Chapter 311 My love is the well-being of my lover

“I will die soon. You can still go to him and live your life happily.” James Grayson said coldly, while staring at Bella.

She still didn’t look at him. “If you die without this divorce. I will be known as your wife. I don’t want to carry this name.”

“Of course, how can I stay with a person who hates me deeply? It is too cheap for me as well.” James Grayson took Bella’s agreement and pen.

Bella saw that he had signed two beautiful words ‘James Grayson’ on the agreement.

His words were still beautiful, upright and flowing.

Bella turned away her face, and the mist diffused in her eyes.

Once, she tried her best to marry him, to be with him and today, this relationship was destroyed by her own self….

James Grayson smashed the pen and the agreement on the ground and said coldly, “You can get lost now.”

“There’s another agreement. Sign it.” Bella handed James Grayson his marriage agreement with Scarlett Evan.

James Grayson took over the agreement from Bella, looked at the words on it, and there was a flame in his eyes. He looked at Bella with great uncertainty, “What do you mean by this?”

“I’m afraid you’ll harass me later. So I want to make sure.”

James Grayson was so angry that he threw the agreement on Bella’s face. “I’m going to die here. Didn’t you arrange it? Do you think it’s necessary for me to sign the marriage agreement with Scarlett Evan?”

Bella said without expression, “Yes I know. But even at the last moment, I don’t want to take it lightly. Your family is too powerful. What if they rescued you?”

“Even if I’m rescued, I’ll marry whoever I want, it has nothing to do with you. It will never come to you. I don’t want to see you again.” James Grayson turned around.

“I advise you to sign the agreement. Your and Scarlett Evan’s child is still in my hands. I can let him die at any time.” Bella said cruelly.

James Grayson hit himself in the iron bar.

The iron bar was hit and made a loud noise, “Bella, why do you want to show your cruelty!”

“Anyway, you are going to die soon. No matter how do I expose myself in front of you, what’s the matter? If you sign an agreement, you will go a little easier.” Bella said coldly.

James Grayson looked at her.

She knew that if she will avoid eye contact again, he will see into. She looked up, straight in his eyes.

The looked at each other for a minute.

“Give me the agreement.” James Grayson said.

Bella picked up the agreement and pen on the ground and handed it to James Grayson.

“You’d better not let me out, or I’ll make your life worse than death.” He said and glared at her.

Bella just looked at James Grayson.

She didn’t plan to live long. When she will fulfill her promise with Gabriel Athens to find out the murderer of Athens village, she will go abroad and find a place where no one can find her to die quietly.

She can’t bear the cruelty of the world, and she didn’t want to, either.

“If you want to deal with me, you will better stand high, otherwise you will fall again,” Bella said in a cold voice.

James Grayson threw the agreement on the ground, turned around and turned his back to her.

Bella picked up the two agreements, put them in the bag, looked back at James Grayson for the last time, and smiled slightly.

Tears rolled down.

James Grayson, I hope in this life we will never meet again.

She turned and went out of the room.

David Wilson came out of the monitoring room and stood in front of Bella. “You did a good job. I almost believed it.”

Bella handed the agreement to David Wilson. “Remember to let him out tomorrow.”

“Do you think I’ll let him out when I get what I want?” David Wilson said arrogantly.

Bella had thought of it for a long time that David Wilson could do such a rebellious thing. She came even though she had the risk of being cheated.

If she hasn’t come there, there will be 100% chances of James Grayson’s death.

But after this, she has some chances of James Grayson’s life.

“Only if James Grayson will live well, I will stay with you and tell you the secret of the treasure. If James Grayson dies, I will die with him and go to hell with the secret of the treasure.” Bella looked at the front indifferently and said.

“Where is the treasure? Why did James Grayson expropriate that land?” David Wilson heard about this in the surveillance. “What kind of treasure it is?”

“Let him come out, and you will know.” Bella walked passed by him.

She went upstairs and was blindfolded by David Wilson’s man.

Bella stood still.

David Wilson took her arm and walked forward.

His men opened the door and Bella sat in.

“Stay with me tonight?” David Wilson asked.

Bella said, “Don’t you worry about me killing you?”

“If you kill me, no one will help you save James. You will not kill me until James Grayson is saved.” David Wilson said firmly.

She was not stupid either.

Going to David Wilson’s place only means one thing and she didn’t want to give herself to him.

“I won’t contact you again until you let him come out. Drop me somewhere.” Bella said in a cold voice.

David Wilson took Bella’s blindfold, leaned over, and held her head with one hand. “I can do what I want to do to you now. You can’t resist at all, don’t you know it?”

“Does a woman’s body make any difference to you? You want my heart, don’t you?” Bella looked at him coldly.

David Wilson held her chin, and moved closer, “Can you give me your heart?”

“I gave it to you.” Bella did not deny it.

David Wilson paused and looked at Bella’s eyes. There was a trace of complexity in her eyes. “But now you gave it to James Grayson.”

“Do you think it’s still possible for me and James Grayson?” Bella asked, with hatred.

David Wilson’s eyes flashed hatred, and he left her. “Yes, you can only live if you follow me. Your body can only be mine. I’m not afraid of a long time. I have some time to wait. Being with each other for a lifetime is also the longest love confession.”

“The way we love is different. Your love is occupation, just like children playing with toys. My love is the well-being of my lover. We are not destined to be together.” Bella said.

“If I do things for the well-being of my lover. You won’t even see me again.” David Wilson was a little excited. “Well, this world always goes as strong people want. Snatch what you want, same for a woman. You can go out of the car. Don’t do something that you regret. I can let James go, and I can also catch him again.”

David Wilson signaled the driver to stop the car.

Bella opened the door, got down the car, and looked at the boundless night.

She didn’t know where to go.

As if she had no place to go, she found a hotel nearby to stay.

In the future for her every step, she has to be careful. Perhaps, the sooner she dies, the safer James Grayson can be…..

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