Chapter 309 A special meeting of “Bella and James”

In the wee hours, Bella followed David Wilson to his apartment.

He took the potion from the refrigerator and sat down on the chair in front of the dining table, giving a cold sign to Bella to sit beside him.

Bella took a look at the blue medicine and the syringe in his hand, sat next to David Wilson, lifted up her clothes, and showed her white arm.

David Wilson asked, “Aren’t you afraid to die? I told you before that when it will react, not only the whole body hurt like one wants to tear it apart, but also the seven apertures of the human head bleed until a person dies.”

Bella looked at David Wilson calmly.

Life is as light as a feather, and death is heavier than a mountain.

Rather to struggle at death’s door, it is very worthwhile to trade her life for James Grayson.

“Isn’t it a requirement?” Bella asked coldly.

“Oh.” David Wilson chuckled.

Yeah, he asked for an injection. Now he wants her to beg for forgiveness?

Please don’t inject?


David Wilson’s eyes burst out a sharp light. He injected the virus into Bella’s arm.

Bella felt a chill, a cold sweat on her forehead.

She felt dizzy.

She heard her breath.

She seemed to be in the dark, unable to see or hear anything.

But because there was a belief in the heart, even if lonely, there was no regret.

Gradually, she began to see clearly and heard the ticking of the clock.

She looked at David Wilson.

“This kind of medicine needs to be injected once a month, when there is tearing pain in the body, when the nose, eyes and ears begin to bleed, it is the limit.” David Wilson explained.

“How many years can I live if I injected it all the time?” Bella asked calmly.

David Wilson had a crack in his eyes. He thought that she wanted to die, and his heart was tightened. He thought it was peaceful, but gradually his eyes turned red. “You can live as long as I want.”

There was no change in her expression.

How long she can live was not a happy thing for her!

“Now take me to see James Grayson. I’ll convince him to sign the agreement and you’ll let him out tomorrow.”

“So late, are you sure?” David Wilson asked suspiciously.

She can feel James Grayson’s mood, being locked up as a spy, and he must be worried about her comfort as well.

Her heart was very anxious.

With every passing minute, the pain in her heart was becoming worse.

The sooner she can let him come out, the better.

“Sure. Don’t tell me that you are afraid that things will take a new turn?” Bella said sarcastically.

“Most probably, James Grayson will die this time. How can I be afraid of this? If you want his life, it’s better to let him sign the agreement earlier.” David Wilson stood up.

“He will sign it today. Are you sure he will be released tomorrow?” Bella wanted to make sure again.

“There will be no problem in it.” David Wilson pursed his lips and went out.

Bella followed.

In the car, he put a blindfold.

“Why I have to wear an eye mask?” Bella didn’t understand.

“James Grayson has a special identity. We are afraid that someone will rescue him, which will lead to bad results. He is kept in a very secret place. Even his parents can’t see him.” David Wilson explained.

Bella’s eyebrows tightened tightly.

That means… James Grayson must be alone there. Every day, he just has to face interrogation and questioning. He is innocent, but he has to face all this, he must be sad. After all, the country he always guarded, doubted his loyalty.

With this thought, Bella was really sad. She lowered her head, closed her eyes, and tears rolled down.

She said nothing, holding back all her emotions.

After an hour, she was taken out of the car.

She was dragged away.

She couldn’t see the way through the blindfold. She tripped over the steps in front and slammed her knees. She snorted.

David Wilson’s eyes tightened, he slapped on the face of his man and said in a vicious way, “Don’t you need to remind that there are stairs. Are you looking for death?”

“I’m sorry, Commanding officer. I didn’t notice.” The soldier said and covered his face timidly.

David Wilson pulled up Bella and took off her blindfold.

Bella was a little surprised.

Why does he call David Wilson Commanding officer?

She thought about it, and it wasn’t a surprise that he has a hidden identity.

She saw many armed guards in front of her, blocking the door. The structure of the house was also peculiar. It is in the shape of an arch bridge without windows.

David Wilson shook off Bella’s hand and said in a cold voice, “Follow me.”

Bella followed him, went in, passed the sealed corridor that was more than 100 meters long, and went downstairs.

David Wilson turned around and held Bella’s arm.

Bella’s subconscious defense was to get rid of David Wilson’s hand.

David Wilson gritted his teeth. His eyes were sharp, and his face was very unhappy. He stepped forward quickly.

Bella hurriedly kept up with him.

After two minutes, they reached. There was a very wide area. There were two guards in front of each door.

David Wilson stopped in front of one of the rooms and stared at Bella. “He’s inside.”

Bella clenched her fist and went to the door.

David Wilson looked at her pale face. “Do you need me to accompany you in?”

“No, thank you,” Bella said coldly.

David Wilson sneered, knocked on the door and turned around.

The soldier opened the door.

Bella felt a cold air rush on her face, and her heart was half cold.

James Grayson was actually in such a bad environment. The light inside was very dark, just like candlelight.

She vaguely saw James Grayson lying on the wooden bed behind the iron fence, without even a quilt.

“No matter how many times you ask, the answer remains the same. The arms dug out under that land are not mine.” James Grayson said in a deep voice. He didn’t open his eyes, put his arms on his forehead and didn’t move.

Bella went to the iron bars and held it in her hands. Her eyes were sore and swollen.

She tried her best not to cry but she couldn’t, “James.”

James Grayson heard Bella’s voice, looked out of the iron bar in surprise, and stepped to the iron bar. He held Bella’s hand, and asked anxiously, “How you came here? Did you go to David Wilson, or did David Wilson come to you? Have you agreed to some of his conditions? Tell me?”

“I asked David Wilson to let me see you. I want to find out something. James, what’s the matter with the ammunition under that land?” Bella asked.

“Someone informed David Wilson in advance about my requisition of that land. He buried that arms in it and framed me.”

“Is there any evidence to prove your innocence?” Bella’s eyes flickered.

James Grayson was silent. After 15 seconds, he said, “the one who is innocent, eventually it will be proved. I have a clear conscience.”

Bella understood.

Right and wrong, true and false in this world are not self-evident and it doesn’t have anything to do with a clear conscience, but they are determined by others.

If other people think you are innocent, even if you do something bad, you will be released.

If other people think you are guilty, and even if you have a clear conscience, you will still be sentenced.

She fully understood what she needed to do, and she will do!

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