Chapter 307 A glimmer of hope, another village

Bella also took Nikki Stewart’s parents to see it together.

Between 9:00 p.m. and 17:00 p.m. yesterday, no one went to Nikki Stewart’s house, and no one was particularly suspicious. Everything was calm.

After seeing it three times, Bella still didn’t see the suspicious person.

“It is impossible that Nikki Stewart bought psychedelic drugs by herself. My daughter was very good. She can’t buy these things. She has nothing to worry about.” Nikki Stewart’s mother said.

“I’ll kill those bastards.” Nikki Stewart’s father said excitedly.

Bella saw Nikki Stewart’s father’s emotions and thoughts.

He must have thought that those people had harassed his daughter.

“Uncle, calm down. Your daughter’s own chances of taking hallucinogens are approximately zero. If she has committed suicide, it’s not reasonable to hold the mobile phone in her hand, let alone take it with coffee. We are missing something.” Bella advised.

“I have seen the video several times. There is no murderer or suspicious person. Will the murderer crawl out of the ground?” Nikki Stewart’s father said sadly.

Bella heard it and suddenly said, “Right, crawled out from the ground. Let’s go. If he came to the house via ground, there must be a hole. It may not be blocked up in such a fast time. Let’s go.”

Bella rushed out of the meeting room, Kellan Pattinson caught up quickly, Nikki Stewart’s parents and police also followed.

They arrived at Nikki Stewart’s room, which was only 15 square meters, not very big.

They began to look for places where there could be a whole.

“Move the cupboard and everything aside,” Bella said to the police.

The police moved the cupboard to the living room, and a black hole appeared on the ground.

Nikki Stewart’s mother saw, and her mood immediately collapsed. “My child.”

Bella’s mood was also very heavy.

When there is a pair of evil eyes staring at you in the dark, even if you are in your own home and beside your family, those people are very pervasive, they can come out of the dark ground and cut off other people’s bright red life with a knife.

How to be prepared and how to be cautious?

“Go down and see where it leads,” Bella said.

A police officer went down and came up in a short time. He reported, “It’s a dead-end inside. It’s blocked by mud.”

“How is it possible?” Nikki Stewart’s father asked Bella.

“The murderer blocked it so that we wouldn’t find him,” Bella explained.

“What should I do? Is my daughter dead for nothing?” Nikki Stewart’s mother said sadly.

“How much area is unblocked?” Bella asked the police.

“Like goes in and walks ten meters into the cave. It’s 80 centimeters in diameter.” The police replied.

“The volume is calculated by p x r2 times the height, that is to say, there are about five cubic meters of soil that have not been treated. Moreover, the soil dug out before should also be stored in a place, and the murderer cannot dare to dig openly. Therefore, the murderer should be in the nearby residential buildings.” Bella analyzed.

She looked at the police and said, “first of all, we need to transfer out the surveillance around here. I want to check the neighborhood from 9:00 to 17:00 last night. Second, we need to find the police to find out whether there is any suspicious mound in or near the neighborhood. It must be done by the murderer. We need to be quick. If you encounter someone who refuses to open the door or no one is at home, you’d better find a way to enter the house and check whether there is any dirt piled up.”

“Yes.” The police were on the move.

Bella sat on Nikki Stewart’s bed and thought.

“Will we find the killer soon?” Nikki Stewart’s mother asked worriedly.

“We will find it soon. The person who is familiar with Nikki Stewart’s life habits has planned this murder in advance.” Bella said judiciously.

“Who can kill my daughter? She is very obedient and never did anything bad.” Nikki Stewart’s mother cried.

Half an hour later, a policeman came over and reported, “We have caught the murderer. It’s in the back row.” The police reported.

Nikki Stewart’s father rushed out first, Kellan Pattinson and Bella immediately followed.

She saw a thin person afar, wearing a black one-piece hat, with his head down. She was unable to see what he looked like, all covered with mud.

Kellan Pattinson went up and took off the hat he had put on her head. He was surprised and said, “It’s you?”

“Who asked her to seduce my boyfriend? You want to break up with me for her!” Kristin Scott roared.

“I thought you could understand.” Kellan Pattinson said indefatigably.

“Kellan Pattinson, you are a son of a bitch. I accompanied you to start a business. In order to get profits from your clients, you used me as a tool, and you thought you can just dump me. I’m not the one to be bullied. I was unlucky that I’m caught by you. Otherwise, the next one, I am going to kill is, you.” Kristin Scott yelled.

“Take her away,” Bella said.

“You’re really good. You helped us find the murderer in a few hours. If one day has passed, she has flushed all the mud out of the toilet, and there will be no evidence. She’s a cunning murderer.” The policeman laughed and boasted.

Bella politely nodded.

She was not in a good mood.

Does love mean to destroy others and self-destruction?

If yes, then who in the world wants to be loved?

When the police left, everyone else was still in their thoughts, and no one spoke.

Bella was the first one to say to Kellan Pattinson, “I’m sorry, things have already happened. Do what you should do next. I’ll leave now.”

“It’s so late, haven’t you eaten yet? I’ll treat you to dinner.” Kellan Pattinson said, hiding the pain.

“No, take good care of Nikki Stewart’s parents. They don’t have any other children. They treated you like a son. They are your responsibility in the future.” Bella said.

Kellan Pattinson nodded, “I understand.”

Bella looked at Nikki Stewart’s father, who is in a trance. “Nikki Stewart never wants to see you sad like this. Stay happy for her.”

Nikki Stewart’s father’s eyes slowly looked at Bella. “Can I speak to you alone?”

“Yes,” Bella said.

Nikki Stewart’s father walked, and Bella followed.

He went into the room, took a notebook out of the locked drawer and handed it to Bella.

Bella didn’t know what he meant. She didn’t answer.

“Thank you, for helping us to avenge my daughter.” Nikki Stewart’s father choked.

“I did what I should have done.”

Nikki Stewart’s father shoved the notebook into Bella’s hand. “Don’t tell anyone and don’t let anyone else see it. Go.”

Bella had a strange feeling in her heart.

She thought that this notebook might be related to the treasure, but that piece of land has been taken by David Wilson. Are there any other details?

“Fortunately, I lied about the address deliberately. Ha ha, white eyed wolf, the thankless wretch.” Nikki Stewart’s father wiped his tears with a wry smile and walked out of the room before Bella.

Deliberately lied about the address?

Is that to say, the land that David Wilson took is not the place of the treasure?

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