Chapter 445 Men liked women of twenty at all ages

I didn’t look up and couldn’t see Rachel’s face.

But it didn’t matter to me.

Rachel was silent for a moment and said, “Aunt Jones, I’ve already inquired. It turns out that you are Mr. Jessop’s ex-wife and gave birth to a child for Mr. Jessop. Now you don’t leave because you want to make up with Mr. Jessop.”


I washed the curtains and didn’t deny it.

Maybe from some point of view, I did hope so.

Rachel giggled. “You’re naive. Have you ever heard a proverb?”

I ignored her, but she continued, “men are single-minded. Men of all ages like women of twenty. Do you think so?”

With that, Rachel smiled even more brightly.

I looked up at Rachel and finally found that she was a little strange.

Rachel’s hair was plain black, but it was cut in layers.

Especially her bangs were carefully cut.

Her hair must have been designed by a barber in a regular barber shop.

I stood up suddenly. Rachel was holding her chin in her hand.

I could see her fingers.

Her nails were not long but clean. She must take care of them often.

I looked at Rachel again.

I was pretty sure she was not a country girl. She was a standard city girl.

And she used to be very fashionable.

“What’s the matter?” Rachel seemed a little flustered.

I smiled, “Rachel, how old are you? Where do you come from? You’re a servant for the first time, aren’t you?”

“Me?” Rachel looked aside and said unnaturally, “I’m 20 this year. I am a native. I just want to experience life as a servant.”

To be honest, if I didn’t find out, I would think she was a vain country girl and embarrassed to say where she was born.

I didn’t look down on country girls, but I understood Rachel was pretending.

And everything seemed to have been choreographed for her.

Who was this person?

Needless to say, I understood.

I pretended not to find out. I exposed her, “really? Where are your junior and senior high schools? You should go to college. Why do you want to be a servant?”

“It’s none of your business!” Rachel was embarrassed. She raised her feet and kicked the big basin in front of her.

She turned and was leaving!

“Come here!” I grabbed Rachel. “Put them back.”


Rachel was obviously reluctant.

“Hurry up!” I had been holding her.

After making sure Rachel was acting, I was confident.

Sean wanted to pretend and get rid of me.

OK, I would cooperate with them. I wanted to see when they were exposed.

I could wash the curtains every day!

Rachel was flustered. “I don’t…”

“Then stay here!”

“I’m going to report Mr. Jessop!”


Rachel and I were fighting downstairs.

Sure enough, soon I heard the sound of a wheelchair behind me.

We turned around at the same time. Rachel saw Sean and was aggrieved. Suddenly she began to cry.

She ran up to Sean and said, “Mr. Jessop, here you are.”

I was in a trance for a moment.

Sean and Molly did that many years ago.

“Yes.” Sean reached out and sat Rachel in his lap. He put his hand behind her and asked gently, “what’s the matter?”

“She kicked my basin over. I asked her to help me with it.”

I calmly replied.

Instead of looking at me, Sean looked at Rachel and asked, “really?”

“I… I didn’t mean to…” Rachel nodded and said pitifully.

She cried a lot.

She was very similar to Molly.

I used to be stubborn and always suffered.

Sean looked up and the tenderness in his eyes turned into indifference. “She takes care of me. She doesn’t have to do that. Stay away from her later.”

Then he said to Rachel, “push me back.”


Rachel sadly left his leg and pushed Sean away.

She turned and looked at me before she left. Her eyes were full of ostentation.

I knew they were pretending, but I looked at them and felt a little heartache.

I bit my lip and reluctantly brought the basin back.

In the evening, I hung the curtains and went back to my room to design.

Coincidentally, when I went to the bathroom at night, as soon as I went out, I saw Rachel just coming back.

She walked with a limp.

She saw me and was immediately proud. As she passed me, she said, “Mr. Jessop is excellent. I think I will be pregnant soon.”


I said coldly.

I went to the bathroom and went back to the room.

I continued to work.

I had been washing the curtains these days and it was easy. I came back early in the evening to design and call Lester and talk to Linda about my work.

Everything went well.

But almost every night I came across Rachel and I was stimulated by her in various ways.

At first, I was in a bad mood, but after a long time I was calm and took it as a play.

Since Sean and Rachel were pretending, I would cooperate.

Anyway, since I said I would not leave, I would not leave.

Unless one day I saw Sean having sex with Rachel.

But I guessed it would never happen.

I stayed here for another week, and my life seemed to have no change. I still washed curtains every day. Anyway, there were so many curtains in the manor, and I could wash one piece a day until spring.

Although the water was a little cold, I didn’t touch it very long. I just put the curtains in and I quickly got used to it.

I had been coughing all week and it was getting worse. My chest hurt more and more.

Today, I hung the curtains and wanted to go back to my room. I saw Sean in a wheelchair blocking the door.

“Mr. Jessop.” I hadn’t seen Sean for days.

He looked at me without any expression. He heard me cough and frown and say coldly, “why don’t you go to the doctor? Do you want to infect her?”



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