Chapter 438 Help me take a bath first

When I stood at the door, a bodyguard came to open the door for me and asked me, “are you a new servant?”


I kept my voice down on purpose.

Fortunately, it was extremely cold today. Even though I only showed my eyes, the bodyguards didn’t doubt me.

He just looked at me and opened the door for me.

This time, instead of taking me to the living room, he first took me to the servant room in the corner and arranged a room for me. He said impatiently, “first change your clothes, and then follow me to see Mr. Jessop.”

I nodded.

That manor had about seven or eight servants’ rooms.

The bodyguard let me live in the nearest room to the door.

I quickly took off my coat and put on my servant’s clothes. Then I put on my prepared glasses.

I kept my head down as soon as I went out.

The bodyguard didn’t doubt me. As soon as I went out, he said impatiently, “Why are you so slow? You have to improve your speed in the future. Mr. Jessop has a bad temper.”

I lowered my head and just said, “yes.”

The bodyguards didn’t seem to doubt me at all.

He took me to the second floor. I saw a newly installed elevator.

We didn’t take the elevator but the stairs.

The bodyguard took me to the innermost room on the second floor. After arriving at the door, he knocked on the door twice first. Without waiting for the response from the inside person, he said, “Mr. Jessop, the new servant is here.”

It was still quiet and no one answered.

The bodyguard and I waited for a while. He reached out and pushed the door open and said to me, “go in. Give Mr. Jessop a bath first.”


I went in obediently.

There was a big balcony in the room. Sean was in a wheelchair and faced the balcony with his back to me and did not move.

I stood where I was and hesitated to approach him. He asked me, “my mother asked you to come, right?”


I replied in a low voice and was afraid that Sean would recognize my voice.

Although he would find out sooner or later.

Sean didn’t seem to recognize me and asked, “did my mother tell you what you need to do?”


I replied briefly and I was afraid Sean would recognize me and drive me out at once.

He nodded and said, “push me to the bathroom, and help me take a bath first.”

I walked over and grabbed the handle of his wheelchair with both hands and pushed him to the bathroom.

I looked down and saw something white on his hair. I looked carefully and recognized that it was a pile of bubbles.

Sean had difficulty bathing now.

I pushed him into the bathroom.

The bathroom in this room was very large. There was a huge triangular bathtub in it. Next to it was a large piece of glass. Outside was the manor’s back garden. He could enjoy the view of the garden while taking a bath.

I went in and stood there. Sean didn’t seem angry and said, “did my mother just ask you to stand here?”


“Undress me!”

Sean’s voice was angry.

I didn’t move and I was a little nervous.

Once I moved on, Sean would recognize me. I really didn’t know how he would react. Would he just drive me away? Or…

But I couldn’t stand all the time.

I struggled for a long time and finally came to Sean. I quickly knelt and lowered my head and unbuttoned Sean.

When I just unbuttoned a button, I heard him hum.

Then his long fingers grabbed my chin and forced me to look up.

As soon as I looked up, he took my glasses away and looked at me jokingly. “Becky, do you think my ears don’t work well? Do you think I can’t recognize your voice when you speak in a low voice?”

“No…” At this moment, I was very nervous.

His black eyes were full of anger. His hand grabbed my chin harder. “What do you want to do? Do you want to see how useless I am? I can’t even take a bath, can I?”

I saw his frustration and I felt more heartache than him.

I shook my head and kept calm. I raised my hand and unbuttoned Sean and said, “can’t you see what I’m wearing? I’m your servant. I’m here to take care of you.”

Yes, that was why I was here.

As soon as I finished, he raised his hand and pushed me away directly. His expression was grim and cold. “Take care of me? When do I need your care?”

“Now!” I said it firmly and came to Sean’s side. I didn’t look at his cold expression, “I don’t care. Anyway, I’ve collected money from your family to be your servant. Whether you agree or not, I have to do it!”

He looked at me. “Money? Tell me how much you need to get out of here.”

“No, I can’t break my promise. Now that I have the money, I will do it well.”

I replied.

Sean’s face turned ferocious and he smiled, “now that you say that, let me see how long you can hold on!”

Did he agree?

I knew he was thinking about how to get rid of me, but since I had decided to stay, I wouldn’t leave.

I said nothing. I helped Sean to unbutton.

His coat was taken off. His strong muscles came out. He was in a wheelchair.

I saw a stool in the bathroom. I undressed him and said, “let me help you to sit on the stool.”

He didn’t speak and raised his hand slightly.

I knew he agreed.

Sean was 188 cm tall. Although he lost weight after the accident, he was much heavier than me.

I tried to get him up.

When I did it, I found that it was really difficult.

I tried several times and failed. When I tried, I was reassured that Sean was actually working with me. He tried to stand up with his hand on the armrest of the wheelchair.

After the fourth failure, he took his hand straight back and said, “I’ll do it myself.”

I saw him holding the armrest of the wheelchair with two hands and slowly moving his butt onto the stool. I held him by the side.

It took about two minutes for Sean to finally settle down on the bench.

It was just a simple action, but I saw a layer of sweat on his forehead.

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