Chapter 439 As obedient as a child

I finally understand why Sean broke down.

He couldn’t even do such a small thing. He must be depressed.

I said nothing and just stood by. I picked up the shower and wanted to open it. He looked up and asked me, “are you going to help me bathe in this dress?”


He said, “there are no extra clothes here. If your clothes get wet, you have to leave naked. Anyway, those bodyguards outside have seen you naked.”

His words were like thorns. I blushed and was embarrassed.

But I was a little confused, “so what should I wear?”

“I am naked. Why are you still wearing it?”

He had a cold expression. Although he said that, I didn’t feel that he had any other ideas at all.

Or he couldn’t.

I hesitated for a moment and wanted to go out and change. He grabbed me directly from behind and impatiently said, “where are you going?”

“I want to change my clothes…”

I blinked at him.

He didn’t seem happy, “just change here. I’ve seen you naked. You don’t need to hide!”

After the accident, apart from the day I wore my wedding dress, Sean was very grumpy.

I bit my lips and didn’t say no. I stood in the bathroom and took off my clothes.

I picked up the shower again and adjusted the water temperature. I sprinkled water on his back and asked him, “how is the water temperature?”

“It’s OK.”

He said lightly.

Soon the hot white air rose in the bathroom.

I washed Sean’s hair first, then I washed his body.

He was as motionless as a child.

It seemed that Sean was not sitting in front of me, but Lester.

Gradually I was relieved.

He must have not bathed for many days. He used to take a bath every day. If he didn’t take a bath for more than a week, he must be very uncomfortable, so I washed him very carefully.

After that, I cleaned him and dressed him. Then I dressed myself.

I pushed the wheelchair over.

Sean used his hands to hold the armrest of the wheelchair and intended to sit in it.

But unlike before he took a bath, the bathroom was full of water. When he was about to sit down, his stool fell down.

His leg lost its fulcrum and he fell!

I panicked and rushed to help him, but I failed.

We both fell to the bathroom floor.

My hand was on his back so I was crushed by him.

It hurt!

I bit my teeth and didn’t shout. I asked Sean, “are you ok?”

He sat up and lowered his head and didn’t speak.

I thought he was OK so I picked up the stool.

But all of a sudden he started hitting his leg with his fist!


Seeing him like this, I really felt hurt and reached out to stop him.

Sean’s leg was broken, but his hands were good.

His arms were strong. No matter how I stopped him, he continued to hit his own leg.

I looked at him and couldn’t stop him. At last I lay on his lap.

He said coldly, “get out of here.”

I didn’t listen to him and shouted, “why don’t you hit me first? If you beat me to death, no one will stop you.”

As soon as I finished, I felt a punch in the back.

I coughed desperately and got punched again!

He punched me twice.

I was in great pain but I didn’t shout. I just chewed my teeth and waited for him to continue to hit me.

But he didn’t continue to hit me.

After a while, I heard Sean’s impatient voice, “stand up! Don’t press on me!”

Didn’t he want to hit me?

I felt relieved.

This time, I tried again. I helped Sean and tried to lift him off the ground and into a wheelchair.

After that, I sweated all over and it soaked my clothes.

I didn’t wipe my sweat. I just looked at Sean in the wheelchair and said, “I’m sorry. I usually exercise too little. I will definitely exercise more in the future.”

Marcia said they were sensitive.

So I blamed myself.

He looked up at me coldly and said nothing.

I pushed him out.

When we got to the room, he said, “wait outside. I’ll call you.”


I answered and went out.

I was a servant for the first time. I stood in the long corridor and looked around. I found it boring to be a servant and it was a waste of time and life.

If Sean didn’t need me, I couldn’t do anything. I could only stand here and wait for him to order me.

I stood here and wanted to take my cell phone and drew pictures.

But I knew I couldn’t.

If I did, Sean had reason to get rid of me.

I stood outside until 11 o’clock. The bodyguard asked me to cook so I went to the kitchen.

Although it was a suburb and Sean was the only one living here, the big refrigerator in the kitchen was full of all the ingredients.

Sean’s leg was injured and he was grumpy, so I chose something that was easy to digest. I saw bones in the fridge. I thought about it and cooked bone soup. I started cooking. He could eat it at night.

I made three dishes and two main courses. I put them on the dining car and went upstairs.

As soon as I got to the second floor, I heard Sean’s angry voice, “what is she doing?”

The bedroom door was closed, but I heard Sean’s voice clearly, so I ran in quickly.

I heard some kind of glass smashing on the wall at the door.

I was afraid and immediately opened the door. The bodyguard stood there and didn’t move. He was surrounded by broken vases and water stains.

Sean saw me and froze. He asked angrily, “where have you been? Don’t you know how to be a servant? Do I have to teach you?”

“I… I went to cook.” When I finished, I remembered what Marcia said. I apologized immediately, “I’m sorry. I should have told you before I left. It’s my fault.”

He didn’t seem so angry and turned the wheelchair around.

I went to the bodyguard and leaned over and began to clean up the vase on the floor.

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