Chapter 444 Don’t you want the last dignity?

Actually, Sean asked me to wash the curtains, but I didn’t want to give up.

The curtains were not dirty anyway. I could simply wash them.

I spent the whole day washing about two curtains, and then I hung them.

It was not hard for me, but the water was too cold. My hands were swollen with cold.

Maybe it was because I suffered a lot. This little thing was nothing to me.

In the evening, Rachel cooked dinner and sent it upstairs.

I was not allowed to go upstairs. I made some supper and ate it.

After a while, Rachel took the cutlery downstairs. The bodyguard said to her, “Mr. Jessop asked you to go upstairs and bathe him.”


Rachel seemed to be blushing.

She put down the cutlery and went upstairs.

I looked at the food in the dining car and found that Sean didn’t seem to eat too much.

I didn’t care and went back to work.

I was glad I had time to work, but the thought of Rachel bathing for Sean made me fidgety and not in the mood to work.

I took a look at my cell phone. Rachel had been upstairs for two hours.

They bathed too long.

Now that Sean reacted to her, they…

I was upset and couldn’t go on with my work.

I turned off the computer and walked into the corridor. I found Rachel’s room and knocked.

Then I put my face on the door and listened.

It was quiet inside.

It meant Rachel hadn’t come back.


I went upstairs reluctantly. There was no bodyguard on the second floor.

I went straight to the door of Sean’s bedroom.

I put my ears on the door.

To be honest, the sound insulation of the room here was very good. Although I tried my best to listen, I couldn’t hear a sound at all.

What was going on inside?

I didn’t know.

People seemed to be curious animals. I was not happy and wanted to know.

If Sean didn’t need me, I would leave.

I raised my hand and knocked on the door.

There was no sound.

When I hesitated to open the door, it suddenly opened.

I looked up and saw Rachel opening the door. She was wearing a bath towel and looked as if she had just wrapped it in a hurry.

Her hair was a bit messy and she blushed.

Her cleavage was exposed and there were many red marks on her white skin.

I bit my lips and thought it was ridiculous!

“Becky, what are you doing?”

Rachel blushed and held the towel tightly in her hand.

I finally knew how I felt when my husband and servant cheated!

I had never been so angry and aggrieved!

“Get out of the way!” I was angry and pushed Rachel away and pushed the door open!

The moment the door was opened, I saw Sean calmly lying on the bed and looking at me.

He was covered only with a thin quilt.

I could see the high bulge in his crotch in the middle of the quilt.

At that moment, my tears fell.

He looked at me and was disgusted. “Now leave.”


I was reluctant!

I went forward and tried to lift his quilt, but he pressed it.

He asked me, “this is your last dignity. Don’t you want it?”

I looked at Sean.

His eyes were cold and I had a lot of pain.

Last dignity?

Yes, he was right.

If I lifted the quilt and saw that there was no problem, what did it prove?

I couldn’t interest Sean anymore!

“Becky, what are you doing!” Rachel was a little upset and came over.

I looked up at Rachel. Her face was vibrant. Her face was beautiful and her eyes were like the most precious black pearl.

He liked young and beautiful girls.

I clenched my fist. Tears wet the mask on my face.

My teeth were biting my lips and I coughed like hell.

Every time I coughed, my chest hurt badly.

He looked at me and his face didn’t change. He just said, “get out. Don’t disturb me.”

“OK.” I nodded and was reluctant, but I forced myself to leave.

When I got to the door, Rachel ran to close it.

I squatted at the door and wept.

I sat there and thought about the days I had been wronged by Sean. Even though he embarrassed me, I didn’t leave.

I was a designer and hands were important to me. But I didn’t care about myself at all for him.

What did I get?

I squatted there and couldn’t control my emotions and cried.

I didn’t know how long I cried.

I only knew Rachel didn’t come out at all.

At last I was tired and hoarse. I got up and went to the kitchen to drink water and went back to my room to pack.

I packed my luggage quickly.

When I was carrying my suitcase and wanted to go out, I thought of what I said to Monica.

I said I would not leave.

Yes, I was prepared before I came.

I stood at the door and clenched my fist. I closed my eyes and kept comforting myself.

Finally I made up my mind and sat in bed and shouted, “I won’t leave!”

I would not leave!

Even if Sean did have an affair with Rachel now, what he did for me was not fake.

And maybe he did it on purpose now.

In fact, nothing happened.

I told myself in my heart.

Then I took back my luggage and turned on the computer and started working.

I worked very efficiently that night. At 3 o’clock I finished the work I planned to finish tomorrow, then I sent it to Linda and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up at 7 o’clock.

I went to the backyard and continued to wash the curtains.

The bodyguards saw me and were stunned.

But Rachel was the most surprised.

She ran to the backyard and asked me, “Aunt Jones, why haven’t you left?”

Aunt Jones.

Her attitude changed too quickly.

I didn’t look up. As I was doing the laundry, I asked, “you call me Aunt Jones, so do you call Mr. Jessop Uncle Jessop in bed?”

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