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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 212 Plane crash

Dan bought the food and came back. When she saw the two girlfriends crying and smiling, he did not bother them. She was an adult and had her own choice.

When Jim’s family came over the next day, Janice went home to rest.

As soon as she came home, she saw Dan. At this time, she was surprised Dan was at home, “Did not go to work?” Janice asked him.

It was a surprise to see Janice. He thought that she would not return in a short time, at least before Jim woke up, she would not return.

Dan lowered her suitcase and strode to Janice, “You are back.”

Janice nodded, “Well, his family is there to take care of him.” She saw his suitcase and asked curiously, “Are you going on a business trip?”

“Well, you have to take care of yourself for a few days.”

“I know.”

With four eyes facing each other, Janice smiled, “Go, don’t miss the time.”

Dan raised his wrist and glanced at his watch, and then fixed her eyes, “If you need me, call me.”

Janice pretended to refuse him, “Just concentrate on your work. I don’t have time to miss you.”

“Before I leave, I have a question for you.”

“When did you become so woman.” He had always been sharp, and will not hesitate.

“If he wakes up and wants you to stay with him, what do you do?” In fact, what he wanted to ask was, ‘Do you still love him?” He was afraid to hear her direct answers, so he chose to avoid it.

“I’ll tell you when you come back.”

“All right.”

Janice saw him off. Before he got in the car, he suddenly held her and deeply kissed and stared deeply. He knew that he was not qualified to say this, but it was definitely his sincerity, “I love you.”

Janice was so excited, but she was calm on the surface, “I see.”

Dan was disappointed, “Is this your reaction? Should you be so calm? You don’t need me saying this?”

“Well, just go.” She pushed him into the car and said to the driver in front of, “Be careful and drive safely.”

Janice didn’t know that Dan didn’t plan to return this time. He stared reluctantly at the small figure in the rear-view mirror, hoping that everything could begin again.

When the car was about to turn, her figure disappeared in the rear view mirror. He suddenly panicked. He was so scared that he would never see her again.


Exhausted Janice, after seeing his car disappear, sat directly on the steps of the door to rest. Today’s sunshine was very good, as if it can evaporate the fatigue in her body.

Lying on her lap, she felt a dark shadow covering on her body, and she couldn’t help raising her eyes to look at him.

Janice pouted and smiled, “Have you forgotten anything?”

Dan stared at her deeply. If he could, he wanted to take her away and take him into his world. He would control her freedom arbitrarily, and no one should be allowed to disturb her.

“Can I take you too?”

Janice’s mouth turned up, “Can you pack me in your suitcase?”

You were in my heart.

“Go in, I thought you didn’t want me me to go.” Dan said with a smile.

Janice stood up, and pretend she didn’t care about his appearance at all, “No you will come back anyway.”

Dan stared at her, “If I don’t come back, what would you do.”

“Just go, I hope you never come back.”

An unintentional joke, after the phone call that Janice received a week later, made her regretted what she had said.

Jim woke up two days ago, and Janice called Dan to tell him about it, but his phone cannot get through. Janice thought he was busy at work and dialed the next day. Once, she still can’t connect him.

Two days later, she was obviously uneasy. When she arrived at the hospital to help Jim bring breakfast, she received a call from Benjamin.

“What’s the matter, I just arrived at the hospital and I will go to the company later. I am only free in the afternoon.” Because these days, Alice and Benjamin quarreled and needed her to be a peacemaker.

“Did you read the morning news?” Benjamin’s voice was very low, and Janice didn’t quite understand what he wanted to say.

“What happened??”

“A plane failed to land again and again yesterday afternoon and the plane crashed.”

Janice’s heart fluttered for a moment. Since Benjamin told her about it, it must indicate that there were people on the plane who were related to her.

“What do you want to say?” Janice asked Benjamin with a quivering voice.

“Dan… was on that plane.”

The buzzing sound around her ears stimulated her with a severe headache. For a while, she couldn’t accept such a thing.

Jim saw that her mood was not right, and he was weak and asked her, “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong?”

Janice raised her eyes and looked at Jim, who was weak on the bed, and she burst into tears. She suddenly became helpless like a child, “Dan seems to be in trouble. He… what should I do? I still have many things to tell him, I..”

Jim wanted to get out of bed and hug her who was helpless at this time. But he couldn’t get up and looked at her with tears. Even if she was distressed, he couldn’t help her.


The mobile phone that just dropped on the floor rang again, an unfamiliar international number, her hands shaking when she crouched down to pick up her mobile phone. She didn’t dare to take it.

“Ma’am, it’s me.”

Janice could hear that it was Dan’s assistant. He could also call her when he was on a business trip with Dan. Did it mean that Dan was fine?

“Where is Dan, I want to speak to him.” Janice said anxiously.

“President, he… the plane on the return trip crashed, and the information of him is unknown…”

“Then why are you fine?”

“The work here has not been completed. The president stated that tomorrow is your birthday and wanted to surprise you, so he left the rest of the work to me, and he returned home first.”

Her birthday.

After hanging up the phone, Janice looked at Jim, “I’ll find someone else to accompany you.”

“Okay.” Jim looked at her quietly. His Janice was gone, and now Janice was Dan’s.

“Janice…” When Janice came to the door, Jim called her.

Janice turned back, “What’s wrong?”

Jim smiled slightly at her, “Be strong, he’ll be fine.”

Janice nodded, comforting herself, “Well, he’ll be fine.”

After Janice left, Jim smiled bitterly. Maybe from the beginning, she wasn’t his.

The news about the missing of the CEO of Shinny International had spread all over the streets. Some people are worried and some were happy. Many people who have been trying to beat Dan for so many years were here. At this time, there were many who hit him when he was down..

When Janice was returning to the company, she was supposed to be in the elevator because her mood was too chaotic. She chose to take the stairs to keep herself calm. At this time, she couldn’t be confused.

She kept in touch with the assistant over there all the time, and grandpa personally came to the company to chair the board meeting.

Dan’s parents and Tina had rushed to the airline.

“Anyway, you need to find Dan first before search and rescue personnel find him.”

“Yes, but latest news said that some passengers have been found so far, and the number of casualties is still uncertain.”

“We have our men in the hospital.”


Janice was scared at hearing the news, and when she heard the movement of the footsteps, she took off her shoes and walked out of the staircase with anxiety.

The person who wanted to kill Dan turned out to be Phoebe.

Janice originally wanted to tell the assistant about this, but thought that at this time, she didn’t know who she should trust, so she called her brother.

After learning about the situation, although Chuck didn’t have much affection for the brother-in-law, he was still Dan’s relative.

At the end of the board meeting, Janice personally sent grandpa home. Grandpa seemed to have become pale and a lot older.

“Grandpa, take care of yourself. The plane has been found. Dan will be fine.”

Grandpa said humbly, “Child, I don’t ask for anything, just hope you are all right. I can see that you can’t leave each other. If Dan can come back safely, I hope that you can be happy together.”

“We will, grandpa.”

After sending grandpa home, Janice went to the hospital. When she saw the rare harmony between Dan and his parents in the ward, she wanted to hug him, but was not willing to destroy the harmony atmosphere.

Dan saw Janice who wanted to turn around and left. He called, “Where are going?”

Janice looked back suddenly, seeing that he was smiling at her, and couldn’t help tearing up her eyes, “No. I don’t go.” I want to be with you.

If you want to be with me as well, let’s stay with each other for a lifetime.

His infusion hand patted the empty space of the hospital bed, and said to her, “Come here.”

Janice smiled at him, and as soon as she was about to walk to him, she was stopped by someone.

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