Chapter 308 He’s happy, she’ll be happy too

Kellan Pattinson stood at the gate, looking apologetically inside the room, but didn’t step in.

Nikki Stewart’s father shut the gate and left Kellan Pattinson out.

Bella’s mind thought something.

Nikki Stewart’s father said the white-eyed wolf might refer to Kellan Pattinson.

If there is another place where the treasure is stored, it may be that Nikki Stewart’s father had some extra thoughts. He didn’t tell the person behind the scenes. He deliberately told Kellan Pattinson the wrong place to confuse the person behind the scenes.

On the other hand, he wanted to win back the love for his daughter. When Nikki Stewart and Kellan Pattinson will get married he will tell Kellan Pattinson where the treasure really is.

All he did was for his daughter.

Unfortunately, her daughter died in the hands of her rival.

He was angry with Kellan Pattinson, and he must also be angry with himself.

He felt that if he hasn’t tempted Kellan Pattinson with treasure, Kellan would not break up like this and if Kellan did not break up, his daughter would not die.

So, finally, Nikki Stewart’s father gave her a notebook with treasure information.

She was not greedy for treasure. She just wanted to find out the murderer through the treasure. The treasure will be handed to the state. The murderer will be brought to justice, and she will fulfill her promise to Gabriel Athens.

Where are she and James Grayson?

Is there any chance to be together? …

She had fulfilled her promise to Kellan Pattinson. It’s time for her to do her own thing.

She put the notebook in her bag, walked out of the room, and nodded to Nikki Stewart’s father, “Uncle, I’ll go now, take care of yourself.”

Nikki Stewart’s father, with tears in his eyes, nodded and opened the door.

Bella came out of the room, and Kellan Pattinson was still standing at the door.

“Let’s go. At this time, your presence will only make Nikki Stewart’s parents sadder. After some time when their pain will be lessened, you can help them if you can, which will be like compensation.” Bella advised.

“Hmm.” Kellan Pattinson smiled bitterly. “It seemed I went for wool and came back shorn. I have to bear it. Where are you going? I’ll see you off.”

“No need,” Bella said, there was something she needed to do herself.

“All right.”

Bella walked toward the road, took out the mobile phone from the bag, and dialed David Wilson’s number.

“What’s up, start missing me so soon?” David Wilson said with a smile.

Bella felt speechless.

“I have done my task. I’m going back to the city now.” Bella said directly.

“Are you kidding me?” David Wilson was angry. He was on the train to Halem City.

“The case is solved smoothly. I can’t decide the time. If you feel like I am playing with you, I can’t help it.” Bella hung up. She needed to check out.

She went to the hotel and passed by the next room.

This room was reserved by James Grayson. He said he would meet her here.

At this time those beautiful words seemed like a sweet dream.

The more sober she was, the more painful her heart was.

“James Grayson, wait for me.” Bella looked at the door and said.

On her way to the railway station, she called Peter Maxwell.

“Why you called me!” Peter Maxwell was in a bad mood.

Bella can understand his mood.

After all, he thought there was treasure in that land, but it fell into the hands of the official. It was hard for him to occupy it.

“I’m sorry. I have an emergency. I have to go back. It may take a few days to get back to Halem City.”

“Kellan Pattinson has already told me. Please call me when you come.” Peter Maxwell said coldly and hung up the phone directly.

Bella put away her mobile phone.

She got on the train at 18:48.

She didn’t eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. She went to the railway station restaurant and ordered fast food. She just sat down and had a bite. Someone sat opposite her.

Bella subconsciously took a look, and her eyes were stunned.

She didn’t expect to see David Wilson so early.

Suddenly, she had no appetite.

David Wilson looked at her coldly and pulled the corner of her mouth. “Even at this time you can eat and drink. Sure enough, you are merciless. You can’t feel anyone’s kindness to you.”

Bella took a bite and said sarcastically, “even if I am merciless, the only thing I care about is that I am not used by you? I don’t know why a ruthless woman like me worth your nostalgia and why for this woman you have played so many games.”

David Wilson languidly leaned on the chair, “I’m a man who haggle over every penny. If a person owes me one time I return him ten times. You wasted my three years of feelings, no matter what I have to waste your 30 years of feelings to feel satisfied.”

Bella looked at David Wilson coldly and put away her food.

After facing him, she really can’t eat.

“I agreed to your request. How will you let go of James?”

David Wilson smiled and said, “After all, I am the Commissioner of the protection list. My testimony is very important.”

Bella knew that David Wilson had a hidden identity, but she never knew that his identity can be this much deep.

“If after that you still won’t let James go then?”

“I can let him in and also I can let him out. If you have no trust in me.” David Wilson shrugged his shoulders and said carelessly, “Then don’t make a deal. To be honest, I prefer to kill James Grayson between killing you and James Grayson. So, Bella, you are not in a position to talk with me about conditions.”

“I want to see James Grayson once, can I?” Bella asked.

“Of course, I want you to persuade James Grayson to divorce you and promise to marry Scarlett Evan. If and only if he agrees, I will let him go.” David Wilson put the file on the table.

Bella stared at him and didn’t speak.

David Wilson smiled, “have a meal and read all the information after eating. I will take you to see James Grayson tomorrow.”

David Wilson got up and walked towards the first-class carriage.

Bella saw the files.

One was the divorce agreement of her and James Grayson.

One was the marriage agreement of Scarlett Evan and James Grayson.

There was written that either Party A or Party B can propose to divorce and to leave a marriage without taking any possession or property.

David Wilson’s moves were too cruel. He not only twisted their life orbit by force, but also let her hurt James Grayson again.

She was agitated, and a stream of anxiety rushed to her brain.

She couldn’t think. She knocked the food box on the table to the ground.

She realized her mistake, immediately turned out the medicine from the bag, and poured one out with shaking hands. After taking it, she rested on the chair for a minute, and then opened her eyes.

The eyes were clear and there were many thoughts in her mind….

Forget it. She’s a psychopath.

She can’t control these drugs for several years and can’t give birth to a child for James Grayson.

She’s an unlucky person.

One day, she will become a burden for James like her mother.

Her death is no pity!

James Grayson can be happy, so it worth her sacrifice.

The corners of Bella’s mouth raised a smile.

If he is happy, she is happy too, no matter how hard her life is….

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