Chapter 218 Listen, I Allow You To Love Me

The scene in front of her told her Dan really did what he shouldn’t do.

Phoebe sat charmingly on the edge of the bed to feed Dan and drink water. The point was that Dan accepted it without rejection.

Janice was furious. She stepped forward and snatched the glass of water from Phoebe’s hands, breaking it to the ground.

Phoebe was proud backed by Dan, and stood up angrily and pushed Janice, “Janice, what do you mean?”

She still had the face to ask her what Janice meant, and she really took herself seriously. Janice didn’t budge. She stared at Phoebe with a high toe, “You can get out now.”

“You…” Phoebe was too young after all, her anger was written on her face, and her body trembled with anger, “Janice, who do you think you are? I tell you, Dan and me had been together last night. Now, if you are smart, get out of this home quickly. Don’t forget, you are the one who killed my sister.”

Janice sneered bitterly. She wasn’t laughing at Phoebe, she was laughing at herself, and Dan who hadn’t said a word so far.

Janice lowered her eyes and looked at Dan, who was wearing clothes as if nothing had happened, and asked him ironically, “Dan, would you like to give an evaluation in front of the two of us. Who is better, she or me?”

Dan, who was buttoning his clothes was shocked by Janice’s question, because he and she… haven’t slept together yet. As for Phoebe, it was impossible for them. Even if he was drunk last night, his head was sober.

This question was ironic to them. His silence made Janice intolerable. She glared at him, completely unable to suppress the anger in her heart, “Speak, Dan, are you dumb?”

Phoebe next to her had to made clear her sense of presence, “Janice, how dare you, to yell at Dan. His silence is to save your face, and you are so ashamed to stay.”

Speaking of this, Phoebe is going to push Janice out. They are so indifferent now. If they were separated like this, it would be half successful.

Janice had never been easy to mess with, she took the opportunity to drag Phoebe’s long hair and threw her out. While Phoebe was still screaming, and shouting, Janice had closed the door..

Only two of them were finally left in the room. Even if there was Phoebe’s screaming and abusive sounds outside, Janice felt that it was much quieter than before.

Dan had already seen her savage, and when he saw Phoebe being treated like this, he was accustomed to it.

Janice asked him indignantly, “Aren’t you going to explain it?”

Dan was as calm as usual, and his voice was also calm, “You can stay with Jim day and night, why can’t I…”

Before Dan finished his words, he was thrown away by a pillow that Janice picked up, “Dan Trump, what qualifications do you have to be jealous, I can drive Phoebe away from you, why can’t you take me back from Jim?”

“You think you are calm, you think that your silent dedication is good for me, but I only feel that you don’t care about me at all, and you wish that I would never come back.”

Dan frowned. Was he really not thoughtful enough, and his heartfelt dedication might not be what she wanted.

Janice was angry and threw everything she could get to Dan, but all she threw were pillows that wouldn’t hurt him.

“Dan, you bastard, you bully me…”

After she can’t get the pillows, she began to throw the quilt, the quilt dropped, and began to tear the sheets, “You dare to bring someone else to my bed, out! Everything gets out. Dan I tell you, if you really sleep with her, I tear you too.”

There was a mess in the room, but the freezing point of the atmosphere was slowly heating up, and her words were beating in Dan’s heart, making him touched.

He directly stepped on the bed and jumped in front of her, comforting her gasping for throwing things in anger, “She hasn’t slept in this bed, and I have never touched her.”

Don’t think that she will not be angry now, “I just watched her sitting by the bed. That wasn’t allowed.”

Her sense of possession was really strong, but he loved it, at least she let him know that she cared about him so much.

Her fierce emotions finally made him understand that it was his fault. No matter how many things had happened between them, he should strongly swear his ownership of her.

She can only be his, and must be his.

Her rage made him find his way in the fog, and he knew more about how he should continue with her.

He smiled uncontrollably, but even more annoyed Janice. She was so angry now, and he was still laughing.

“Dan, if you dare to laugh at me again, I will ruin you.”

Dan bowed his head and kissed her, who was still glaring at him. She probably didn’t expect him to do this. She instinctively stepped back, but he would never allow her to have a chance to regret.

His arms clasped around her waist, leaving her nowhere to run.

Janice retaliated on his lips with a fierce bite. He did not evade, just let her refuse and resist, anyway, he would not let go of her.

The door of the room was finally opened Rose, who was threatened by Phoebe, ad who was also a little worried that the two would fight in the room.

The scene in front of them… Rose was embarrassed to see it, and Phoebe almost died of anger. Janice noticed that the door was opened, and Phoebe was still glaring with anger at her.

Originally, Janice also resisted, but she responded him affectionately. The emotional response was to show the bitch that they were so loving..

How could Dan not know Janice’s mind, and kissed more deeply.

Rose carefully closed the door again, and Phoebe had to leave no matter how angry she was.

Janice pushed Dan away once they left. Dan’s eyebrows twisted. He didn’t wear slippers and felt as if he had been hurt by something sharp. He thought that it should be the glass fragments of the water glass. He sat beside the bed in agony.

The quilt was thrown to the ground by the beast (Janice), and Dan exaggeratedly said, “It seems that I stepped on the glass slag. It hurts.”

Janice thought it was true, and hurriedly went to see if the wound was deep, “How are you, sorry, I didn’t mean to push you, I…”


Whatever he said didn’t work, the idiot little white rabbit was caught by the evil wolf.

He dragged her into his arms, and a flexible leap over her. She was pressed under him now. The two of them stared at each other, and their lips were met.

“Janice, I want you now.” He finally was strong to her once, when he almost lost her because he was too concerned about her.

“I don’t want it.” Janice blushed and heartbeat, she was really nervous.

Dan bit lightly on her delicate lips, “You can’t say no.”


Before the battle started, Janice’s mobile phone rang. Janice reached for her mobile phone that was caught by Dan, “You can’t pick it up.”

Janice said, “No, it might be from the hospital.”

Dan looked cold, “Is he more important or I am?”

Childish man.

“I’m the most important. Give me your phone.”

“No.” Regardless of whether the phone is important or not. They are most important now.

The phone call was made by Jim who woke up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he could not stabilize his emotions without seeing Janice. He was even more disturbed when Janice didn’t answer the phone.

He kept calling until she answered the phone.

When it was only one short step, Dan chose to compromise, because if the phone was ringing, he had a feeling of being monitored.

Janice adjusted her breath before answering the phone, “Jim.”

As soon as she called his name, Dan punished her by biting on her sexy shoulders.

She pushed him with one hand and kept him away from her, but Dan just didn’t leave.

“Where are you going? Why run away while I’m sleeping. Don’t you love me anymore? Come back quickly, if you don’t come back within five minutes, I’ll go out to find you, don’t think I don’t know where you are.”

Jim’s words were very harsh. She heard that he was very unstable now, and Janice could only compromise, “I went out and bought something, and I will return immediately.”

“How long? You will be in front of me in five minutes.” Jim demanded extremely.

Janice had no other choice but to promise, “Okay, five minutes.”

After finishing the call, Janice started to find her clothes in a hurry, “I have to go to the hospital. Jim is awake.”

Dan held up her waist in a strong manner, and imprisoned her again, “I am your husband, how do I feel I am your lover.”

Janice couldn’t help laughing at his jealous look.

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