Chapter 216 I’ve been Loving You For A Long Time

A month later.

The seemingly peaceful life was changing quietly. In the morning, Janice and Dan go to work together. She was still an insignificant clerk in the finance department, but everyone believed that she was definitely the wife of the president who took charge of finance.

A female colleague familiar with Janice came over and whispered to her, “Janice, how did you take down our president?”

“Yes, Janice, before you came here, we all thought there was something wrong with the president’s sexuality.”

Janice pouted and laughed, watching them all curious like the babies.

“Janice, what is on your mind?” Asked Mai.

Janice looked at them, “Nothing. I am just thinking you don’t work hard during the work time. Don’t you afraid I report you?”

Mai looked at Janice with contempt, “Janice, you won’t be so mean.”

Other colleagues agreed.

Janice as speechless. They still chatted happily, and Mai asked boldly, “Janice, does president perform well in bed?”

Suddenly, all the voices in the office came to an abrupt halt, and everyone’s gaze was cast in the direction of Janice.

Janice perfunctorily said, “Not bad.” Otherwise what would she say? If she didn’t answer them, they would definitely keep asking her.

Mai smiled, “That’s it? If the president heard your evaluation of him like this, he will…”

She stopped talking, because the president came.

Mai pointed at the position behind Janice and reminded her to look back. Janice turned back. Dan stood and looked at her condescendingly. She didn’t even know when he had come here.

“What’s up?” Janice asked him without panic.

Dan let her glance at the watch on her wrist, “It’s lunch time.”

Janice was speechless. Should he be so punctual every day? The work was not finished yet, “You go first, I can go to the restaurant with them later.”

Dan stopped talking and kept her straight, every time he did this, she had to go with him.


“I have to go now, dear.” Janice talked to her colleagues.

As soon as he stepped out of the office, Dan’s face became very serious. In the elevator, he put his hands in his pockets, looked at her expressionlessly, and asked a serious question, “Why did you call them dear. Don’t you have male colleagues in your office?”

“Dear, are you jealous?” Janice did not answer the question.

Dan didn’t deny, “Yes, you can’t call anyone dear except me in the future.”

Janice smiled uncontrollably, raised her hand and patted his sturdy shoulder, “Yes.”

Dan smiled evilly to Janice, “I will let you know tonight how I perform in bed. Wonderful or ‘not bad’.”

Janice didn’t quite understand the meaning of what he said. She put her hands on his healthy chest and pushed him away, “What?”

Dan’s lips were wicked upwards, “You guess.”

She didn’t know. Sometimes he was really difficult to understand. If she only guessed, she felt that she couldn’t guess him at all.

The elevator stopped and the door opened. Dan actively took her hand and walked together, whispering, “While I haven’t recovered, many antibiotics and other drugs were injected into my body. Doctor said it’s better to wait one more month to have a child, so… I have to endure for a whole month. It almost kill me.”

Janice looked at him, dubious. Was it necessary? Didn’t he know there is something call condom?

Forget it, she will be fine whatever he said, as long as he was not angry because she kept running to the hospital to see Jim.

The driver had been waiting at the door for a long time. When they saw them coming out together, he got out of the car to help them open the door. But Janice’s cell phone rang, and it was from her brother.

“Brother, what’s the matter?”

Chuck told her over there, “Jim just woke up, the doctor said he recovered well and can rest assured.”

Janice wept with joy when she heard the news, “Really? Great. It is so great. Are you all in the hospital? I’ll be right there.”

Chuck hesitated, “Janice, if you are busy with your work, you don’t have to come.”

Janice glanced at Dan, who was standing beside her waiting for her to get on the car, “I’m not busy. I’m going to eat. I will be right there, bye.”

After ending the call, Janice held Dan’s two hands, so happy, no, it should be said to be excited, “Jim woke up. He really woke up. The doctor said that he had already passed the dangerous period. Isn’t it a miracle?. It’s great.”

Dan’s heart was complex when he saw her so happy. He had been thinking about this problem for the past month. He was waiting for Jim to wake up. Only by fair competition can they know who she wanted to choose most.

“That’s good.” Dan followed her and smiled forcefully.

Janice as a very simple girl. When she was too excited, she ignored the feelings of those around her.

She let go of Dan and pushed him into the car, “You can eat lunch by yourself. I’ll go to the hospital first.”

Dan was passively pushed into the car and sat down. She bent over and smiled at him, “Goodbye.”

No matter what he wanted to say afterwards, she ran across the road to stop the car.

Through the window of the black film, he watched her anxiously stomping her feet, anxious to go to the hospital the next second to see Jim.

“President, where are you going?”

Even if she was standing across the road and did not leave, he no longer looked at her, “Let’s go to the restaurant.”

When Janice saw Dan’s car leaving, she just stopped the taxi and went to the hospital. When she calmed down alone, she feel that she had just ignored Dan’s feelings just now.

She took out her mobile phone from her bag and wanted to make a call to Dan, but suddenly she was afraid that the call would go through and she was embarrassed to say something, so she sent him a message.

“Help me pack the omelet rice and I will come back soon.”

Dan was not touched by the message. Omelet rice could be late at any time, but those who had left did not know when they would be back, or maybe they would never return.

Jim woke up this morning. At ten o’clock in the morning, Dan received call from the medical staff who was secretly there.

What was happening with Jim now, Dan knew it well, so he didn’t know whether Janice will return this time.

He didn’t stay her just now. He just wanted she can choose the the one she loved.

It had been three hours since Janice left, and even if there was no answer, Dan still went to pack an omelet rice alone. The meal was already cold, and she did not return.

Janice, who had already come out of the hospital, was sitting on the stone along the road in front of the hospital. She aimlessly was watching the people come and go.

When Jim saw her, his first words were what she had been waiting for seven years, “I’m sorry.”

Yes, he said, “Janice, sorry, sorry for what I did last night.”

Last night… that night seven years ago…

What qualifications did he have to forget the pain he had brought to her over the past seven years?

He also said sincerely, “Janice, let’s get married, I love you for a long time.”

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