Chapter 315 His trust softened her heart

In the night…

Bella stood at the window and looked at the stars.

In her cognition, the reason why people strive to live, was not because they want to live to enjoy themselves every day. Actually, most of them live because of some kind of responsibility.

After death, who will take care of their parents?

After death, who will take care of their children!

After her death, how their partner continues to live….

But…. Her father has a home, a family, he already had nothing to do with her, and for her mother, she had arranged completely. At least, in the Sanatorium she can be fed and clothed till her death.

She had a child, who might have died a few years ago, and even if he was alive, she couldn’t find him.

She used to have a partner, who wanted to accompany her to grow old but now he just hated her.

She hated David Wilson so much and never wanted to see him in this life.

Now, she has two other responsibilities.

One was her promise to Peter Maxwell to take good care of his child, and she has received the money. Second, find out the murderer who killed the people of Athens village.

She can’t find out the murderer —- I’m sorry, Gabriel Athens.

If she can’t even fulfill a promise, she doesn’t want to live anymore.

As for… Amelia William.

She thought that she would disappear and not let her know about her death.

Her heart pain has become unable to bear. She knew her disease will become more and more serious.

She was a hedgehog. She knew she was ill, but she tried to hide it from others.

She didn’t want to be looked down upon by others didn’t want to be pitied by others and didn’t want to be laughed by others due to her illness.

She can’t afford to lose her little honor.


There was a knock at the door.

Bella turned around and opened the door.

Kellan Pattinson was standing at the door. “Can I talk to you? I’m in a bad mood recently. Nikki Stewart’s parents have moved away. I don’t think they will ever forgive me.”

“What would you do if they would never forgive you?” Bella said.

“I don’t know what to do? It’s all my fault.” Kellan Pattinson felt guilty.

“There are a lot of couples in the world who broke up, and then they find some other partners.

Kristin Scott’s character is just an example.

You have made the right choice. You can feel guilty, blame yourself that you are responsible, it will change you and you will progress.

What do you think why Nikki Stewart’s parents didn’t forgive you? What do they want you to do?” Bella asked.

“They probably didn’t want to see me, so they moved out.” Kellan Pattinson looked down at the ground.

“You are right. Many people think they are wrong, and then they want to get forgiveness from others. It was their own daughter who died. If they really can’t forgive, why do they have to be forced? If you really think you were wrong you should do what they want you to do, do you understand?” Bella said.

“You mean, I should not see them, I will not ask for their forgiveness, I will disappear and not let them see me?” Kellan Pattinson asked perplexedly.

“First, although you have a reason for this, it’s not a decisive factor. Second, we won others’ forgiveness not just by thinking about what we want, but by thinking about what others want. Until one day, when they want to forgive you, they will contact you. So, in order for them to be able to contact you, you must live well and healthily.” Bella suggested.

“I got it. Just by listening to you, I have a feeling of being enlightened.” Kellan Pattinson praised.

A knock on the door

Kellan Pattinson looked out from the peephole and saw a man with a strong aura. He didn’t know him, but he opened the door.

“Let Bella come out.” James Grayson ordered directly.

Kellan Pattinson looked at James Grayson suspiciously.

Bella heard James Grayson’s voice and came out of the room subconsciously.

“You, go out first.” James Grayson ordered to Kellan Pattinson.

Kellan Pattinson thought that James Grayson was too intimidating and has a charm that people have to admire.

He looked at Bella and asked for the signal.

Bella didn’t want to see James Grayson, but Kellan Pattinson can’t be his opponent. In the end, she will let Kellan Pattinson have some difficulties, and she didn’t want to do that. She nodded to Kellan Pattinson.

Kellan Pattinson went out.

Bella lowered her eyes and shivered several times.

She shouldn’t be as mad this time as she was last time.

“What does this mean?” James Grayson asked, throwing the diary in front of Bella.

Bella didn’t understand, “Why is this notebook here?”

“Didn’t you send it to me? Don’t play dumb. I went to the post office to check the monitoring. It was sent by you. You sent it and throw your bag into the garbage can.” James Grayson asked in a harsh voice.

“Where is my bag now?” Bella asked.

James Grayson looked at her with burning eyes and narrowed his eyes. “Bella, what the hell are you doing?”

“How did you find me?” Bella jumped over the question of James Grayson and asked.

“You shut down your mobile phone and lost your bag, just to not let me find you? Then you should not appear in Halem City. Halem City is under me. Damn it, say clearly what you want!” James Grayson shouted.

He didn’t know what Bella wanted to do.

And she had no impression of what he said.

“No matter what I do, you ignore it. If you hate me and want to deal with me, just come.” Bella said firmly.

James Grayson held Bella’s shoulder, pushed her to the wall, and looked at her with red eyes. “If I want to deal with you you have died on the day I come out. Tell me honestly. Did you make any agreement with David Wilson? He asked you to divorce me, and then let me go, right?”

In Bella’s eyes, there was a sense of serenity.

She was really grateful and thankful that James Grayson still believed in her.

With his trust, she can die without regret.

However, she was very ill. She didn’t want to drag him down anymore. She didn’t want him to be pointed out because of her. She didn’t want to destroy his bright future.

Moreover, her life was also in David Wilson’s hands.

She didn’t want her to be his weakness.

She didn’t want David Wilson to hurt him wantonly by using her as a chess piece.

“James Grayson, don’t be silly. You have come out now if it is as you said, why don’t I stay with you? Wake up, I’m really with David Wilson now, and I won’t look back.”

“He must have threatened you with something. What is it? Our child? Or what, you say it, believe me, no matter what the problem is, I will solve it.” Every time James Grayson said a word, the strength of holding her increased.

She believed in his ability, so between the child and him, she chooses him.

But now, it was not something he can solve.

No one will ever see her well.

Love is not to possess, but to let go….

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