Chapter 441 Won’t you give in?

In the afternoon, I was dizzy.

Sean told me to pour the water. I held the teapot and stood there with my head blank.

I didn’t react a little until the water came down the table and burned my feet.

“I’m sorry!”

I set the teapot aside and looked up at Sean.

He looked at me and his eyes were cold. He didn’t seem to blame me. There was no superfluous expression on his face.

He just looked at me.

But I was a little scared.

I took the toilet paper out of the bathroom and wiped the floor and apologized, “I’m sorry, Mr. Jessop. I will be careful.”

Then I mop the floor with a mop.

The mop was in the tool room downstairs. I ran over and took it back. After that, Sean said, “go downstairs and prepare dinner.”


I answered and left.

When I got to the kitchen, I took a look. It was still early, so I curled up in the corner of the kitchen and wanted to have a rest.

But my eyelids were heavy.

I was afraid I would sleep too long. I immediately took my cell phone out and set an alarm clock for me to get up in 30 minutes.

Then I fell asleep.

I didn’t know how long I slept. I felt soft around me. I heard a slight sigh in my ear.

I was too sleepy.

I didn’t care. I just wanted to sleep more.

When I opened my eyes again, it was daylight outside.

I looked at the soft bed around me and thought for a long time that I should make dinner for Sean!

Then I fell asleep!

I looked up and saw the cell phone and turned it on.

It was the next morning!

I was afraid Sean would blame me and try to get rid of me. I was scared and rushed upstairs at once!

Sean’s bedroom door was ajar, and I gently pushed the door open and saw him lying quietly on the bed.

I went over and saw that he was still wearing the clothes he had worn yesterday. I fell asleep so he couldn’t change.

I felt a little guilty.

I saw that he didn’t cover the quilt so I covered it for him. When I turned and was about to leave, I was held by a powerful arm from behind and pulled directly onto the bed.

Then I heard him say, “don’t go.”

I was nervous and thought he woke up.

But I looked back quietly and saw his eyes closed.

He held me tight and breathed evenly.

I lay in a very uncomfortable position and dared not move.

He just held me like this.

After a few seconds, I heard him mutter again, “stand there and don’t sleep.”


Did he think of these things when he was dreaming?

But soon, I heard a light and helpless sigh. I was a little bit nervous.

He held me tighter. I heard him say in a very light voice, “won’t you give in?”

Give in?

My heart seemed to be pricked by a needle.

Was that what he thought?

But after a while, he turned over and finally let me go.

I carefully stood up from the bed and looked at Sean who was asleep. I thought of his words and was in a complicated mood.

I got up and wanted to go to the kitchen to make breakfast, but as soon as I got to the kitchen, I saw someone already making breakfast.

It was a strange face.

It was a young maid.

She heard the footsteps and turned her head and saw me. She smiled and said, “you’re Becky, right? Hello, my name is Rachel. I’m new here. We’ll take care of Mr. Jessop together in the future.”

I was not happy to see her.

Sean found another servant. Was he ready to get rid of me?

In this case, I would not leave!

Rachel made breakfast and I went upstairs with her.

Sean asked me to have breakfast with him. I was a little relieved.

After breakfast, I looked at his legs. I thought the technology was very developed now. He should not be unable to stand up.

Didn’t he want to check?

I hesitated for a moment and said, “Mr. Jessop, have you checked recently?”

Sean looked at me and was kind of cold, but he didn’t talk.

His expression was unfriendly. My heart was pounding. I was afraid he would throw me out at once.

Then he raised his hand slightly and pointed to the balcony in front of him.

Did he want me to leave?

I looked at him and I was nervous. I thought he would let me out, but I heard him say, “the garden outside is a bit messy. Clean it up. If you can’t finish it, don’t come back today.”


I was stunned.

“Guard.” Before I could say anything, Sean spoke again.

The bodyguard outside came in and asked respectfully, “Mr. Jessop, what can I do for you?”

Sean pointed to the garden outside and said, “she’s going to start cleaning it today. You have to watch her. If she can’t finish it, she’s not allowed to rest.”

I turned and looked out at the big garden.

I had to finish it by myself?

I was afraid the winter would be over then!

Even the bodyguard was scared, “Mr. Jessop, it…”

“It’s winter. There will be no new weeds. My request is that there should be no weeds.”

Sean interrupted the bodyguard and said what he wanted again.

I couldn’t help getting angry and looking at Sean, “why do you think I can clean the whole garden by myself?”

It was winter. It snowed a few days ago. Now the whole garden was covered with snow. I may freeze to death.

Sean seemed to be waiting for me to say that. He immediately smiled, “can’t you do it? Then you can leave.”

Sure enough, he was embarrassing me.

He wanted me to leave.

Or he hired Rachel because he was sure I would refuse to tidy the garden today and leave.

I stood there and straightened up and said calmly, “I’m sorry. Now that I’m here, I won’t leave. I can tidy the garden.”

“Go.” Sean didn’t even turn the wheelchair and calmly said, “I’ll watch you here.”

“OK, Mr. Jessop.”

I turned and went out.

Rachel ran after me and asked, “where are you going?”

“Tidy the garden.”

I answered her.

Rachel’s expression was strange, “why do you do this in winter? It’s just snowed. Now the snow is melting. It’s cold.”

“It’s OK.” I shook my head and looked at Rachel. I wanted to tell her to take good care of Sean.

But I didn’t think it was necessary.

Rachel took the money and would take good care of Sean.

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