understand, “Chuck came here once a day. If there is anything at home, didn’t he tell you.”

Janice looked up at Jim and thought for a long time before telling him, “I’m returning to my own home. I’m married seven years later.”

Jim laughed and smiled inconceivably, “Janice, don’t fool me. Although I am amnesia, I know you are mad at me because I forgot many things between us, but don’t always cheat me, I will not believe it.”

Janice was tired. He was so convinced that she couldn’t be someone else seven years ago, so he never valued her?

“Jim, there is nothing impossible. My brother and Molly are married, and there Cindy. And you can lose seven years of memory because of an operation. What else is impossible?”

Jim’s sharp eagle eyes stared at Janice without blinking. He was angry because he couldn’t accept the present.

He said, “No matter to who you marries now, I will make you belong to me again.”

“Jim…” Why was it so difficult to explain to him?

“I know you still have me in your heart, you must have me in your heart, otherwise you won’t stay in the hospital to take care of me.” Jim held his head in both hands, and he began to feel a headache.

Janice originally wanted to tell him that she was not completely willing to take care of him in the hospital, but was afraid that his condition would worsen, and because he couldn’t accept all this, she was compelled to stay with him.

Seeing his pain in his head, she couldn’t explain it. She changed the topic, “Do you still eat apple?”

Jim suddenly reached out and hugged her, “Janice, I can’t live without you, don’t leave me, okay?”

Janice didn’t move like a wooden man, let him hold her, and he just listened to what he said.

The corner of her eyes accidentally saw a document under the pillow, a white, transparent folder, and she seemed to see the name of Dan.

It was impossible for Jim to work, and why was Dan’s name in the file he looked at?

In doubt, Jim had let go of her, and he looked at her sincerely, “Janice, I have a headache and want to sleep for a while. Don’t leave while I’m asleep, okay?”

What Janice can do was just to nod her head, “Okay, I will not go. You sleep.”

Jim was lying on the bed, and Janice didn’t leave. She was too curious about the contents of that file. She wanted to wait until Jim was asleep and took it out for a look.

About half an hour, Jim pretended that he had fallen asleep, and he knew that Janice had seen the document, and she would surely be curious.

Janice carefully pulled out the folder, Jim was bad enough, and he turned over deliberately, which scared Janice a lot.

Sure enough, the content on the first page was about Dan, and it can also be said to be a resume of Dan. In other words, Jim believed that Dan and Janice were married.

The following information is not about Dan, but the things that happened later that night seven years ago. How Dan stepped into Janice’s life step by step. Everything was revenge.

Although Janice knew all of this, she was still surprised when she saw this.

What happened after that Janice didn’t care about, because she knew about these things and was about to put the information back, only to find that Jim was awake.

He stared at her tightly, “Knowing what kind of person he is now. Can you still be so calm?” This was not what Jim wanted to see. She should be crazy, or tore up these materials.

However, she seemed calm and did not understand what was written.

Janice pouted and smiled, “I know all of this, and we are fine now.”

“Janice, what’s wrong with you? You know his approaching you because he hates you, and he’s been secretly following you for so many years. You didn’t blame him, and you married him?”

Janice looked at Jim. He was also very emotional now, but it is not pathological, “We have confessed everything and we are fine now.”

“Fine? Janice, what do you want from him?” Jim suddenly became furious, grabbed the file and hit Janice’s face, and the rod cut through Janice’s cheek.

Janice tightened her eyebrows painfully, Jim was nervous, “I’m sorry, Janice, I didn’t mean it, I was just angry. I don’t understand why you should marry him.”

Janice didn’t care about the injuries on her face, “He hates me, but he loves me more. He has followed me for seven years, and he has also known me for seven years. He knows my weaknesses, and also knows what I need, knows how to make me laugh happily. He never really hurt me. He just suddenly lost his lover that day and suddenly became helpless. It was also because he kept following me and made him not so lonely.”

“All the later, he made every effort to make me fall in love with him. He did it, but in the end he also fell in love with me.”

Jim still refused to accept such a result. He originally let Janice see that this document so as to set them apart, but he did not expect that they had experienced so much between them.

“Jim… no matter what, we should all accept the reality. Don’t you think so?”

Jim resentfully said, “What am I then? I’m dying, so you can’t stay with me?”

Janice thought about it, but the accident of Dan’s plane crash made her understand that no one knew, future and the accident, who came first.

Perhaps Jim’s life had been sentenced to death, but who hadn’t? Everyone had been getting closer to death from the moment he was born.

“You and me were a mistake, and we missed. If we missed it, we can’t look back.”

Jim didn’t listen to Janice, “I’m back now. I’m back to seven years ago. This is a gift from the God. It gives me the courage to come back with you.

Janice shook her head, “But I can’t go back. Love is a matter of two people. The fact is, we haven’t been together for seven years.”

In the stalemate between two people, Jim’s mother came to see her son and saw Janice’s attitude towards her son was very bad. She was in a bad mood. She didn’t say anything, but her face was blue.

“Jim, do you know what I brought to you today, your favorite hazelnut, but I asked the doctor just now, because you have less exercise, you can eat four or five at a time.”

Jim smiled bitterly, “Mom, I never liked to eat hazelnuts. When I was a kid, I said I like hazelnuts. That’s because Janice likes to eat. I brought them out from home. I coaxed Janice when she was unhappy.

Jim’s mother was embarrassed. She didn’t expect her son to eat hazelnuts so much for years because of her Janice.

Janice didn’t expect it to be like this, and it was very unpleasant in her heart. They really can’t go back.

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