Chapter 314 Sometimes it’s better to leave

The man noticed Bella’s strange behavior. “Don’t need to thank me for this. It is a very little matter. Where is your family? Do you remember the number? I can help you call them.”

“Family,” Bella repeated the word.

Her parents still exist, but none of them can be contacted.

Her husband…. It should be her former husband. But she can’t contact him.

She seemed to have no family.

“Thank you for your kindness. I can manage it myself. Thank you very much.” Bella said with a smile.

“Where are you going? I’ll take you there.” The man was not sure to leave a woman alone in the wilderness.

“Is this far from Halem City?” Bella asked.

“It’s about an hour’s drive. I’m just going back to Halem City. Let me take you there.” the man said.

“Thank you.” Bella nodded.

She opened the back door of the car, sat in the car and looked out of the window.

It turned out that when she was crazy, she still wanted to go to was Halem City.

Her mental state has worsened.

“Excuse me, what day is it today?” Bella asked.

The man looked at Bella strangely. “Sunday.”

That meant she has been out for three days.

She couldn’t remember what she had done in the past three days.

She can’t be stimulated anymore, otherwise, after a few days of illness, she can’t do anything that she wanted to do.

No one can think that a famous psychologist was a psychopath.

She was a psychopath. Therefore, it was easier for her to study the field of psychology than others.

The man of the car looked at Bella in a daze. “You have no money and no cell phone. Don’t you need to call someone?”

Bella looked up at the man. “I have a friend in Halem City. I don’t remember his mobile number, but I know where to find him.”


The car soon reached Halem City.

“Where is your friend’s house? I’ll take you there.” The man said.

“In Chenjia, the specific location is about 500 meters behind the shopping center,” Bella recalled.

“I know that shopping center.” The man kindly dropped Bella at the door of Nikki Stewart’s house.

The door of Nikki Stewart’s house was closed. Bella knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered.

“Is there no one at home?” The man asked, “If you want, I can book a hotel for you. Check-in first and wait for your friend to come back.”

“No, can you take me to the police station nearby? They should have my friend’s number.” In fact, Bella was too embarrassed to bother him.

“Police station? Well, it seems that I have to report to the old director in advance.”

Bella was surprised, “You are really a policeman. I thought you just said it to scare the truck man.”

The car smiled, “now, it really doesn’t count. Well, my name is Frederick Patton. Let’s go. I’ll take you to the police station.”

They reached the police station.

A lot of people at the police station were familiar with her.

“Miss Bella is everything fine? Why did you trouble yourself to come here?” the policeman asked.

“I went back home, my bag was stolen, and my mobile ID was in it. I want my friend’s mobile number. He is Nikki Stewart’s ex-boyfriend. He should have registered his mobile number.” Bella explained softly.

“Yes, Miss Bella, wait a moment. I’ll check now.” The policeman said enthusiastically.

“Do you remember where the bag was stolen?” Frederick Patton asked with concern.

Bella shook her head. “I don’t remember. I’ll talk to my friend later.”


“You helped me a lot. Can I have your mobile number?” Bella said with a smile.

The smile was just polite.

Frederick Patton wrote the number on the paper and handed it to Bella.

Bella took it.

When the director heard that Bella had come, he went out to meet her in person. When he saw Frederick Patton, his eyes were bright. “Deputy Secretary Patton, it’s a great honor to see you. How did you come here?”

“I took a month off.” Frederick Patton said.

“I have received the news that I will retire in a month, and you came back for this position. Is this true?” The director asked.

“At present, the transfer order has not come out yet. I don’t know. If there is any news, I will inform you at the first time.” Frederick Patton said.

“Yes, I’ll treat you to dinner.” The director held Frederick Patton’s hand and looked at Bella. “Miss Bella, what a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect that Miss Bella would come back. I hope you will come more often. Our police department will cooperate with you.”

Bella just nodded and said nothing.

“Miss Bella, here it is.” The police officer ran over and gave Bella the note.

“Thank you.” Bella made a phone call by using their mobile phone.

“Hello.” Kellan Pattinson’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Hello, it’s Bella here. I’m in the police station now. Can you come here for a moment? I have lost my bag, mobile phone and cards. I may have to trouble you for a few days.” Bella explained.

“Just wait for me for half an hour. I’ll come right now.” Kellan Pattinson hung up the phone, got up and said to others, “We end the meeting here.”

He picked up his coat, put it on and ran out.

Bella was waiting in the reception room.

Frederick Patton poured her a cup of hot tea. “Just now, the old director told me about your work, and I also searched once. You turned out to be a famous psychologist. Nice to meet you.”

“If you hadn’t come there at the time, a psychologist would be reporting the importance of physical strength.” Bella joked.

Frederick Patton also laughed.

Half an hour later

Kellan Pattinson came over and asked with concern, “how can you make such a mess? But I’m glad that you called me. Come on, you don’t have your ID card. Maybe you can’t stay in the hotel. Live at my place first.”

“Thank you.”

“No need of it.”

“Since your ID card has been transferred, you need to go to the local police station to make up. I’ll see if I can transfer your information out. First, I need to make up a temporary ID card. So that you can make a bank card or something.” Frederick Patton said enthusiastically.

Bella smiled.

In this world, there are more good people and less bad people. “Thank you, when I get the bank card, I will invite you to dinner.”

“OK, I’ll wait for your call.” Frederick Patton also said with a smile.

Kellan Pattinson took a look at Frederick Patton.

On the bus

“You must want to change now. I’ll take you to the shopping center nearby to buy some clothes.” Kellan Pattinson said carefully.

“Thank you.”

Kellan Pattinson raised a smile. “You have said thank you to me many times today. It’s all my responsibility. It’s just a small matter. Are you going directly to Governor Maxwell’s home in Halem City this time? Or you will go back to your city?”

Bella shook her head. “I want to have a day or two off first.”

“Well, I’ll show you around Halem City. By the way, aren’t you going to be a tutor of his son? I found a house near his house. It will be convenient for you to go.”

Bella really didn’t know what else to say besides “thank you.”

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