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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 213 This Is My Wife

The person who was so arrogant in the ward was no one but Tina.

Tina pushed Janice aggressively, “You still have a face. If it weren’t for you, how could my brother suffer this.”

Before Janice spoke, Dan got out of the bed and came to protect Janice, “Tina, Janice is your sister-in-law. Where is your politeness?”

Dan’s mother rarely stood by Janice and blamed Tina, but the reason was, “Tina, your sister-in-law is pregnant now. The first three months are very important. You are not allowed to push her like that.”

Janice was at a loss and surprised. After all, the pregnancy is a lie.

Dan put one hand on her shoulder, and Janice turned to look at him, “Where did you hurt? Is it serious?”

Seeing her nervousness, all the pain seemed to remove for a moment. He pouted and smiled, “It doesn’t hurt at all to see you.”

Janice saw that he was standing well. There were a few scratches on his face, but it didn’t affect his handsomeness, “Is everything OK?” She asked doubtfully.

“It’s just a light hurt. It’s okay.”

Janice held his hand and murmured, “I’m fine.”

Dan put a few band-aid hands on her small slap face, and asked her softly, “Frightened?”

Janice nodded heartily, “Yes.”

Dan reminded, “Okay, since Janice is here, you can go back first. Tina, tell the nurse to come and change your brother’s infusion needle.”

Janice noticed this time that he had been in the infusion just now, and Tina pushed her right now. He hurriedly got out of bed to protect her, and he pulled the needle out.

The nurse came over to help him with the needle. When he received the injection, his expression was like a child afraid of pain, and Janice couldn’t help laughing.


Dan saw Janice smiled, and he felt comfortable, pretending to be in pain, and said, “It really hurts. Help me.”

The nurse didn’t help but reveal Dan’s lie, “I didn’t see you hurt when I injected you a few times ago. You only pretend to have pain when your girlfriend come..”

Janice already knew this, but she was not interesting to reveal him. The little nurse was really straightforward.

Dan was not angry or annoyed, but there was one thing he had to say clearly, “This is my wife.”

The little nurse took a look at Janice, “The first thing your husband woke up was to let us inform you and tell you that he is fine.”

Janice told Dan what she had heard. Dan was also incredible, but he did not doubt Janice’s words, as he knew Phoebe’s extreme personality.

“Should we transfer to another hospital?” Janice still couldn’t rest assured.

Dan happily looked at her worrying about him, “When the plane crashed, I missed you, and I tried my best to protect myself just to see you again. How about you? Do you miss me?”

Past experience made Janice not accustomed to telling her true heart, and hit tightly on his chest, “What is the time now. You still have mood to say about this.”

Dan smiled, “Why are you blushing? You admit that you miss me too.”

Janice became angry and shameless, “There is no end to it. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Dan’s eyebrows were twisted. He covered his chest that had just been beaten by her, “You hit my wound just now. Do you want to kill your husband?”

Janice’s face looked tense. She was negligent for a moment, and forgot that he had an injury, “Is the injury serious? Why didn’t you tell me, where dis you hurt?”

Dan said solemnly, “Or else I’ll take off my clothes, and you can help me have a full body examination.”

Janice frowned, he still had mood to joke.

“I’m not a doctor. What’s the use to check you.”

Dan smiled proudly, “You can pretend you don’t understand my meaning.”

Janice said, “After you had an accident, I found that you have so many enemies.”

Dan didn’t care at all. The business was scarier than the battlefield. It wasn’t just courage and luck. It was also an open fight.

Dan held Janice’s hand, “I don’t care, if I can be with you. I don’t mind loosing the whole world.”

“Was your mouth smeared with honey, why so sweet.”

Dan smiled charmingly, “Or you try it.”

Janice, who was originally sitting on a chair, stood up, stretched his neck, and sent a kiss when he instinctively hid her.

Dan felt her intimacy, and he kissed her back.

The doctor came to see the patient’s situation. The scene in front of him made the doctor in a dilemma. Janice pushed him away shyly, and she did not forget to glance at Dan. She just wanted to had a light kiss, but he… was almost out of control.

The doctor came over, with a serious expression, “Take off the clothes, let me look at the wound.”

Janice’s heart was tight when she saw he hurt.

Dan was inconvenient to unbutton with one hand. Janice bent over to help him. When the second button was unlocked, her hands began to tremble. How much pain did he have with such a long wound.

Dan saw that she was almost crying. He was afraid that she would be worried, so he didn’t tell her, “It’s okay, it was just scratched by the branch and it didn’t hurt.”

The doctor examined it carefully, and the wound was not worsen, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. Before he left, he remind him, “Some things should be done after the wound heals.”

Dan smiled and obeyed, but Janice was blushed.

When the doctor left, Janice kept observing the doctor who had no expression and no smile.

Dan said, “Relax, Dr. Peter cannot be Phoebe’ man.”

“How did you know?” Janice asked, puzzled.

“My operation was done by him. If he wanted to put me to death, he should kill me on the operation.”

“That’s right. Anyway, I think you should transfer to another hospital. I will be more at ease.”

Dan teased and said, “Then transfer me to the hospital where Jim lives, and open a ward for us. This will save you running to two sides.”

Janice glared at him, “Shut up.”

“O, right, is he awake?”

Janice nodded, “Well, but the situation is not very stable. A second operation is needed, and the success rate is very low.”

The two remained silent for a while, and Dan asked her again, “Does he need you to stay with him?”

“Then you don’t need me?” Janice didn’t answer.

Dan quickly answered without thinking, “Yes, I need you very much.”

Janice helped him lie down and helped him to fasten the button the clothes. She said calmly, “Rest assured. No one wanted to compete with you.”

Dan held her hands, “I’m not afraid that others will grab you. I have the ability to grab you back. I’m afraid that if you don’t want me, then what’s the use of grabbing you back?”

“Well. All right, you take a short break. I’ll call grandpa. Everyone is worrying about you.”

If it were not for her birthday, he would not take that flight, nothing would have happened.

“Grandpa wanted to talk to you.” Janice handed her phone to Dan.

Dan assured Grandpa that he was very good, and Grandpa didn’t forget about it, “Janice is worried about you. She is pregnant and you can take good care of her.”

“Yes, grandpa.”

Hanging up the phone, Dan kept staring at Janice’s stomach. Janice was uncomfortable at his looking at her, “Don’t look at me.”

Dan then shifted his eyes to her face, “We are all filial children. I decided that in order not to disappoint the elders in the family, we should hurry up and have a child.”

“You still have to listen to the doctor and take care of your injuries.”

“Will you give me a baby if I recover?” Is he so anxious?

“It depends.”

Dan was happy, “You will be satisfied with me.”

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