Chapter 215 As Long As You Are Happy

During the period of Dan’s hospitalization, Janice didn’t dare to close her eyes. While Dan was still asleep, she called Alice on the phone.

“Alice, is Jim’s surgery scheduled?”

Alice glanced at the time. It was only five o’clock in the morning. It was rare Janice got up at this time , “Well, it is tomorrow. Are you coming back?”

Janice turned her head and glanced at Dan on the hospital bed, “I don’t know, can you say that Jim can survive this operation?” I’m really worried, if he can’t survive it… She didn’t dare to think down.

“Janice, how about you come back this time. Although Jim as wrong first, he has no choice. He stayed alone in the ward these days, very sad.”

Janice was uncomfortable, “Is Yuna away? Uncle and aunt are not with him?”

Janice sighed, “The point is that he doesn’t want to see anyone, so he wanted to be alone. In fact, we all know that he is waiting for you.”

“Alice, am I too cruel? I… will be punished.”

Alice comforted her, “What are you saying. No one blames you, even Jim doesn’t blame you, we all want you to be happy.”

“Alice, I may really be a bad woman, staying with Dan, but I still miss Jim.”

“Janice, I’ll call you tomorrow and tell you what’s going on here. Don’t think too much about it. Each of us is worried about Jim. We all grew up together, we surely are worried about him.”Alice can only say this, and some things can only be Janice’s own choice.

“I see, I have to go.”

“Okay, take care of yourself.”


Janice stood at the window and sighed. She didn’t know what she said just now, and Dan, who had woke up, heard what she said.

Benjamin held Pippi, who was just awake and still wearing pajamas, standing behind Alice, “Who did you call early in the morning? And you look sad.”

Alice looked at him and hugged Pippi from his arms, “It is Janice. What Jim’s attitude?”

Benjamin recalled what Jim said in the hospital that day, “Now he has no attitude. It would be fine as long as he doesn’t give up on his own life.”

Dan felt Janice fell asleep beside the bed before opening his eyes. He lowered his eyes and looked at her, thinking a lot.

So when the doctor came to the ward again, he said to the doctor, “I have to be discharged.”

Janice spoke before the doctor, “The wound is not fully healed yet. Don’t worry.”

Dan smiled at Janice, “It’s okay. There is a family doctor at home. I think it is more convenient to live at home. The most important thing is that you can sleep well at night.”


Dan insisted on his own mind.

The doctor nodded, “Okay, but you still have to be careful not to touch the wound. You must not allow the wound to split again…”

Janice listened carefully to the doctor’s instructions, and there was only one Janice in Dan’s world.

When he returned home, she can go to see Jim. Not because he decided to let go or give in, he just didn’t want to make her be in a dilemma.

After they went home. Dan saw Janice busy in the kitchen and called her, “Janice…”

Janice came over, “What’s wrong? Do you want to drink water?”

Dan smiled and shook his head, patted the position around her, “Sit here, let’s talk.”

Janice looked at him with a slight smile, “I still want to cook first, and talk later when we eat.”

Dan took her hand and let her sit down, “Rose from the old house will come later.”

“Are you afraid I can’t take care of you?” Janice thought it was what Dan’s mother meant.

Dan stretched out his hand and touched her small nose, “If she is really afraid that you can’t take good care of it, then I will live there.”

Janice thought about it, “That’s true, but Rose’s cooking skills are much better than mine.”

The two looked at each other and smiled, and after a while, Dan said, “Go to the hospital later, I heard that he will have surgery tomorrow.”

Janice looked at Dan intently, and her heart was full of mixed feelings. She didn’t know what to say.

“How did you know?”

Dan smiled, “Because you are worried about him.”

Janice didn’t know whether she was grateful or moved, and she wanted to cry, but she still appreciated his understanding.

After Rose came over, Janice was going to go out. Rose wanted her to eat and then leave, but she was so anxious that she rushed to the hospital the next second.

Dan stood at the floor-to-ceiling window and watched her car gallop away, his heart was in a loss.

Rose asked, “You can’t let Janice be like this in the future, especially now when she is still pregnant. She has to eat on time.”

He almost forgot about the false pregnancy. Now Rose was also living here. Some things need to be paid attention to.

“Okay, she’s back at night, and I talk to her.”

When arriving at the hospital, Janice could only see Jim outside the sterile room. He will be quarantined at this time for surgery tomorrow morning.

When Jim saw Janice, he got out of the hospital bed and stared across the transparent glass. Janice smiled to cheer up for him. He could only respond with a smile.

Jim said to himself, “If death didn’t take him away this time, he will work hard for love once, no matter what the end was.”

Janice wrote a few words on the glass, “Come on, you will be fine.”

Jim also wanted to write, but he was really afraid to scare her away. Anyway, since she could come and cheer up for him, he was already satisfied.

The doctor came to remind the patient that it was time to rest. Tomorrow’s surgery is very important. The patient’s mentality was more important. Janice and his brother left together.

Everyone didn’t have dinner. Molly proposed to go out to eat together, Benjamin agreed, but Janice said, “You eat together. I’ll go back first, I’ll be here tomorrow.”

No one can help her at this time. She as now Dan’s wife.

If it was just a friend, it would be normal for her to come and see, but after all, it is not a simple friendship. It is generous and kind of Dan who can let her come over.

Chuck asked his sister, “How is Dan?”

“Very good.” Janice said.

“I will visit him after Jim’s operation.”

Janice smiled, “Sure, he is you brother-in-law.”

Chuck affectionately help his sister wrap her clothes, “Go back and drive carefully on the road.”

Janice nodded, “I see.”

After Janice left, the four guys left together. Pippi and Cindy did not follow up, so the four adults had no appetite. They all cared about Jim’s operation tomorrow.

The four walked aimlessly, “Otherwise, let’s go back and come early tomorrow.”

“Okay, drive carefully on the road.”


When Janice arrived home, Rose had just cleaned the kitchen and dining room. When she saw her coming back, she asked, “Ma’am, have you eaten?”

Janice wanted to say that she didn’t eat, but she was afraid that Rose would force her to eat. She didn’t want to eat or do anything now, and she just wanted to sleep.


Rose nodded, “Oh. Then you go upstairs to accompany the young master. He ate very little tonight and looked very depressed.”

Janice nodded, “I see.”

The light in the study was on, and Janice pushed the door to look in, and it really was him.

Janice saw that he was looking at the documents, such a workaholic.

“You’re already rich. You don’t have tot be so busy.”

Dan lay down his job and looked at her, “I thought you wouldn’t be back.”

Janice wrapped her arms around his neck, “If I don’t come back, why don’t you go to me. You just look at the documents.”

Dan’s forehead rested on her forehead, very confident, “I don’t need to look for you. I know you will come back.”

Janice, “What if I don’t come back?”

“Then I must go and get you back, otherwise I’m afraid you miss me.” Dan said.

Janice, “You are too confident.”

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