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Chapter 217 Can We Really Go Back

Chuck called Dan, because now Janice can’t hear anyone.

“Janice is sitting in front of the hospital. Come over and take her back.”

Dan didn’t quite understand, “She knows Jim’s situation?”

“Yes.” Chuck told the truth, and told Dan that Jim decided to be with Janice again.

“She needs you now.” This is not just Chuck’s thoughts, but everyone can see it.

Janice avoided Jim, who had lost his memory of past seven years. She could not accept it, but the doctor said that the patient cannot be stimulated for the time being.

Janice, who was sitting on the stone along the road, looked at Dan who was standing across the road and facing her. His warmth was close at hand, but Jim’s words were still circulating in her mind like a curse.

In the warm sun, he walked to Janice. He smiled at her comfortingly. She wanted to stand up and run towards him at this moment.

But, she could not move at all. Jim’s parents’ begging and the doctor’s words seemed to make her have no choice. If she really ignored Jim now, she would be a sinner.

Dan bent down and put his coat on Janice’s body, covering her cold face with both hands.

He squatting in front of her, slightly raised her face and smiled warmly at her, “No matter what happened in the future, you have to find a safe and warm place. Did you hear?”

Janice shook her head uncomfortably. He really knew everything, so he just let go of her like this? He was so determined, could she leave him easily?

Dan slightly stood up and hugged her, “Don’t shake your head, otherwise I’m really worry about you when I can’t find you.”

Janice accused him in a crying voice, “But you still don’t want me. You finally found the best reason to get out of the relationship, don’t you?”

Janice pushed him away. They were always so sane, thinking that they knew her very well, and thought that as long as they let go of her, she would be care-free, but each of them ignored that she had her own choice.

“Dan, you never love me, right?” That’s why when he wanted to let go of her, he can do it.

Dan smiled helplessly, he couldn’t bear if she suffered a little bit pain, but she said he didn’t love her.

“Yes, I don’t love you. I’m trying my best to fall in love with you, but I find it difficult.”

If this can make her feel safe to return to Jim, then why can’t he promote their reunion?

At this time, Jim actually appeared between the two in a sick suit. Jim pulled Janice and kept her behind. He had a very bad attitude towards Dan, “Who are you? Stay away from Janice.”

Then she looked back at Janice, “Who is he? Your friend?”

Janice stared at Jim, who had lost seven years of memory. Why did God treat them like this?

Dan turned and left, and Janice told Jim, “His name is Dan. He is my husband. We have been married for a long time.”

Dan, turned around, stopped and looked back at Janice in disbelief.

And Jim would not believe what Janice said, “Janice, what stupid thing did you say. Didn’t I tell you that I would marry you? How could you marry someone. Don’t make such a joke.”

“It’s not a joke. He is my husband. Aren’t you very clear on your own. You lost the memory of seven years, and we haven’t come together at all in the past seven years. I met Dan and I married him.

Jim’s head started to ache. Now he can’t accept the fact, “Janice, don’t lie to me. We will get married after I am discharged from the hospital. I will really marry you. I…”

“Jim, could you wake up to the fact We cannot be together, and even if we go back to seven years ago, we will not start again.”

Jim couldn’t accept it. He shook his head vigorously, “No, that’s because you haven’t returned yet. If you also go back seven years ago, then we will have a good result, and we will be together. Janice…”

Jim was too emotional, and his nose began to bleed. Janice wanted to help him, but Jim grabbed her hand, “Janice, don’t leave me, don’t marry someone. Janice…”

Dan saw Jim was shaking, and hurried up to help Jim who passed out. With the help of Janice, Dan carried Jim back to the emergency room.

Just now some medical staff discovered that Jim was missing and was looking for him. They did not expect that Jim’s situation would become so bad.

At the door of the emergency room, Dan and Janice were silent, and Jim’s mother blame her son’s situation to Janice, “I beg you, can’t you please show kindness to him?”

Janice had nothing to say. She wanted to say that she had her own life and the happiness that she had hardly gotten. She didn’t want to lose it.

It was already four hours after Jim was pushed out of the rescue room. This time Janice was very calm. She said to Dan, who had accompanied her for four hours, “Go back.”

Dan opened his mouth, and wanted to say something to her, but seeing her so tired, he didn’t say anything.

Dan turned and left in silence. When Janice turned around and saw that she was still wearing his coat, she took it down and caught up with him.

Standing in front of him, he was much taller than her. She lifted her toes to help him put on the coat, helped him carefully arrange his collar, and met his eyes. She slightly raised his lips.

“Take good care of yourself.”

“You too.”

Except for this sentence, they didn’t know what to say.

Jim only woke up the next day. This time Janice really didn’t dare to stimulate him anymore. He said that he was getting married, and she listened and laughed.

It may be because of the last incident, Jim did not allow Janice leave his sight.

When she went out to buy food, he could all her where she was every five minutes. She said she was going to work. He didn’t allow her to go. He could provide for her.

She said she would go home and pack a few clothes. He called and asked his assistant to buy several clothes for her.

He was a patient, but she received his 24-hour surveillance.

He even peeked at her phone, deleted all her previous messages with Dan, and completely eliminated the name Dan from her phone.

Janice wanted to quarrel with him, but the doctor warned her seriously that the patient should never be stimulated again.

Janice stood it, but she also knew that even if Jim returned to seven years ago, it was not the Jim she had always wanted.

Because he had been watching her in a tense mood. He had a severe lack of sleep, and the doctor had injected him with sleeping pills without his knowledge.

When Janice took the opportunity to go home, the moment she opened the door, she stared at the high heels next to Dan’s leather shoes on the shoe cabinet. She clung to her heart and was at a loss.

Rose, who was busy working in the kitchen, first saw Janice’s return, and her expression was obviously tense, “Janice, you are back. Young master…”

Before Rose’s words sank in, Phoebe, wearing Janice’s pajamas, twisted her waist from upstairs and walked down.

“Rose, Dan wanted to drink water, please help me to pour a glass of water.” Phoebe didn’t even look at Janice at all. She was now showing off in front of Janice. She can wear her pajamas, and can sleep on Dan’s bed.

“Janice… Actually, our young master…”

“Rose, don’t you hear me? Help me get a glass of water. If you don’t want to do it, please immediately get out of the house.” Phoebe’s aggressive appearance was really hateful.

She also had to admit that her presence in this home was enough to make Janice feel heartache.

Rose poured a cup of warm water and handed it to Phoebe, and then Phoebe gave an arrogant glance at Janice, “If you’re fine, get out of her. Dan doesn’t want to see you now.”

Janice clenched her fists. She really wanted to rush to the bedroom upstairs now and pulled Dan out. Even if he didn’t want to see her, he had to tell her in person. It was not Phoebe’s turn to interfere between them.

Rose pulled Janice into the kitchen, “Ma’am, where have you been these days? Master, he’s drunk and vomits every day. I didn’t know what happened last night, the woman sent him back. It was very late, I asked her to leave, saying that I can take care of young master, but the woman just refused to leave, and the young master was so drunk and unconscious that he can’t drive her away.”

Rose was so kind to her, which made Janice very touched. Janice sorted out her emotions and smiled at Rose, “It’s okay, I’ll go up and see him now. If there is any problem, I will solve it with him.”

Rose nodded comfortably, “Janice, you must believe in our young master.”

Janice smiled and didn’t speak again, and she didn’t know whether she could believe him or not. It was estimated that Dan himself didn’t remember what he had done last night.

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