Chapter 440 Didn’t sleep all night

I picked up two pieces. He burst into a rage. “Didn’t you cook? Where’s lunch?”

I was so scared that my hand shook. The fragments of the vase cut my fingers. Blood soon flowed out of the wound.

I put my finger in my mouth and looked up and saw Sean just looking up at me.

I didn’t know if I should pick up the vase fragments or bring in lunch first.

After making a choice, I put two pieces beside the wall and stood up and said, “please wait a moment.”

I went out and brought his lunch to a small moving table in the room. Then I pushed the small table in front of Sean and set the chopsticks for him.

I respectfully said, “Mr. Jessop, please enjoy it.”

Sean didn’t move and just kept his head down.

When I was standing there and I didn’t know what he was thinking, he suddenly reached out and grabbed my injured finger. He said impatiently, “the house is too big for you to cook and clean at the same time. Let others clean up those things!”


There was no one else in the manor except me.

But I didn’t say that. I just pulled my finger back and said, “Mr. Jessop, I don’t trust other people, so let me do it.”

I added, “I will never leave this house, and I will take my cell phone with me. If you find that I’m not at the door, don’t worry. Just call me. I’ll come right away no matter what I’m doing.”

Sean looked up and he seemed a little sorry. He said nothing. He lowered his eyes slightly and began to eat with chopsticks.

I stood beside him and asked nervously, “Mr. Jessop, how does it taste? If you don’t like it, I’ll improve next time.”

Sean didn’t speak.

I turned to clean up the glass. I carefully packed all the vase pieces and took the vacuum cleaner into the room. I looked at Sean and said, “Mr. Jessop, can I use a vacuum cleaner? It may be a little noisy.”


He agreed.

I vacuumed all the debris. Then I put away the vacuum cleaner and went to stand outside.

After a while, Sean finished and I went back.

He looked at me and asked, “what do you eat?”

“I’ll go to the kitchen for lunch later.”

I replied.

I never noticed when servants ate. Once I saw Briana and Doris eating in the kitchen.

But I was the only servant here. In fact, I was a little confused about when it was right for me to eat.

Sean said coldly, “let the bodyguard bring a table later. We can eat together ”

“Thank you, Mr. Jessop.”

I knew what Sean was thinking.

I had dinner with Sean.

At about nine o’clock in the evening, after I served Sean to brush his teeth and wash his face, I saw him watching TV in his bedroom, and I wondered if I could go back to the room to make design drawings and so on.

I asked, “Mr. Jessop, can I go back to my room and have a rest?”

He immediately replied, “no! Watch TV with me.”


I could only stand there and watch TV with him.

We watched TV from 9:00 to 11:00.

He sat and I stood. When I felt my legs numb, Sean seemed sleepy and said, “help me put on my pajamas.”


I changed his clothes and helped him to bed.

I covered him up. When I thought I could leave, Sean pointed to the door and said, “you have to stand here. I want to see you as soon as I open my eyes.”


I tilted my head and looked at Sean.

I felt incredible.

I didn’t even know what he meant.

What did he mean? Did he want me to stay up all night?

He said coldly, “can’t you understand me? If you want to be my servant, you have to listen to me. I want you to stand here at night and not sleep. Understand?”


I finally understood. Sean was normal during the day and didn’t embarrass me.

He wanted to torture me at night.

But I couldn’t refuse.

I nodded, “Mr. Jessop, I see. Go to bed early.”

With that, I stood there.

Sean was in bed. After a while he began to breathe evenly. I knew he was asleep.

My legs were numb. I moved my wrists and looked at the sofa. I hesitated for a moment, but I still didn’t sit down.

Since I chose to stay, I couldn’t be kicked out by him!

I stood all night.

For the first time, I thought the night was so long.

At about six o’clock the next morning, Sean opened his eyes and got up.

At this time, my eyes had been open for nearly one night. I slept for a while, but most of the time I was awake.

When he moved, I went to help him.

As soon as I stepped, I felt my legs were a little heavy.

I leaned forward.

In order to keep myself from falling, I held the cupboard aside with my hands. Sean looked up at me and didn’t speak.

My leg hurt. I clenched my teeth and walked up to Sean and said, “Mr. Jessop, good morning. I’ll help you.”

Sean put his arm in my hand.

He seemed to want to trip me and deliberately didn’t get up. I stood all night and now I was dizzy. I almost fell.

Fortunately, I held the bedside.

Sean sat in a wheelchair. I pushed him into the room to wash.

Then I applied to go downstairs to make breakfast, and Sean immediately became unhappy. “Shouldn’t breakfast be ready before I get up?”

“Yes, Mr. Jessop. I’ll pay attention next time.”

I didn’t expect him to wake up so early.

Sean seemed helpless. He waved. “Go.”

I finally got out of the room.

I wanted to have a rest at the stairway, but I was afraid Sean was worried. I gritted my teeth and went to the kitchen. I cooked porridge and sat on the ground for a while.

I had a ten minute rest when breakfast was ready. I pushed the dining car to deliver the meal.

Everything was similar to yesterday, but in the afternoon, I was very sleepy because I didn’t sleep all night.

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