Chapter 443 It responded

Sean called a doctor for me.

The doctor gave me an injection and prescribed medicine. It took me about three days to recover.

But I still coughed.

I was afraid of infecting others, so I put on my mask.

These days, Rachel had completely replaced me. She looked after Sean.

I had seen Rachel spend hours in Sean’s room several times and I was very sad.

I wanted to ask them what they were doing inside.

I was afraid Sean would let Rachel bathe him as he asked me to.

I didn’t think Sean would do that, but I thought it was possible.

Rachel spent three hours in Sean’s room in the evening. I met her in the hallway and saw that she was a little wet. I couldn’t help asking, “what are you doing in Mr. Jessop’s room?”

Rachel looked at me and was embarrassed and said, “nothing.”

I didn’t know if it was my illusion. I thought she blushed in the dim light of the corridor.

Although I was not happy, I just nodded.

I went to the kitchen and met a bodyguard. He saw me and said, “Becky, Mr. Jessop said these curtains need to be washed. We’ll help you take them down tomorrow. You can wash them.”


Sean was really going to push me away.

He didn’t let me near him. He just asked me to do this.

My heart was full of grievances and anger.

I took my medicine in the kitchen and was going back to work in my room.

But no sooner had I turned on the computer than someone knocked.

Before I could speak, Rachel’s voice came from the door, “Sis Becky, are you asleep?”


Why did Rachel come to me so late?

I didn’t think much about it. I got up and opened the door.

When I opened the door, I saw Rachel in pajamas. She saw me and immediately grabbed me and said, “may I ask you something?”

Actually, Rachel and I didn’t know each other very well. I was a little uncomfortable.

I hesitated and nodded.

Rachel came in and saw my computer and was envious, “why do you have such a good computer? Did Mr. Jessop give it to you? How long after you worked here did Mr. Jessop give it to you?”

I looked at Rachel.

To be honest, although Rachel was dressed and behaved like a country girl, I felt that she lacked a kind of temperament.

She was not like Erin. Erin looked like a country girl.

Rachel was more like a college student with a good tutor.

What she said just now was not in keeping with her temperament.

I hesitated and said, “it’s my own.”

Rachel sat behind me and looked at my computer screen and asked, “what is this? It looks so advanced. Is it a programming software?”


“What is it? You are so good! You know everything!”

Rachel adored me.

I looked at her suspiciously and thought she was weird.

I didn’t want to talk to her much. I asked her impatiently, “why do you come to me?”

Rachel tapped her head and said, “I almost forgot.”

“Say it.”

My tone was a little cold.

But Rachel didn’t seem to feel it. She approached me and said, “Mr. Jessop’s lower body is unconscious, right? But that part of him is normal.”

“Which part?”

I could probably guess what she meant.

But I was not sure.

“That!” Rachel said it with a slight red face.


I continued.

Rachel approached my ear and whispered, “penis.”

My heart tightened when I heard her.

What? Sean’s lower body reacted?

It was impossible.

Last time I did that to Sean.

Sean didn’t respond because it was me?

I asked her, “how do you know?”

“I… I…” This time I was really sure Rachel was blushing. She clutched me hard and said, “because I saw it.”

“You saw it?”

“Yes…” Rachel nodded and bowed her head and whispered, “in fact, I bathed Mr. Jessop in his room at night, and then I saw that Mr. Jessop’s penis became bigger, and it was very big…”

Rachel’s voice was getting smaller and smaller.

But I heard it clearly.

My heart was like being held by an invisible hand and I had trouble breathing.

Did Rachel and Sean take a bath together?

Ming and Erin once had an affair.

But I didn’t care.

Today, it was Sean, but I couldn’t breathe. I held the sheet tightly and bit my lips with my teeth and forced myself to calm down.

Rachel didn’t seem to notice my abnormality and whispered, “I’m a virgin. I dare not help Mr. Jessop take a bath in the future.” She asked me, “Sis Becky, have you bathed Mr. Jessop before? Has such a thing happened?”

“I bathed him, but I didn’t see it.” I was upset and said to Rachel, “just call me Becky.”

“But you are older than me.”

“Then you can call me Becky.”


Rachel was aggrieved.

I stared at her and didn’t know if she was showing off or really asking me.

She was young, but I didn’t understand her.

“Go out. I’m going to work.”

I was a little upset.

But Rachel immediately became unhappy. “Why do you say that? We are both servants. Why do you seem to be superior to me!”

Her change surprised me a little.

I looked at Rachel and she didn’t seem to think her behavior was wrong at all.

She was a little like Erin.

But I didn’t mind. I calmly said, “this is my room. I want you out. What’s the matter?”

“You… You offended Mr. Jessop. Don’t be arrogant. I just heard the bodyguard say you have to wash the curtains tomorrow.”

Rachel got up and opened the door and went out.

She did look a little like Erin.

I turned on my computer and didn’t go to bed until 2 o’clock.

The next morning, the bodyguards took half the curtains down. The curtains here were heavy and big. It could only be washed with a special washing machine.

And they not only let me wash, but also specially found a huge basin for me. This basin couldn’t be put in the manor, but only in the garden.

There was no hot water but cold water coming from the tap used to water the flowers.

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