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Chapter 214 Your Are Most Precious

Benjamin stood with his hands in front of the hospital bed, while Chuck crossed his legs on a chair on the other side of the hospital bed. The atmosphere in the ward was very depressed.

“Hey, are you here to mourn for me? I’m not dead yet.”

Benjamin was kicked by Jim’s straight feet on his bed, “Can you speak well. Don’t you know your condition now?”

Chuck was also angry. They had been grew up together, and Jim should conceal his illness for so many years.

“If it’s not serious this time, would you tell us? What’s the difference between you doing this and putting a knife in our hearts?”

Jim sighed bitterly, “People will be happy if death takes me away. Don’t take me too seriously. You just forget me when I am gone.”

Benjamin’s attitude towards Jim was very angry, “Can you say more irritating words? I really want to beat you now.”

Jim smiled and laughed, “It’s not worth killing me. I’m really relieved now. I think it’s good. It’s tired to be alive.”

“In the future, you are not allowed to say such things and take good care of yourself. We cannot be without you.” Chuck took Jim seriously.

Jim sighed and smiled bitterly, “You may not know. Since I knew I liked Janice, I have tried everything to make her fall in love with me. It was not an accident that night, and I didn’t drink too much… but the god seems to fool me when I decided to give her happiness.”

Jim smiled calmly, “Fortunately, she finally found a beautiful happiness that belongs to her, and I can rest assured.”

Chuck said, “At that time, if you tell everything, Janice will always be with you. You don’t know how much she loved you. When you had new girlfriends, she was extremely sad. She had many scars on her legs because of you. She committed suicide many times for you. And you don’t know it at all.”

Jim choked. He really didn’t know these things. He always thought that as long as he showed no love for her, she would consider him a scumbag, give up him, and pursue new happiness.

“Seven years should have been a good time, but because of your timidity, you put yourself in abyss.”

These words Chuck never wanted to say. Love was a matter of two people. If outsiders interfere in it, it will only increase sorrow. When Dan appeared, Chuck agreed without hesitation.

“In the second operation, we don’t want you to have the same self-abandoned attitude as your first operation. It is the best gift that God gives you one more chance. Losing love does not mean that you will lose everything and you can still meet love again.”

The ward was so quiet. Jim was lying on the bed alone. He had already given up his life. No matter how many times he had surgery, he also wanted to make his parents regret, but what Chuck and Benjamin said today made him seemed to be alive again.

Janice, he had never apologized to her.

In the past seven years, she had suffered more than him. He thought that letting go was a relief, but it caused more pain to her.

At night, Benjamin’s hard-working with his wife.

Alice, who was wrapped in a quilt and had no clothes, took out a small pink book and a pink pen from under the pillow, drew the perfect period of this month, and held the book to herself, praying, “Little Baby, please come hurry up. Mom, dad and brother miss you, ”

Benjamin shook his head helplessly. If she could not conceive, she would be about to be depressed.

When Benjamin came out of the bathroom, Alice on the bed said to him, “Go to Pippi’s room to see if he sleeps well, help him cover the quilt, and I’ll come back later.”

Yes, while he was bathing, she was lying in bed and doing only one thing. Her two long straight white legs were raised on the wall, her body was completely 90 degrees.

No matter what Ben said, she didn’t listen to him. Anyway, the doctor told her that if she kept the position for 30 minutes, the chance of a successful pregnancy would be relatively high.

Benjamin went to the children’s room next to him to see Pippi. The little boy slept well. Recently, he didn’t kick the quilt very much.

Back in the bedroom, Alice still kept the same posture as before, “Aren’t you tired?”

What Alice hated the most was his inactive attitude towards pregnancy, “Of course I’m tired, but if I can’t be pregnant, wouldn’t you be more tired?”

Benjamin put her legs down and hugged her tightly, “Hurry up and sleep. Didn’t the doctor tell you that nervousness is also the cause of infertility?”

Alice glared at him, suddenly as if she thought of something. She turned to Benjamin, “Ben, the doctor has always let me relax, and also said I am healthy.”

Just looking at her suspicious eyes, he knew what she was thinking again, and he turned over, decided to ignore her.

Alice still kept talking to him, “Darling, go to the men’s hospital tomorrow to have a check. Is that alright?”

Benjamin was forced to look at her with open eyes. This woman was insane for having a second child. He retorted, “No.” He never compromised on this matter.

“Oh, honey, I heard that the process is very simple, and the results will come out quickly. Just have a check.”

“No.” Benjamin was firm.

Seeing that he could not easily compromise, Alice thought of another way, lifted the quilt and went straight to the dressing room.

“What are you doing?”

Benjamin thought she was going to run away from home, thinking to himself that she was getting more and more naive.

As a result, Alice came out of the dressing room with a pair of sharp scissors in her hand, and came directly to him.

“Hey. Stop.” Benjamin sat up, knowing that she was scaring him, but it was a ay too much.

“Will you go to the hospital tomorrow?” Alice came out with scissors to threaten him.

“What if not,” Benjamin wanted to know what the consequences were.

“I’ll cut you tonight.” After Alice sternly said, she couldn’t help laughing.

Benjamin sighed and rubbed his temple with his fingers incidentally, “Dear, are you in menopause? Just for having a child, and you are overreacting.”

Alice put the scissors back to the place, and she said to Ben, “I’m going to sleep with my son, good night.”

Benjamin got out of bed and hugged her back, “Well, I’ll go tomorrow, but you must promise me one thing.”

As soon as Alice heard him willing to go to the hospital, her eyes brightened, “Yes?”

Benjamin drowned and helped her straighten her hair, “You have to relax. You put too much pressure on yourself, so that even if you are pregnant, your baby’s development will not be good. Do you think?”

Alice knew this, but she can’t do it. Every month when she comes the ovulation period. She was nervous and wonders what should be done.

Alice leaned into his arms, “Then if we don’t have a daughter, you would feel regretful. You said you loved daughter when you were a kid.”

Benjamin patted her on the back and lowered his voice so that she would soon fall asleep, “How do you know the baby will be a daughter? Besides, for me, you are my biggest baby.”

Alice raised her head in his arms, kissed his scum, “Is there such a big baby?”

Benjamin bowed his head and gave a deep kiss on her forehead, “You are the most precious.”

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