Chapter 442 It’s unlucky that you die here

When I was about to go downstairs, the bodyguard caught up with me. “You can leave. Mr. Jessop just wants to get rid of you.”

“I know. I won’t leave.”

I said calmly.

The bodyguards recognized me yesterday.

The bodyguard sighed behind me. “You are too stubborn.”

“Well, I think so.”

I said with a smile.

I went to the garden in the winter clothes of the servants and cotton gloves.

This was my first time here. The garden looked bigger.

In front of this garden of several hundred square meters, I knew I couldn’t finish it.

How long could I hold on?

But forget it.

Since I said I would not leave, I must not leave.

I took a deep breath and squatted down and began to pull the grass.

The whole garden was covered with thick snow. When I picked up the snow, I found that no one had cleaned it for a long time. The whole garden was overgrown with weeds.

I squatted there and began to pull the grass.

The grass was very fragile in winter. They broke easily. I thought I could do it this way.

But soon a bodyguard told me, “Mr. Jessop said you had to pull out the grass roots.”

Sean seemed to have figured it out.

I slowly pulled the roots out by hand.

At first, I thought it was OK.

But the cold was creeping into my gloves. My hands soon froze and had difficulty bending, let alone pulling grass.

I squatted there and took off my gloves. Then I put my hands in my clothes to keep warm and went on.

In this way, I pulled the grass till the sun went down.

In the evening, it was colder here.

The bodyguards took turns to stand guard.

A bodyguard kindly advised me. “Becky, you can tell Mr. Jessop you can’t do it and then you can leave. Mr. Jessop doesn’t really want to embarrass you. He just wants you to leave.”

“I will not leave.”

I said calmly.

Actually, I was freezing at this time.

But I didn’t want to leave.

In fact, at this time, I thought Sean and I were not competing for who could hold on more, but who would give up first.

Sean did it just to push me away.

I knew why he wanted to push me away. I didn’t believe that he would watch me suffer cruelly.

I was just betting that he loved me.

He didn’t say he loved me except when he married Cindy.

But I wanted to make a bet.

The sun set. Soon it was dark.

I pulled the grass slowly. I occasionally looked back and saw that the light in Sean’s bedroom was still on.

I could see him clearly sitting at the window and looking at me.

Rachel was standing beside him.

My whole body froze at this time. I wanted to take a hot bath, but I knew I couldn’t.

Sean was waiting for me to give up.

But I would not give up.

Time flied.

Then the light went out in Sean’s room. I guessed he was asleep.

The new bodyguard asked me if I wanted to rest. I refused decisively. “No, he said I can’t rest before I finish.”

I wanted to rest, but I was afraid Sean was testing me.

I had been busy all night.

When the sun rose, I was too cold to move my lips.

My vision was blurred and I had a headache.

But the garden was so big that I didn’t even clean a corner.

I turned around and looked at Sean’s bedroom. He was still sitting there and looking at me.

All right, Sean, just take a good look at me.

I was desperate at this time. I didn’t seem to have any energy.

I knew I was stubborn, but I didn’t want to give in.

Maybe I should give in.

Unfortunately, I had always been stubborn.

I remembered I suffered a lot in prison because of this.

But I couldn’t die here. I had to take care of Lester.

I looked up slightly and said to the bodyguard behind me, “I want to drink water.”

The bodyguard nodded and immediately went to get the water. When he came back, I wanted to get up, but my back hurt so much.

I couldn’t stand up and lay on the ground. Even if I lay down, I couldn’t straighten.

The bodyguard knelt down and held me and sighed, “you’d better give up. We will take care of Mr. Jessop. You can rest assured.”

“Thank you…” I shook my head and finally sat up.

He handed me the water.

I held the hot water cup in my hand, but I still felt cold.

The bodyguard looked at me. “Your face is so red.”

“Really? I’m cold.”

I was honest.

I took a sip of water.

It was nice to have water.

The bodyguard looked at me and said, “I’ll get you something to eat.”

“No.” I shook my head. “If I eat, he might have reason to drive me away. I want to compare with him whether I fall down first or he gives up first.”

I returned the water glass to the bodyguard and wanted to squat down.

But this time I was dizzy and fell in the snow!


I heard the bodyguard.

I opened my eyes in a daze and waved, “I’m OK. I…”

I wanted to say I was OK, but I didn’t have the strength.

I looked at the bedroom window on the second floor and saw that he had moved his wheelchair away.

If he loved me, how could he not pity me?

The bodyguard carried me inside. Soon I saw Sean come in. He was in a wheelchair and there was no love in his eyes.

He looked at me and said coldly, “if you can’t finish it, you can leave.”

“I can.” I clenched my teeth and sat up from the sofa. I wanted to stand up, but I fell on the soft carpet.

It hurt.

It was cold.

I must have a high fever.

When I fell, I saw Sean reach out his arm in his wheelchair.

I thought he loved me.

But he didn’t move. He just said impatiently, “you can do it after the fever subsides, or it’s unlucky that you die here!”

I stood up and looked at Sean.

I wanted to find pity in his eyes, but I failed.

He didn’t seem to pity me at all.

I was a little confused. Should I insist?

Was it really right for me to give up so much and come here?

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