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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 211 You Are My Wife

Everyone was at the door of the ICU ward, and Yuna was also there. Jim in the intensive care unit can only be seen through the glass window. He was wearing a suffocating ventilator, and his head was wrapped in white gauze.

Standing in front of the ward, Janice didn’t drop a tear, she didn’t cry.

Yuna couldn’t see it, so she came over and pushed Janice, “Why are you so cruel. How can you still be so calm?”

Alice helped Janice, who almost fell down. Janice smiled at Alice and looked at Yuna, who had deep resentment against her, “So what do you want me to do? If I cry, can he walk out as a healthy man?”

Yuna looked at Janice, who was so calm, “You are really cold-blooded. If it weren’t for staying with you and to protect you, he would have gone abroad for treatment. His condition would not be so bad now, ”

Janice sneered sadly, “For me? Are foreign doctors better than domestic ones? Why do you come back? If you didn’t come back, wouldn’t he and I have different results?”

“You…” Yuna was angry, she didn’t mean that at all.

The doctor came over, “The patient needs rest now, so stop quarreling. You are all helpless standing here, and I will notify his family when the patient wake up.”

Janice went to the doctor’s office and asked Jim’s condition. The doctor’s ambiguous words made Janice not understand a few words. She could only say that Jim should wake up when she should wake up .

She stood outside the ICU door and kept looking at Jim inside. When she was quiet, she thought a lot, but did not know what she thought. Every time she wanted to make a choice, Dan appeared in her mind.

She didn’t know when she had a piece of clothes on her shoulders, warm and practical.

“How long are you here? Are you tired?” The familiar voice was just as warm.

Janice looked at Dan, who was standing beside her, “Why are you here?”

“I am worried about you,” Dan answered sincerely.

Janice smiled sadly, “Don’t you think it’s ridiculous now, I just stood here thinking all the time, who am I? But I didn’t find the answer.”

Dan touched her head comfortingly, clasped his hands on her shoulders, and turned her around, “You are Janice, my wife.”

Janice couldn’t laugh. If he said it earlier, would it be different?

“You should be very busy. Just go for your work. I can take care of myself.”

Dan smiled helplessly, “I will be very sad if you are sad. Don’t you see that I come here to accompany you on purpose?”

“I do not need your accompany.”

“I don’t like to listen to these words. Why don’t you need it? I’ll be here with you if you need it.”

Janice knew what Dan was thinking, but she also had her own thoughts, “Dan, I…”

“You are not allowed to say anything now, I know that you want to push me away, and I have no face to stay with you, but I do not agree with the divorce. Even ou say that I am selfish, or scold me asshole, I just want to use that certificate to keep you by my side. As long as I don’t agree with the divorce one day, you are still my wife.”

Janice was helpless, “It’s you who is irrational now.”

“From the day I decided to enter your world, I was irrational. With you in my life, I cannot be sensible.”

Janice looked at him and sighed deeply, “I don’t owe anyone, but you have pushed me into the abyss, and made me feel that the wrong person has always been me.”

“Dan, am I stupid? You all think of me as a fool.”

Seven years ago, she wanted to be with Jim. What he did was to refuse him. Seven years later, he was lying unconscious in the intensive care unit. Others told her that he knew himself had illness so he refused to be with her.

Then why the day she decided to marry Dan, he went to her wedding and said he would take her away. Why did he forget that he was going to die at that time?

Now, she loved no one, and no one will become eternal in her life.

After they left, Alice could not rest assured that Janice was alone in the hospital. Alice wanted to come and accompany her. He heard the conversation between Janice and Dan at the corner. When Janice was forced to go back, Alice came out.

“I beg you, leave me alone.” Janice thought it was Dan who returned.

Alice handed Janice a lunch box, “You don’t want to see me?”

As soon as Janice heard Alice’s voice, her stubborn nerve broke instantly. She held Alice and began to cry, “Why this could happen? I have done nothing wrong…”

Alice comforted and patted her trembling back, “It would be fine… It’s OK…”

Janice asked Alice, “You said, what should I do when Jim wakes up?”

Alice sighed, “If you ask this, how do I think you don’t want him to wake up.”

“To tell you the truth, I really thought so.”

Alice pretended to look at Janice with a contemptuous look, “Well, the most poisonous woman in the world.”

Alice saw her mood eased and asked her softly, “Hey, I just overheard your conversation with Dan. Why didn’t I understand it? I see him as a good man, and almost listen to you. Why do you think he is not pleasing to the eye? In my opinion, no matter what the situation is, you cannot divorce Dan.”

Janice looked at Alice carefully, “Jim is our good partner who we grew up together with, but now you speak for that Dan?”

As a bystander, Alice was sensible to tell her about this, “For me, it doesn’t matter who the man with you is. What’s important is that you have a good life. Dan is the best candidate.”

Janice smiled bitterly, “That’s because you don’t know how bad he is. I thought about it. Maybe he loves me now, and I love him now, but we never walk on the same road.”

Janice told everything to Alice. Alice was dazzled, and she admired Dan a little. For seven years, he was able to… Was he too affectionate for his ex, or as he can’t let go of Janice now?

Alice thought seriously for a while, then gave her personal opinion, “Janice, listen to me. You can’t divorce. Love is the most difficult thing in the world. I can see that you love Dan, and Dan loves you too. You have to cherish the hard-won love, and sometimes once you miss it, and then you really can’t find it. Just look Jim and you.”

“Janice, life is not a TV series. I believe that when Jim wakes up, he would be happier to see that you find happiness for a lifetime.”

Hearing Alice’s words, she felt that she finally saw a ray of light in the misty space.

“Can I really choose for myself?”

Alice smiled and nodded at her, “Of course, you deserve the happiness you want.”

Janice hugs Alice emotionally, “Thank you dear, it’s nice to have you.”

Alice smiled and stared at Jim, who was still lying on the hospital bed. She felt guilty but comforted. If Jim really loved Janice, he would wish her happy.

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