Chapter 312 As if it was a lifetime ago

The night was long and dark, Bella didn’t fall asleep, and her heart was in severe pain. She had been studying the diary Nikki Stewart’s father gave her.

There were a lot of details in the diary, but there was no detailed description of where the treasure was.

She felt that Nikki Stewart’s father had found the location of the treasure, but he didn’t want to say it. After all, it was her own hard work, and he didn’t want to waste it easily.

So, Nikki Stewart’s father gave her the diary, but he didn’t name it. He accepted the circumstances with good will.

Bella has been studying it until more nine o’clock the next day, maybe because she didn’t sleep well these days, or maybe because of the injection of the virus, her heart ached.

She put the diary in her bag, went to the window and looked out.

There was sunshine and wind outside. It looked like a beautiful day.

She wondered if James Grayson can be released in this fine weather.

The phone rang.

It was David Wilson’s Caller ID. She answered.

“If I let go of James Grayson, will you stay by my side.” David Wilson wanted to make a final decision.

“Of course, I have nowhere to go. In order to prove my lies true and believable, I have to stay with you.” Bella said coldly.

“He will be released today. Bella, don’t do anything that you regret, otherwise next time I won’t give you a chance to repent.” David Wilson warned and hung up the phone.

Finally, David Wilson agreed!

After a night’s struggle, Bella finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She put her cell phone on the bedside table, lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. She was too sleepy and soon fell asleep.

She was woken up by the ring of her cell phone.

Bella took a look at the time. It was 15 o’clock in the afternoon.

She looked at the caller ID of David Wilson and answered, “What’s the matter?”

“Where are you? James Grayson has been released.” David Wilson said coldly.

“Okay, his business has nothing to do with me. In the future, don’t talk about it. I need to sleep more, I will get in touch after I wake up.”

“Where are you? I can accompany you?” David Wilson said that he was evil and sycophantic.

Bella heard his teasing, “I’m not joking with you. Please contact me at 17. I’ll invite you to dinner.”

Bella finished saying, didn’t give David Wilson room to talk, hung up the phone, and continue to lie on the bed, but couldn’t sleep.

She wanted to find out the murderer of Athens village earlier. She got up, went into the bathroom to bath, changed into a dry striped shirt, and walked out with a towel and wet hair.

There was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Bella asked.

“Housekeeping.” The waiter’s voice came in.

“Wait.” Bella opened the door.

The waiter moved aside.

David Wilson came over with a bouquet of roses and handed them to Bella with a smile. “You know, even if you hide at the end of the world, I will find you out.”

“To hell? Dare join me?” Bella asked in reply. Her eyes were cold, as if they were poisoned.

“When you go to hell, I’ll follow you to hell. When you go to heaven, I will kill all the gods. Is this answer satisfying?” David Wilson asked, passed by Bella, went to her room and put the flowers on the tea table.

Then he lazily leaned against the sofa and looked at Bella coolly and ordered, “Come here.”

Bella did not close the door, walked and sat down opposite David Wilson.

“What about the treasure? Don’t try to fool me with a word.” David Wilson warned.

“Three years ago, James Grayson and I went to Athens village and found Gabriel Athens, who killed Governor Trammell. He told us a secret. Some time ago, five people slaughtered their whole village just for a treasure and a treasure map.”

“That’s where the treasure is?” David Wilson didn’t believe it.

“I guess so, because I know that there is a man who might kill those villagers. He has a construction company in his hand and wants to buy that land. I told James Grayson to take it down. I’m not sure if the land is a place where treasure is stored.” Bella said half, hid half. She can’t tell David Wilson completely.

“Do you think that man is Steven Maxwell?” David Wilson was suspicious.

“Yes.” Bella did not deny it.

“No wonder James investigated a lot about him. I got it.” David Wilson stood up. “I’ll take you to buy some clothes and find a beauty salon to make you look better. You’re almost thirty, so you should take good care of yourself.”

Bella looked down.

She was only twenty-seven years old, and before twenty-eight years or thirty years, she will die an untimely death!

“Well, I have one thing to discuss with you,” Bella said.

David Wilson hugged Bella’s waist, pulled him to his side, and looked at her with burning eyes. “What do you want to discuss with me?”

“I want to continue my project for about three months. I’ve collected money from the other side for a month,” Bella said in a soft voice way, because she was requesting she didn’t struggle or push him.

David Wilson didn’t speak. He gently moved the hair from Bella’s forehead aside. He bowed his head and kissed Bella’s forehead. “Isn’t it too good? Talk and get along with each other peacefully. This way the life will be passed quickly.”

“Do you agree or not?” Bella asked and stared at him.

“Bella, I really don’t want you to use your brain.” David Wilson politely refused.

“I didn’t use my brain, but I promised others and collected others’ money.”

“Isn’t it something you often do? You just have to return the money. If it’s not enough, you can ask me for how much you want.” David Wilson smiled as if he had seen through her.

Bella was helpless. “Give me three months. I will do this project. When I will come back after three months we can live a life as husband and wife.”

David Wilson’s eyes flashed excitement, and his heart beat wildly.

She and he can live as husband and wife?

The temptation for him was too big.

“Do you mean it?” David Wilson couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t need to cheat you. If I turn against you in three months, you can use force directly. I can’t escape your palm, can I?” Bella talked rationally.

Three months later, she will die.

She was not afraid of David Wilson.

David Wilson looked at Bella’s firm eyes and asked suspiciously, “do you really think so? You and I’ll be together in the future?”

“I didn’t think so, but I’m helpless.”

David Wilson’s eyes cool. “I am happy that you got it. Let’s go.”

Bella was afraid that David Wilson would refuse to let her go to Halem. She cannot be rebellious. She went to buy clothes with David Wilson, beautified her appearance, went to a restaurant for dinner, and when she entered the box, she saw James Grayson…..

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